Friday, May 14, 2010

The Rainbow Quilt for a Cause

Author Brenda Novak is currently hosting her 6th Annual Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes Research. Brenda's youngest son was diagnosed with Type 1 at age five and she started this annual auction in 2005 to raise money and awareness for diabetes research in honor of her son and the millions of other people who suffer from diabetes. Last year, the auction raised over $270,000 to benefit diabetes research, and has raised a cumulative amount of $762,298 in the last five years. WOW! Hopefully this year's auction will break the $1,000,000 mark!

Since Brenda is an author, many of the items up for auction are related to reading and writing. Book bundles, lots of ARCs from your favorite authors, lunch dates with authors and even writing workshops and critiques for aspiring authors. In addition, there are many other items such as collectibles and handmade items such as jewelry and quilts.

This is where my blogging friend Phyl from Phyl's Quilts & Books comes in. Like Brenda, Phyl's young son is also a diabetic, having been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was 10. To help raise awareness and money for the auction, Phyl has sewn this gorgeous Rainbow Quilt from her scrap collection and has donated it to the auction. Isn't it stunning? I've had so much fun watching Phyl's progress with this quilt on her blog and I admire not only her quilts, but also her giving spirit to this cause.

To bid on Phyl's Quilt, click HERE.

Click HERE to get to all of the items up for auction. You can find all sorts of goodies by category on the sidebar or even search for items in a keyword search box.

Happy bidding! :)


  1. That is a gorgeous quilt, Christine! I love it.

  2. Hey Christine--How cool to open my Reader and see this post. Thank you! I'm honored. And thank you, too, Angiegirl.

  3. Wow, love the colors in the rainbow quilt! It's so lovely to see such good people doing something so nice for others. Makes my heart happy.

  4. I love Phyl's Rainbow quilt! (actually all her quilts) And diabetes research is a worthy benefit... so many, so many suffer from this disease. Bid! Bid!

  5. This is kind of touchy subject for me since it brings old memories of grandma who suffered and died due to diabetes. But I love the colors and visiting Phyl's blog felt very therapeutic for me.

  6. That is one gorgeous quilt! Oh to be so talented!

  7. I knew everyone would just LOVE Phyl's quilt! =)

  8. Once again, thank you all for the kind comments about my quilt. I'm so touched. Thank you.


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