Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Toasted, Not Burned!

I know, I know ... not the book review I promised would be the next post. Shhh! 

I invented a new variation of the much beloved after school snack, the rice crispy treat. I'm calling it the 'Toasted, Not Burned' Marshmallow Treats. The recipe:

'Toasted, Not Burned' Marshmallow Treats

1 Tblsp. butter

1/2 10 oz. bag of marshmallows

3 cups rice crispy cereal

1. Put butter and marshmallows in large pot on stove set to med-high.
2. Go to laptop to look up a phone number in your address book, quickly check Twitter, tweet a popsicle stick joke, notice The Pioneer Woman is giving away Wustof knives on her site and get excited since you've had the same cheap set of four knives since your first apartment after college (i.e., a loooong time), go to PW Cooks and get distracted by carrot soup recipe, in the back of your mind you start to smell some sweet, caramelized scent . . . what is that yummy smell? *pause*  THE MARSHMALLOWS IN THE KITCHEN! Rush to kitchen!
3. Turn off heat on stove.
4. Frantically stir the butter marshmallow mixture that has by now started to burn, but smells really delicious.
5. Add rice crispy cereal and stir.
6. Spoon into a lightly buttered 8 inch square baking pan and press flat with a piece of waxed paper.
7. Serve to children, emphasizing the word TOASTED.  ;)


  1. Toasted rice krispie treats are better than none, right???

  2. Kate :: Sorry... they're gone already. Apparently it's perfectly acceptable for 'Toasted, Not Burned Marshmallow Treats' to be light brown in color with black flecks. Good to know!

    Dev :: Absolutely! =)

  3. Now THAT'S how it's done, =)

  4. Oh, that marshmellow treat sounds so yummy! I've got to try it someday. :-D

  5. I haven't made those in years! But it sounds like something I would do, or rather have already done!

  6. I could *almost* cook like that...

    ... but I don't think the firefighters would understand.

  7. You found my recipe!!! lol

    Funny story!

  8. Those were really good... except they got stale quickly.

  9. So glad everyone liked my recipe. Ha ha.

    Maria :: How would you know? You girls ate them so quickly they didn't have time to get stale! :P


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