Friday, August 27, 2010

In which she conquers Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages! Let it be known that I have finally conquered the tome that has taken residency upon my nightstand for more than three years that is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

{bowing to my audience}

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Yes, it is true.

I finally finished reading the seventh and final Harry Potter book yesterday morning.

I don't know what happened that I couldn't bring myself to just read this book. Perhaps I just didn't want the series to end. Or I outgrew the trials and tribulations of the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. Maybe I was simply intimidated by the 759 pages. Whether it be one or all of those reasons... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows became my Big Book Challenge for 2010. And I conquered it. Yes!

No book review, but I do have a few comments. Six cents worth. ^_^

If you have not yet read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, please read the rest of this post at your own risk. I do not reveal anything too specific, but there are little tiny bits that should be avoided by true "spoilerphobics."

One. The book was great. Really, really great. At least once I got past the first 280 pages or so. It's not that the first 280 pages were't decent, but I thought this first part kind of dragged. Maybe it could have been compressed into a more abbreviated and exciting version of what it was. Maybe I just had to get over my hang up for not reading the book for three years before I started enjoying it. Who knows. The good news is that it started to pick up from there for me, and by the time I got to Chapter Nineteen titled "The Silver Doe" at page 363, things really took off and I was truly captivated by the story and didn't want to put it down.

Two. I love that Chapter Nineteen. I loved it when I first read it because it was classic Harry, Ron & Hermoine and held so much magic--both wizard and human. I loved it even more much later in the book when we find out who and what the Silver Doe represented. Oh my gosh did that make me cry. I'm such a die hard romantic. I told my girls how much I loved that and they were like, "What? Who? I forgot that part." And I was like, "WHAT?!? How could you forget that part?" Perhaps that's the difference between a grown up and a kid reading the Harry Potter books. ^_^

Three. On deaths. Many of them. Oh my. I was warned about the loss of life in this last book, and quite honestly, they had to be there for this series to have an authentic ending. The Boy Who Lived finally battles Lord Voldemort, the most evil wizard to have ever lived. People are going to die. Yet... yet... Gaaaahhh! So sad.

Four. On Horcruxes, Hallows and wandlore. Bloody Brillliant!!!! These three elements came together in such brilliance. Just... fantastic.

Five. Griphook. Grrrrr! >_<

Six. Scorpius? Really? Really? ROFLOLOLOLOL! I don't know why, but I find that insanely funny.

I'd like to commend my daughters--my teen who read this book more than three years ago, and my tween who has read this book 2-3 times within the last year-- for never ever having spilled a single solitary spoiler in front of me all these years!! Wow, they're good!

Do you read the Harry Potter books?

If you've read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, how did you like this last


  1. Congrats! It's been a while since I read it so I've forgotten about the Silver Doe too. While watching the trailer for the movie I realized I need to reread this one!

  2. I remember reading this book fondly b/c the day it came out I took off work and sat by the pool until I finished it. I then returned home with the WORSE sunburn known to mankind. I was in so much pain and yet so happy b/c I was the first of my friends to read it LOL.
    Aw sweet bitter memories.

    And I have to say I can't for the love of God remember any of it which is why I am re-reading the entire series... indoors.

  3. Yay! How I love these books! I'm super excited that you finished and enjoyed this one...especially before the next movie comes out :) I'm trying to reread these myself before it comes out but I'm not sure if it is possible.

  4. Yay!!! It really was a great book... and so emotional!

    Congrats on completing your challenge.

  5. Hey, that went pretty fast once you got going. Good for you!

    So what's taken up residency on your nightstand now? :)

  6. WoW...Great NEWS!!! November needs to hurry up!

  7. Congratulations Christine!! Quite an accomplishment :P

    I've never read the Harry Potter books ^_^; and jeez, your daughters are good. My sister and I discuss spoilers LOL.

  8. OMG I love Harry Potter! I've been reading the books once a year since I'm like 10 - even though I think not all the books were out then but I read them once a year now :)

    MY favorite was book 6 and this one! J.K Rowling is a genius :D

  9. I am slowly re-reading this one for the first time since it came out. It's quite different to read it slow than to rush through it. I'm still loving it, but I've having fun making the connections between things as well.

