Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Library Loot XVII

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I haven't done a Library Loot post in several weeks since I had so many books out already and was going a little crazy with due dates all over the calendar. I ended up returning two books tonight that I didn't get around to finishing and I had no more renewals left in the system. If I get the chance over the weekend, I'm going back for those two books because even though I left them sitting in a pile unread for so many weeks, it turns out I really want to read them!

I was able to pick up one book tonight that has had me waiting ever so impatiently on the holds list for a couple of weeks now:

Savor the Moment by Nora Roberts
The Bride Quartet, Book Three

In this contemporary series, four childhood friends--Parker, Emma, Laurel and Mac--own and operate their very own wedding planning business called Vows. Each of the four women brings a unique specialty to the business--wedding planner extraordinaire, florist, creator of wedding cake masterpieces and photographer. The stories revolve around their friendships, their business and of course, their love lives as each book tells a happily ever after story for each of the four women. Savor the Moment is Laurel's story and if you may guess from the cover, she creates the wedding cakes. Her love interest is Parker's brother Delaney who has been like a brother to all four women since childhood, but Laurel doesn't see him that way. She's had a secret infatuation with Del for years. In a quicksilver mood, Laurel kisses Del and something tells me their relationship takes on a whole new dynamic.

How fun that I'm currently reading two very different books by Nora Roberts. Savor the Moment (May 2010) is a contemporary story of friendship and romance and Loyalty In Death (October 1999) is a suspenseful, futuristic murder mystery written under Roberts' pen name J.D. Robb.

Do you have a favorite author who writes novels in two fairly different genres like Nora Roberts does?


  1. Nora/JD is my favorite author who writes in different genres. I don't know of anyone else. The other authors I like write in the same genre but different sub-genre: Lorna Barrett writes cozy mysteries and under her L.L. Bartlett she writes psychological mysteries.

  2. Nora/JD is the only author I could think of last night, too. Although I thought of a few who do write slightly different sub genres, but still the same major genre.

    Elisabeth Naughton is a fairly new romance author with a romantic suspense trilogy already out and recently released a first in series paranormal romance.

    Rachel Vincent writes urban fantasy for adults and another series for YA. But that's practically the same, I guess.

    I'll have to think about this one some more.

  3. I hope you're enjoying Laurel and Del's story.

    Author writing in two different genres - Lorelei James writes erotica (Love her Rough Riders series). She also writes mysteries as Lori Armstrong.

  4. Hope you enjoy Savor the Moment, Christine! I did :)

    Hmm, can't think of an author that writes under different genres for the moment. Most of them are very similar... There would be Jim Butcher who writes urban fantasy and fantasy... does that count?

  5. Leslie, I'm actually in the middle of reading Loyalty In Death right now and was going to wait until I finished it before starting Savor the Moment. But I just couldn't resist and I read the first several pages tonight.

    Erotica and mysteries are definitely two different genres. Thanks for the excellent example.

    I think I'll enjoy Savor the Moment, too. I find this series to be very fun, sweet, and comforting actually. Hopefully all the talk about cakes won't make me too hungry. LOL!

    Urban Fantasy and Fantasy are similar... but different enough in my book! Good example.

    I also thought of Lisa Kleypas. Although she's definitely a romance author, she does write both contemporary romances and historical romances. That kinda counts. :)

  6. Hmm, Katie MacAlister writes in paranormal, contemporary, historical, and even has a paranormal mystery. Oh, and just had the steampunk released as well. Then there's Jayne Ann Krentz who writes contemporary, who also writes historicals as Amanda Quick and futuristic/paranormal as Jayne Castle. Then there are a few YA authors. *G*
    I'm glad to hear you'll finally get to read Savor the Moment!

    Hope your week is going along pleasantly!

  7. Christine I hope you enjoy Savor the Moment!

    I love Elizabeth Hoyt who writes historical romances and contemporaries as Julia Harper. :D

  8. I love the fact that this series is straight contemporary - no paranormal twist, no suspense - just straight forward romances.

    As for people who write in different genres, as soon as you see multiple names then you can pretty much expect different genres.

  9. Oh, I just thought of Lisa Kleypas who writes contemps and historicals...

  10. I'm trying to think of another author I like who, like Nora Roberts, writes across genres. I do read Lisa Kleypas... Who else... I've read a couple of Christina Dodd's books - she has written contemporary and paranormal romances. Hmmm. Still drawing a blank :)

  11. Those are all good suggestions of authors who write in different genres. There really aren't many who do that.


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