Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ten Things I Love About The Trailer for Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn

I've never been swayed to buy a book based on it's video until I watched this one for Julia Quinn's latest book Ten Things I Love About You that releases TODAY.

I think that book video is just adorable.

In the spirit of Ten Things, I made a list of reasons why I think the video adorable.

Ten Things I Love About The Trailer for Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn:

1-It's a list! ... I love lists!
2-Delightful hand drawn artwork.
3-The music is fitting.
4-Narrator's voice is purposefully over the top, in a fun way.
5-It's witty
6-and a little bit silly,
7-but very charming
8-and romantic.
9-It ends with a cliff hanger!
10-It made me want to read the book!

Want to know more about Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn? Check out this list of Ten Things You Should Know About This Book.

All these fun lists have me literally and figuratively counting on this book being just as delightful and charming as its video and lists.

Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn releases today, May 25, 2010.

You can visit Julia Quinn at her website at http://www.juliaquinn.com/.

Have you ever been swayed to buy a book based on its book trailer?


  1. To answer your question, no. At first I was rather disdainful of video book trailers (I know--such a snob). I've seen some clever ones lately that have me more open-minded about them now, including this one and especially Tessa Dare's.

    I did download the Kindle version of Ten Things early this morning. Because it's Julia Quinn and I adore JQ! I've only had time to read the prologue and part of the first chapter and it has me laughing out loud. Bodes well for the rest of it.

  2. Like Phyl, I don't usually watch trailers. A blurb works for me. This one is cute, but I would have bought the book anyway, cause hello! Julia Quinn.

    I was going to mention Tessa's trailer too, but Phyl beat me to that as well :)

  3. Oooo, Phyl! You changed your profile picture to your Rainbow Quilt!!! I love it!!! :)

    Phyl & Lori,
    I actually don't seek out book trailers, but I do watch them now and then if I come across them. Just for kicks, you know? This one obviously caught my attention in a big way, but I had to go check out Tessa Dare's trailer since BOTH of you mentioned it and OMG! That was freakin' awesome!!! LOL! If One Dance with a Duke wasn't already on my TBB list, it would have been after that trailer too! LOL!

    I must say Ms. Dare came up with an interesting premise for her new series!

  4. I'll have to watch this tonight, since where I currently am I can't watch book trailers ;)

    And to answer your question - no. Mainly because until Decebmer 2009 I couldn't watch anything video on my computer...and so I guess I've mostly missed the boat with regard to book trailers :) (As in, they aren't what I look for when I'm trying to decide what to read.) Saying that, I like the sound of the Julia Quinn book (from the summary), so this book is on my library hold list :)

  5. I don't usually watch book trailers, I prefer to read the blurbs. This is too cute, though. :)

    I'm definitely reading this book though. I loved the last one, What Happened in London and I've been looking forward to reading Ten Things.... :D

  6. I've never been swayed before, but this trailer has me curious about the book! It was all that you listed and more. I'll wait to see what you thought of the book first, though. *G*

  7. You and your lists. LOL I think you might actually be worse than me. I love making lists!

    I haven't bought a book simply because of the trailer but there have been trailers that caught my interest enough to read the blurb.

    I'm behind on my JQ reading but I will be getting this one. Very cute trailer btw. :)

  8. I don't watch book trailers. I somehow got a bit scared of them when I saw one and there was a lot revealed about the plot.

    But the other few I've seen have been pretty good and I've thought about buying the books. That is also the second reason why I don't like to watch them. Don't want my TBR pile to grow any higher :)

  9. I don't usually watch book trailers either. If I stumble across one that everyone raves about - Tess Dare, then I'll give it a try, but otherwise, meh. LOL.

    Hmmm, I wonder though if this trailer depicted the book... like the first meeting and guardian angel...

  10. orannia... not being able to watch video on your computer would certainly prohibit you from watching book trailers! I guess you could always use the computers at the library or something, but I'm sure once you're at the library, you maximize time spent between bookshelves!

    Hils... I'm more of a blurb reader, too, but if a trailer is right there on an author's site or blog near the blurb, I usually click on it for fun. Especially the ones that are under 2 minutes. ;)

    Brandy... I'm about halfway through the book already and it IS as fun and sweet as the video so far! I'll let you know more when I've finished.

    Leslie... I know! There are quite a few lists of TEN in this book. It's charming. And right up my alley. LOL!

    Maija... That's a very good point about getting more info about the plot in a trailer than in a blurb. AND a good point about increasing the size of the TBR.

    By the way, how are you doing these days now that your studies are finished for the semester?

    nath... I picked up the book last night and am already halfway through it (then you can tell its an easy read because I usually take 3-5 days to finish a book...) and YES! The trailer is depicting the book starting with how Annabel literally trips over Sebastian in the garden like that! I'd say I'm up to #6 and #5 in the trailer... the dog in the story is even a basset hound. Just like the trailer! :)

  11. orannia... I should have used past tense. I know you can watch them on your new computer now. And HEY! You can watch most book trailers on YouTube using your iPhone now, too!!!

  12. I'm just fine, thanks for asking :) I hope everything is great over there too. I still have some studies left next year, but now I'm officially qualified to teach in a school. Those tough studies I did were the one year long teacher education that's part of my studies.

    And now I'm in the mood for some ID :) I finished Loyalty in Death a few days ago and I'm currently reading Witness in Death. I ordered the next two books and I think I'll get them next week…

    But yep, really in the mood for some Eve and Roarke. I've even made my husband to listen to some scenes. I've read them to him and explained some of the plot and characters to - against his will. He always looks like he isn't really listening, but suffering instead… but he does listen. Later he sometimes flashes names or something like that and I'm like "OMG, you were listening back then…" :)

  13. Maija... Congratulations on becoming qualified to teach! That's great!! What age or grade level and what subject? I am qualified to teach grade 6-12 math, but haven't taught in several years since my eldest was a baby really. I look forward to getting back in the classroom someday.

    I started reading Witness In Death last week, too! I think it's great that your husband is getting acquainted with the series. You know if this series was a television show or made into movies, it would be popular with the guys, too. So why not read the books, right?

  14. Thanks Christine!

    I finished the subject teacher education at the university and we get a right to teach any level we like --> (upper) primary school (grades 7-9) and high school. (Vs. class teacher education that gives you the right to teach grades 1-6, they study a bit of every subject).

    I study theology and philosophy, so someday I'll work as teacher in religion and philosophy. Btw, we had one trainee that studied both math and theology - it is a very rare and unique subject combination to teach :)

    I'm not very hopeful I get my husband to read any romance books. I've tried to offer him some, but he isn't into them (never, he says). If he very rarely has the time to read anything, he reads only work related books about business, economics… What's the fun in that ;)

  15. Maija... The levels for teaching qualification are very similar here. It is subject dependent from grades 6-12 and then class teacher education from grades K-5. Kindergarten is a bit like preschool with a more emphasis and academics. In my area, most kindergartens are half day programs Monday through Friday in the elementary schools.

    I think most men would not read romance unless perhaps their life depended on it. LOL. BUT the In Death series is actually not romance. It is actually categorized as mystery/thriller in both bookstores and libraries. So maybe there's hope after all? ;-)

  16. Christine, you are right, the teaching qualification sounds just about the same…

    Good idea. Maybe I could try to sell the In Death series to my husband with that reasoning ;) But I might have already ruined that chance because of the many times I've raved to him about Eve, Roarke and their love :D


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