  10. Linda : The Silver Doe probably isn't such a huge deal... but it was one of those details that just tugged at my heartstrings. I bet if you reread Chapter 19 and maybe Chapter 33, you'd remember and understand why I liked it so much.

    Sarai : Ouch! What a way to remember reading the last Harry Potter book! Rereading the series indoors is probably a good idea. ;)

    Samantha : I'm very happy about my timing with this last book. Hopefully everything will still be fresh later this year when the movie comes out! LOL!

    Mariana : YAY! is right!!! Thanks for the encouragement to just read this one. And congrats to you, too, on completing your challenge with the same book! ;)

    Leslie : Yes, it did go quickly once I got through the first 300 pages or so... that's when I couldn't put it down and kept going!

    As for another big book taking residency on my nightstand, I've got two other big last books of a series that I should really read. One is The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray, which is book three in the Gemma Doyle series and the other is Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke which is the last book in the Inkheart series. No pressure!

    Heather : Thanks! I'm really looking forward to the movie now, too. Oh! OH! I just realized I can finally let myself watch the movie trailer!!!!!!!! =)

    nath : Thank you!!! Have you at least watched the HP movies? It's hard not to get swept away with those, too!

    Hilda : Hey!! My youngest is constantly rereading the books... out of order, in order, it doesn't matter. She just keeps reading them and reading them. And we watch the movies over and over again, too. I think my favorites are Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and this one. Although I do also love the angst in Order of the Phoenix. Oh heck! I like the whole thing. ^_^

    Lisa : Hey!! How are you feeling? :)
    I definitely benefit from reading books like this slowly, but sometimes it's hard to do that! LOL.

    I think I read The Half Blood Prince too quickly because I don't remember a lot from that one.

  11. Congratulations Christine! This was one BIG book, but worth reading that ending, wasn't it? This book is great because it's the end and I think Rowling just closes everything up brilliantly. My favorite books were The Order of the Phoenix and The Half Blood Prince. :)

    Your daughters were wonderful, not giving anything away!

  12. I've only read the first four. I got about half way through the fifth one. I have all of them but....I know...i'm way behind.

  13. My Daughter likes to reread the series every year and is anticipating the two new movies due out in November and then in May(? I think). I'm glad you finally conquered and read the book. I barely remember reading it when it was first released, but do remember enjoying it.
    Read on! *G*

  14. I salute you my friend. I've been stuck on the third and I don't know when will I ever find the courage to open that thick book. I might just listen to the audio book while at the gym. *wink*wink*

  15. Congrats Christine - in finishing the book and completing The Big Book Challenge! YAH! So glad you enjoyed it and kudos to your daughters for not saying a word about the spoilers. I've now forgotten all about the Silver Doe...although I have an idea :) Maybe I'll re-read it at some point...I must read my Big Book Challenge book first though *grin*

  16. Congrats on both! :)

    I read HP 1-6. Somehow I'm not really tempted by the last one. *shrug* (that's not the "fault" of your review :) )

  17. Nope, haven't watched the movies either LOL. I can be very anti-something if I choose to be ^_^;

  18. Hilcia : I agree. Rowling wrapped up all of the story threads brilliantly in this last Harry Potter book. The Horcruxes and Hallows were so interesting... as was the wandlore. I liked how they all had an influence on the story arc.

    Michelle : I'm sure when Finn is older, you'll find yourself reading the entire series aloud to him. : )

    Brandy : My youngest is constantly rereading these books... in whichever order suits her fancy that day or week. LOl! I finally watched the trailer for the movie! SO EXCITING!

    Natalie : Listening to the HP audio books sounds like a great idea! Go for it!

    orannia : Thank YOU for hosting this Big Book Challenge. Without that challenge, it may have just sat on my nightstand for another year or more! Ack!

    Taja : What? You haven't read the last book? LOL! If I had known that, I would have made you read it along with me! :P

    nath : Not even the movies?! How could you?!!! LOL j/k


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