Thursday, January 6, 2011

find me on goodreads!

I've packed up my books and moved to goodreads! I've catalogued my books on Shelfari for three and a half years and I've had a lot of fun there, but turns out all the cool kids (except my Shlefari friend Jen...) are hanging out at goodreads! Plus there's a goodreads app for the iPhone and we all know how much I lurve my iPhone... so I moved!

I imported 880 books into goodreads this morning and see that my shelfari tags created all kinds of interesting "shelves" on goodreads, some of them making no sense whatsoever, so I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time cleaning all that up. I also have a record of 908 books on Shelfari, so I guess I'll be trying to figure out which 28 books have gone missing! Something I find a little too life-like... losing a box of books in a move. Am I Right?

In the meantime, I'm trying to get the hang of navigating around on goodreads, adding friends when I see people I recognize and then stopping when goodreads tells me I've reached the maximum number of friendship requests for the day. Clearly goodreads doesn't realize how popular I am and that yes, I should be able to add 50 friends in one day, not FIVE! ;)

Seriously, if you're on goodreads and would like to be my friend there, please add me! You can find me at my goodreads bookshelf. :)

If you're not on goodreads yet... come join! :)


  1. I'm not on goodreads, but I know someone who is, well, now two someones! Have fun with your books. Hope you find the ones that went missing!

  2. Hey Christine!
    I'm on goodreads, but haven't been there in a very long time.

  3. Yah! Welcome welcome :) And thanks for adding me :)

  4. When I'm on there I really like it. i just don't go there very often.

  5. I just joined goodreads recently. I sent you a friend request.

  6. Ha ha welcome to the dark side LOL I've been on goodreads for the last 3 year and love it!!!

    I just added you ;) or well I guess more like asked you to add me...

  7. I'm glad to see you on Goodreads sweetie! I love being able to have a view of everyone's online bookshelves. I'm nosy like that. =)

  8. Ooh, how are you liking If I Stay? I adored it!

  9. Thank you all for finding me on goodreads! What a fun place... despite the craziness of redoing all those tags/shelves, there's so much to do there!

    Amy, hopefully you will find time to read more often and be back on goodreads, too!

    Rowena, I started If I Stay right around Christmas... right around a snowstorm... and then given the nature of the book, decided the time wasn't quite right for me, you know? But I will pick it back up this month.

    Have you read The Sky is Everywhere? It was SO goooood!

  10. I love that you moved! Congrats on your new home. :)

  11. I didn't know you could import from Shelfari to goodreads. Ah well. LOL My shelfari is really out of date anyway.

    Glad you're on goodreads now! :P

  12. Hi C, welcome to goodreads. I only know Hilcia in there because I get updates from her when she post a review which she usually do and I get to read them through email. By the way I have an idea where to find some of your books. They're under my protection. I'm sure I'll be able to return them the next time we meet. Happy New Year!

  13. Everyone keeps talking about Goodreads, I guess that means that I really do need to check it out now...better get on that! :-)

  14. Hey Christine :) Happy you did the move... LOL, my first impression of Goodreads is: Facebook for books LOL :)

    Well at least, you have 880 books that you won't need to hunt down. Perhaps I should imported mine too... but I haven't been to shelfari in so long, so it's not up-to-date anyway...

  15. It's great to see you on goodreads!

    In the last year I've been on, it's completely changed the way I keep track of my books. I didn't even try to do my old books, though! You're a better woman than I! lol

    Happy New Year, Christine, and I look forward to seeing you on goodreads.

  16. Thanks to all of you on goodreads who have given me such a warm welcome. It really is a great feeling to see an email "you are now friends with [...] " in my inbox every hour or so! :D

    Thanks, Tracy! I like my new home on goodreads. :D

    Natalie! I found you on goodreads but you have only two books and one friend!!! You need to get busy there! LOL!

    Deanna!!! YES! You must join. It's like facebook for book addicts! LOL! Do it soon before your book collection is out of control. Unless it's too late... then just join anyway. LOL!

    nath, that is SO VERY true! I made the same comment to a friend on the phone on Friday morning. I was so surprised how social goodreads is. If your Shelfari has a lot of your older books, you should do an import. Goodreads will ignore any duplicates.

    Renee, thank you! I'm still organizing my shelves and adding a few missing books, but it's a lot of fun so far. If you have your old books in a file that includes the ISBN numbers, you can import them pretty easily. Were you on Shelfari or LibraryThing before?

  17. It's lovely to see you on GoodReads and thank you for accepting the friend request :)

    I really like GoodReads - I love reading people's thoughts on books :)

    And good luck with the missing books!

  18. I know C I've been occupied with work and other projects and kept social networking on hold. Hope to get back to that groove very soon. Tnx for the invite.

  19. Well bummer. I guess I'm old school. I'm still on Shelfari. I don't have much in the way of friends over there, but I think I'm too lazy to try to import.


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