Sunday, January 9, 2011

Steampunk Challenge

Host: Rikki at The Bookkeeper.

Challenge: Read steampunk books from October 2010 through October 2011.

This challenge is running from October 2010 to October 2011, but am listing it among my 2011 Reading Challenges. Rikki hasn't established a minimum number of books to read for this challenge because her goal is to simply encourage readers to explore the steampunk genre and share their thoughts with others without obligation or pressure. I hope to read at least five steampunk novels for this challenge.

I'll keep a running list of the steampunk novels I read for this challenge here in this post.

1. "Here There Be Monsters" novella by Meljean Brook
2. The Greyfriar by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith


  1. THis genre interests me but I don't know who to read!

  2. Are there suggestions for this category? I mean, I want to read more steampunk too... but it seems the genre is still limited... I know of Meljean Brook's The Iron Duke... but nothing else really comes to mind ^_^;

  3. It is a tricky genre, isn't it?

    I know that Ana and Thea at The Book Smugglers do a whole annual feature on steampunk. You can do a search on their blog by clicking on the steampunk tag in their sidebar.

    HERE are popular steampunk books listed at goodreads.

    Hope that helps!

  4. The Galaxy Express blog also does features on Steampunk books.

  5. Ohhh, is The Iron Duke (Meljean Brook) on the list?

  6. Brandy, thanks for the heads up about steampunk features on The Galaxy Express. I haven't been by that blog in ages.

    orannia, OF COURSE The Iron Duke is on the list. At the very top, actually. :)

    Have you read it yet?


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