Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Library Loot XXIV

Library Loot is a weekly blog event that encourages bloggers to share what books they borrowed from the library that week. To participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog and link it using the Mr. Linky link at Marg's blog Reading Adventures or Claire's blog The Captive Reader. This week's link up is at ??

Linger by Maggie Stiefvater
Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy, Book 2
Young Adult

I'm looking forward to reading this sequel to Shiver as soon as I finish reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. woohoo! =)

My friend and fellow young adult reader, Leslie just finished reading Linger and posted a review yesterday. Visit her at Leslie's Psyche and check it out.

Linger is the only book I looted from my library this week.

"Just one?" you ask?

To use the sentiments of my friend orannia, I feel like I've been held captive by my holds list at the library and I need to loosen the restraints a bit. At my library, new books--which are books that my library has purchased within the last year-- are lent out for only 14 days at a time and cannot be renewed if someone else is waiting on it. Makes sense and two weeks is a reasonable amount of time to read a novel. But lately, I feel like I've been scrambling to get a book read and returned by its due date, and right now I feel like I need a break from that pressure!

I think this hostage-to-my-holds list situation developed ever since I signed up to receive the Wowbrary newsletter from my library. In case you haven't heard of it before, Wowbrary is a nonprofit library service that sends patrons a weekly newsletter listing all the newest media that their public library is getting that week. My library's newsletter is emailed to me on Saturdays and I always spend a few minutes checking out what new books, movies and music are coming in. If I see something I want to read, I can click Borrow right in the newsletter and it directs my to my library's card catalog and I can get on the hold list for the book before it's even on the shelf. As you can imagine, it's very easy to get ahead of yourself by putting holds on all the latest and greatest acquisitions at your library and in no time, you're held captive by your holds list!

To find out if your public library offers Wowbrary, go to

Want to see a sample newsletter? Here's the latest Wowbrary for New York Public Library (Branches).

How do you find out about the latest books your library acquires?


  1. I'm signed up for a similar service through our library and yeah it's way to easy to add book after book to my library queue.
    Linger is on my tbr list. Enjoy!

  2. For me it's super easy now that I work at the library. Before I checked my library account and they had a similar newsletter service thingy too!

  3. Linda, I hope you get to LINGER soon, too!

    Michelle, okay so the newsletter is the second best thing to working in the library!

  4. Ooh, I'll be checking to see if my library is on the list. As for how I find out about latest books? I use my own TBB/TBR LIST (meaning this is my wish list) and check several times a week to see if they've added any of the books once the books reach their publication date. Usually it's about two months time from ordering to circulation for new books. It's time consuming and sometimes I forget, so I'm hoping my library is on the Wowbrary's newsletter list.

    Enjoy your book!

  5. That's hilarious that you are holding your books hostage! I laughed out loud. I haven't been to my library in forever. I should go there this weekend check out the goods! Take no prisoners Christine!

  6. I'm holding out for the last book in this trilogy to release, and THEN I'll probably read them all, Christine. I'm bad that way. *g* It sounds like a good one, but I would hate to wait to read the next book! No patience. :(

  7. I know exactly what you mean by feeling pressured to read library books before the due date. I always get too many and put too many on hold and want to read them all, but it does take out some of the fun when I feel like I have to rush through the books instead of taking my time. I should take a step back from placing so many holds like you!

  8. LOL, I wish I had the same problem as you. In my library, you can only reserve 3 items at a time... and they are so slow! They don't even have Veil of Night by Linda Howard yet in the system... let alone have ordered and treated it. Sigh.

    But yeah, it's a good idea to slow down. What I find is that I often borrow books at the library, but I won't read them ^_^; Kind of defeat the purpose, right?

    I still need to read Shiver. Sigh. Hope you enjoy Linger! and good job on the Harry Potter. Go Christine!

  9. i would go crazy if i'd start with this wowbrary thing and sounds "temptingly easy". i have this decease of taking all in at once and become selfish. i'd probably click everything borrow and then drown into that pressured feeling and ends up returning most of them unread because others are in queue.

    but i got the linger the same day it was released i think that was july 13 or 20). sister read it first and of course she loved it, just like shiver. now it's back in my hands but it's down the list of my tbr. i'm sure i'll find time to finally read it soon. i promised myself to finish at least 2 novels in a week. yah i know i'm slacking and definitely a slow reader these days.

  10. ...I feel like I've been held captive by my holds list at the library and I need to loosen the restraints a bit.

    It's scary, isn't it? LOL! Taking a step back is a good thing. I'm freaking out about October, as I have 12 books on my library hold list I have to read by the end of October!

    I guess it's realizing that we control it, not it controls us...and not being so wound up in finishing the book (and returning it) that we forget to enjoy it. Enjoy Linger!


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