Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look who's all grown up!

Sounds like a segue to some photos of my daughters, but it's not! Sorry to disappoint, although I am hoping to get some first day of school photos next week. It'll be a miracle if they cooperate.

The one I'm talking about being all grown up is the baby deer that spent the day in the flowerbed between my driveway and house, about five feet from my side door earlier in the spring. Do you remember that? I posted about the fawn back on May 4. Oh my goodness it was so small that day... like the size of a cat, but with a long neck and big ears and spots on its back.

Turns out a friend who had been jogging down the street past my house early that day, saw the baby deer run with wobbly legs across the street into my yard. We all wondered if it had been reunited with its mother. Several weeks after that day, I spotted a mother deer with not one, but two baby deer in our neighborhood very early one morning. I liked to think one of those babies was the fawn that had been in our yard back in May. Since then, we've seen a whole lot of evidence that these deer were thriving... coming to the gourmet organic buffet in the form of MY YARD!

This afternoon, I spotted this young deer in my yard munching on the liriope (monkey grass) that is blooming with dainty little lavender colored flowers right now in my front yard landscape:
I think it is one of the two fawns I saw that early morning with the doe and quite possibly the fawn who spent several hours in the shade of the ornamental grasses in my perennial garden.

What do you think?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Although I didn't get to everything on my to do list this weekend, I actually had quite a productive weekend. I can't usually claim that. LOL.

I went out riding [bike] both Saturday and today. My husband and I usually ride together on Saturdays, but he wasn't feeling so great, so I rode by myself then. Sunday I usually go to spin class, but there are no classes at my gym from today through Labor Day, so I met up with two friends from the gym who are experienced riders and you know what? I was able to keep up with them just fine. It's not like we were competing or training or anything like that, but still, it was nice to be at comparable skill levels. We'll be riding together again over the next ten days or so until classes start up again--including tomorrow morning. : )

Saturday night I was up to my elbows in basil and garlic as I turned five big bunches of organic basil that I special ordered through my co-op into several jars of pesto! I plan on sharing my recipe for pesto this week.

Today I took my youngest shopping and then cleaned and organized her room and closets. Both daunting tasks to take on in one day. I think I deserve a medal. LOL. I actually got a lot of hugs and even a few kisses out of her, which trust me... is HUGE coming from her these days. We managed to get her two new pairs of sneakers (one for her gym locker and one to wear whenever), jeggings (jean leggings... all the rage this year), and four shirts. You'd think we would have come home with a full wardrobe for the time we spent shopping, but the clothes out there were so ... "meh" and she's pretty picky on top of that.

We also shopped for a new comforter set for her bed. She's been in her "new" room since we moved back in the house after the addition over a year ago and we never updated her bedding. In fact, she's been using a hand-me-down set from her sister for years, so it was about time she got her very own stuff. Finding the right set was near impossible. Again, she's very picky. And to make matters worse, we found the perfect comforter set for my teen about a month ago and of course, my youngest wants the same set. Her sister said no go, so I felt I should honor that and insist that the younger one pick out something different. So after a few hours, she found something and we got it set up on her bed and to help make it stick... I helped her clean and organize her room from top to bottom. Okay, well I cleaned and organized her room and she laid on her "new" bed and watched me. For an hour and then she went downstairs to watch TV. LOL. We also went through all of her clothes and hand me downs from my teen... picking out what still fits her and making piles of the rest to give away to my college friend who has three girls younger than my youngest. What a task, but we did it! I feel so accomplished.

What I didn't get around to doing this weekend was to make peach jam and a peach kuchen with the dozen or more peaches I have from my co-op, save the seeds of some flowering annuals in my yard before I yank them up--they're looking pretty weedy AND read this month's In Death book for the challenge. I think I read 30 pages or so yesterday, and nothing today. I can't believe there's only two more days left of August!

What were you up to this weekend?

I hope you were having fun and had time to relax and enjoy these last few lazy days of summer.



  1. The fawn and the young deer are so cute. And I like to think they are one and the same :)

    Thank you for explaining what jeggings were. I had no idea. I'm so out of the loop :)

    I attempted to do some gardening in between the rain this weekend. I planted two roses - replacements from the lawn mowing contractor as he accidentally knocked over a 25-year-old rose. It was looking rather spindly (bad or no pruning) so...I was a little sad but not angry. Now I just have to replace it (as the contractor didn't replace it exactly :)

    And YAH for keeping up with the experienced riders!

