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In Death Series Reading Challenge Post: February 2011

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I am failing miserably at this challenge this year. I am at slump in this series and I don't know why. Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with the series, but more to do with a recent interest in exploring other genres. In any case, I'd better get back on track next with this challenge next month or else it'll just get harder to pick up momentum again.

I hope you did better than I this month. Please share what you've read.

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I think maybe everyone has read enough books in the series to have come across someone stealing Eve's personal stash of candy in her office. She's started to hide her candy bars, but the thief is still managing to steal her candy.

Who do you think is the candy thief?

If you definitely know who it is because it has been revealed in later books, please don't spoil it. Speculations only!!! Thanks! :)

I have no idea who it might be.

I don't think it's Peabody. She already begs for Eve to share whenever she eats candy in front of her. I don't think Peabody is so gluttonous to steal and eat Eve's stash behind her back, too.

Feeney seems too obvious a choice.

It would be funny if it were Roarke, but he's supposed to be too busy buying and selling and owning half the world to be sneaking into Eve's office when she's not there to steal her candy.

Summerset would do it just to piss her off, but again... showing up at Eve's office for any reason would be beneath him.

Nadine? Nah.
McNab? Maybe.
Commander Whitney!? That would be funny.
Dr. Mira? That would be even funnier!

Who else could it be?



  1. I don't know why but I've always thought it was Baxter. She always runs into him right outside her office.

    Loved Purity. It's probably my most fav in death book. Something about mixing technology & murder just makes me giddy! I'm still trying to catch up to you but not doing so well.

  2. I went through a slump for several months last year. At some point, you'll pick a book up and be totally ready to read it.

    I didn't get to a book this month, but since I read 3 last month, I'm excusing myself.

    As for the candy thief? The first one that came to my mind was Whitney. But you're right, Mira would be hilarious!

  3. It would be hilarious if it were Commander Whitney, but I have no idea, though the idea of Baxter is a good one. Peabody would be too guilty and would give herself away with her reactions in front of Eve. Notice how no one suspects Truebody?

  4. Ack, not Truebody. But, Trueheart! *g*

  5. Gina, I didn't even think of Baxter. That's a good guess! I'm giving you lots of time to catch up to me, Gina, but I think I really need to read the next one on my list in March. . ;P

    Lori, Three books last month is a fine excuse for not reading one this month. I need to just get into Imitation In Death and I'm sure it will keep me interested. I secretly hope it's Mira. LOL.

    Brandy, I agree that it's not Peabody for the same reasons. You mean Trueheart? Yeah... we're all assuming he's too sweet and innocent to be stealing candy from Eve. He's almost afraid of her... but that might just be what throws her off from suspecting him, right?

  6. I re-read Naked in Death (#1). It was so lovely – aww! Now after having read X amount of ID novels it was nice to go back and remember how E and R met and how they started to fall in love. I really got the urge to read few more books from the beginning, but decided to do it later in the spring (I’ll probably read to the point where E and R got married). ---5 stars

    After Naked I finished Born in Death (#27). I had been reading it for a while because I wasn’t so into it - which was a shame since I wanted to love it for many reasons. ---3.5 stars

  7. Finally I got to read Innocent (#28). I had been looking forward to reading it for some time. And boy was it good. My favorite book so far I think. Or top three at least! It was great seeing Eve jealous, but at the same time it was so heart wrenching. So painful experience, but a good one too! I really loved the murder mystery, even though learning who was the suspect was a bit unsettling. The same goes here: awful to read about it, but still enjoyed it at the same time. ---5 stars!!!

    The last ID book I read was a novella, Eternity in Death (#29). Short, quick, but overall a nice story. It could be my favorite novella from this series. Or perhaps I was just in need of a shorter story for a change. ---4 stars

    Yet another great amount of ID novels (4 books) this month. It really looks like I’m going to catch up with the series so much sooner than I thought.

    And no, I have no idea who the candy thief is. Not Peabody… Perhaps Feeney. I wonder if it has been revealed yet. Probably not.

  8. Go, Maija! :grin:

    I read Treachery in Death this month--and liked it quite a bit, with one teeny tiny wee bit of a quibble: that character whose name was changed from Indulgence in Death to Possession in Death? Yeah, still the wrong name in this one.

    Otherwise, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not so much the mystery (there wasn't much of that, it's more procedural than anything else in that regard) as much as the relationships between main and secondary characters.

    Regarding the candy thief, I think Baxter is an excellent guess--he'd have plenty of opportunities--but so would Feeney. I don't think it would be Trueheart, he's too much of a sweetie for it, really.

  9. I really have no idea about the candy thief. S/he hasn't been mentioned in a while... but didn't it start before Trueheart was taken under Baxter's wing? Baxter would be a good candidate :)

  10. Oh Christine, I didn't make it in February either! :( For March, I'm just going to read the book at the beginning of the month, instead of leaving it for the end!

  11. I did manage to read one book this month, finished on the weekend. But haven't gotten a review written up yet. So I will get it up and count it for March. I will have to read the next one earlier it the month so I can get the review done in the same month.

    I have to admit that since I started rereading the series in order, I haven't gotten to the candy stealer yet. But Whitney would be a great thief. Or even better would be Chief Tibble!

  12. I'm right in the middle of Treachery so no ID review for Feb. :(

    I'm going with Feeney as the candy thief. I think it would have to be someone who's not afraid of what Eve would do to them if she caught them. Plus, he has easy access and no one would remark on him being there. Baxter would also work in that scenario.

    My memory isn't the best but wasn't the candy thieving already happening prior to Naked? If that's right then it's probably not Roarke, Summerset, Nadine, Peabody or McNab.

  13. I have Treachery to read next. Hmm, could be Baxter. Maybe he's too obvious a choice?

  14. Maija, wow, you've been quite busy with Eve and the gang! I'm so glad you're enjoying the series and keeping up with the challenge (unlike me! LOL).

    I've re-read Naked In Death before... mostly skimming the case stuff, but reading about the interactions between Eve & Roarke. I love how confident Eve was about NOT having any time, patience or room for Roarke in her life. HA! Little did she know.. ^_^

    azteclady, glad to hear you enjoyed Treachery. I know you were having some issues with the newer books. Boo! on that character's name alterations. Ugh. That's a big no-no.

    Trueheart is too much of a sweetie, isn't he? :)

    nath, hmm... I can't quite recall when the candy thief started. Maybe the thief was taking the candy for a while before she caught on?

    Hilcia, that's a good idea to try to read an In Death book at the beginning of the month instead of later. I might try to do that, too. Or maybe in the middle. LOL.

    Sarah, you don't have to do reviews for the challenge if you don't want to or if you run out of time. As long as you "report" it somehow.

    Please let us know which book establishes the candy thief when you get to it! Chief Tibble is a good idea, too!

    Leslie, it makes a lot of sense for the candy thief to be Feeney, but I just wonder if he's too obvious of a choice?

    We need to find out when the candy thievery began!

    I hope you enjoy Treachery!

    orannia, I hope you like Treachery when you get to it, too! Someday I'll get there. In 2013 probably. :D

  15. There's no such thing as failing miserably! You've read so much already lady. This is a great challenge, it's just sometimes we crave something of a different vein and that's ok :)

    Tomes Devotee


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