Monday, August 17, 2009

Library Loot I

LIBRARY LOOT is a weekly blog event co-hosted by Marg of Reading Adventures (which is where I learned of it) and Eva of A Striped Armchair. Library Loot encourages readers to share what they've checked out from the library that week. If you want to participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog any day of the week and leave the link to your post through the Mr. Linky link at either Marg's or Eva's blogs.

I don't know about you, but I've been trying to borrow from the library more often these days. It's really a great way to stretch your book buying dollars. I'm also taking advantage of inter library loans through other local public libraries when I can't find the book I'm looking for at my own library. Which I'm learning is rather often. Thankfully, it's easy to check library book catalogs online these days. Now my new dilemma is with my book list names. I keep a TBB list that is my "To Be Bought" list, but now that I'm actively searching library catalogs for books I want to read, whatever shall I call my "To Be Borrowed" list?!

Anyway, here's my Library Loot from today's trip to the library:

My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent.
Soul Screamers series, Book 1.
Young Adult

I listened to the audiobook prequel earlier this month and just have to find out what happens to the protagonist, Kaylee Cavanaugh. She senses when someone near her is about to die, as an incredible force builds within her that she can't seem to hold back. A force that compels her to scream. Things start to get out of hand when classmates start dying and interestingly, Kaylee's new boyfriend knows more about her compulsion to scream than she does.

I can't wait to dive into this one.


  1. Awesome! Thanks - doing a post right now! Can't wait to see what everyone is reading!

  2. Hey Christine:

    I just read about "My Soul To Take" at I think it was Tracy's blog.

    I've been reading a lot about this one and it sounds really good.

    You enjoy..


  3. LOL, I say, it should be Library Loot list :) So LL.

  4. I really enjoyed My Soul To Take and I think you will also.

  5. Lori: Yay! Another Library Looter! I'll be over to check out what kind of library loot you got in a few.

    Lea: Yes, I also read Tracy's comments on My Soul To Take earlier today. I'm glad to hear this book is so well received.

    nath: Yes! That's it! Library Loot List! :o)

    KB: I'm looking forward to it. Did you post a review for it somewhere?

  6. My review will be up later this week.

  7. Excellent. I'll keep my out for it.

  8. Insert "eye" in there between the "my" and "out."


  9. I *heart* my library and borrow the majority of my books from there. As for my's called my TBR in to be read list...versus...well, to be bought I guess :) And I'm sneaky - my library has an online catalogue and we can place hold (and freeze said holds). My current hold list is....about 85 *looks shifty* It was down below 50 earlier in the year but people keep reviewing and recommending books! What's a girl to do :)

  10. orannia, I know you're a big time library looter. LOL! But a hold list of 85 books!!! That's impressive!

    I have a TBR, too, but it's a separate list.

    TBR = To Be Read. I already own these and plan on reading them.

    TBB = To Be Bought. I plan on buying and reading these.

    LLL = Library Loot List. I plan on borrowing and reading these.

    Lots of planning! LOL!

  11. It was a good one that Vincent. I hope you like it!

  12. Welcome to Library Loot! So glad to have you joining in with us!

    I ended up adding any extra column to my TBB list which just tells me which library the book I want is available from if at all. I can still then buy it if I really want to, but i do find it has helped me cut down on how much I spend!

  13. Impressive...perhaps. Scary...definitely :) Actually, I have three library lists. The actual TBR hold list, the list of books I want to place on hold but the library don't have them yet, and the list of books I want to place holds on but they are available (so if I place a hold I get them - they took away the freeze an available book option). I'm too scared to make a list of the books I own but want to read...

  14. Ooh, this one really does sound fun, this Rachel Vincent.

    I feel like I would have to change my entire identity for the library to want me back. I was a bad borrower.

  15. Tracy: I'm hoping to start it any day now ... I'm in a small reading rut. Which is silly really, when I have books lined up!

    Marg: Thanks for the welcome. This is a great column idea!

    orannia: Is the "freeze an available book" option like reserving it online? I think they should allow you to do that, but you have to come in within a short amount of time to pick it up... like 2 days or something. Or is it a different option?

    Carolyn : Oooh! You're one of those. :P


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