  2. So cute and yes, I remember that post. Congrats on having "gourmet organic buffet" as a garden.^^

    Also congrats on keeping up with your experienced rider friends. :)

    Major congrats on shopping and then cleaning and organizing your youngest's room. It really sounds daunting so you have every right to feel accomplished. :) I didn't know about jeggings either. LOL

    I spent the weekend watching again the awesomeness that is North and South. :P

  3. I like to think like you, that that is the same baby that was resting in your garden a few months ago. I still think it's neat that those deer come up to your yard.

    I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. I had to work Saturday night. Took Devin to the zoo yesterday, but we didn't stay long, turned out to be a little too warm. We'll go back in October I think. It's better when it's cooler outside.

    My first day of class is this morning, so I'm up extra early so that I can still do my morning routine...I need my cup of coffee first thing. And then I have to work afterward.

  4. You had a majorly productive weekend! Organizing and cleaning a teen's room alone would've been huge, but all that pesto and exercise too? You are on a roll!

  5. It could be the same fawn.

    You did a lot.

    I had a lazy weekend...still recuperating from my trip.

  6. I want to believe it's the same fawn, too. So cute then and still is today, though it's been munching on your garden. *g*
    WTG on keeping up with the experienced riders!

    Whoa! You did accomplish a lot in regards to organizing your daughters room and redecorating and clothes shopping. Isn't is funny how kids will watch you clean, but don't actually-CLEAN? *g*

    We shopped like mad this weekend because it seems I'm severely picky as well. *g*

    Hope your Monday is a fun one!

  7. The deer are absolutely adoreable and quite photogenic. I have a lot of deer in the area where I live but none stop by to snack on my lawn!

  8. I think it's the same deer. So cool that you get deer in your yard. My youngest brother lives in NY and he has come home to a dozen deer in his front yard before. All I get are cats & coyotes. LOL And bird, oh lord save me from the birds that fly into my windows!

    You were busy this weekend! Tired me out just reading it. :) It must be time for shopping - I took the teen out shopping Saturday. Clothes and bras. Hard to find a bra for an almost 16 yr old that isn't, in my opinion, too sexy. But we managed to find a few. :)

    Out to dinner Saturday night for middle's bday. He turned 10 yesterday but Sunday nights have to be early nights so we went Saturday instead. Sunday was a long drive to the Lego store (1 hour one way) so middle could spend his bday money.

    Yeah, where did August go?

  9. You definitively were busy, Christine, and deserve that medal :D LOL, I don't know if she's as messy as me, but if yes, that was a lot of organization! :D

    I think it's the same fawn/deer. What are the chances they are different in your neighborhood? LOL.

    Ooooooh, pesto recipe. Looking forward to it :D

  10. What an adorable deer! That makes me miss living in Colorado, where they came to nibble on our front lawn.

    I can't believe how productive you are! I feel like a slug in comparison, LOL.

    I'm afraid to look in the nooks and crannies in my youngest's room. Who knows what would jump out at me?

    And Leslie, I don't envy you having to buy bras for your teen. Soooo glad I have boys!

  11. I'm fairly sure the young deer with the fading spots is the fawn that was in my garden a few months ago. I saw it again the other day with the mother and imagine they kind of have the same grazing patterns to a certain degree, you know? I mean there's only so many places deer can go in this suburban sprawl!

    And yes, the deer are very beautiful, but the damage they can do to landscaping--not to mention to vegetable gardens is immense. People in the reservation that I ride in that's about 4 miles away have to put netting around their bushes in the front of their house or else the deer would munch everything bare! And forget flowers... deer love flowers. But they deserve to be here as much as anyone else and you can't blame them for wanting to eat what's yummy! If only they would eat every other leaf or flower petal. ^_^

    Ugh. Bra shopping for myself is a pain... for a teen and tween.. triple the trouble I tell you.

    Hope you're all having a great week! Six more days till my girls go back to school!... not that I'm counting or anything. ;p

    I'm glad to be have enlightened all of you on the new fashion craze that is jeggings. Be assured I only learned of them a couple of weeks ago myself. I think it'll be more popular with tweens than teens, but what do I know? <--rhetorical. ; )

    Let me tell you, the cleaning and organizing of the tweens bedroom was no small feat. Holy cow, I still can't believe I conquered that in one day. You should have seen it before! Oh, no ... you shouldn't have. That would have been embarrassing! LOL!


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