Saturday, September 6, 2008

New School Year's Resolution

My girls started school last week and so far so good. Well, aside from the fact that the fourth grader was almost late on the second day because she didn't like the way any of her 5 pairs of shoes fit. Actually, the one new pair fit fine, but she wore those the first day of school and they didn't match her outfit for the second day. I tried to tell her that any shoe would feel uncomfortable after wearing flip flops all summer long, but she wouldn't hear it. Guess who's going shoe shopping tomorrow? 

First day of fourth grade. Look at those cute shoes!

 The first day of eighth grade. I actually made her pose after school, because I didn't quite have my act together at 7:45 am when she left for school. 

And no sooner is she home and she's already off with her friends. *sigh*

Two days down, one hundred seventy-nine to go until summer vacation! But who's counting? I am!

So I've decided to make a New School Year's Resolution. I figure the household schedule gets rearranged this time every year, so it's a great time to resolve to make some improvements in my time management. Time management not my strongest suit, which isn't such a good thing for a certified teacher and girl scout leader to admit. You think? 

I've done this New School Year's resolution in the past. One year I resolved to have dinner ready by 6:30 pm every night and I. Just. Couldn't. Do. It. I finally resolved to let that one go so now dinner is at 7 pm and everyone's happy. This year, my time management resolution doesn't have anything to do with improving the efficiency of the household, but my blog. Sweet, huh?

I've procrastinated writing reviews for some fabulous books I've been reading in these last few months, so I'm resolving to write more book reviews in a more timely fashion from here on in. 

Around the time that I started this blog, I had been keeping track of the books I read each month on my myspace blog, often including some commentary. Because my myspace page is private, I started duplicating those myspace blog posts on a livejournal blog so that anyone not on my myspace friends list could read my entries. Way too much redundancy. So tonight I decided to consolidate my blogging spaces. I'm no longer going to blog on myspace or livejournal and will keep track of the books I'm reading each month on an archive blog that is linked to this blog and my blogger profile. 

On the side bar there is a link to my Book Archives where you can see the books I've read each month. I figure this is my first step at better organizing myself and I'll write less commentary in the archives and write more reviews here. Well, that's my plan anyway.  


  1. Your fourth grader's ballet flats are cute! One can never go wrong with ballet flats, as far as I'm concerned. :-D

    Good luck with your time management and the reorganization of all your "homes" in the WWW. :-)

  2. Nice pictures and really cute shoes!

    I second the good luck wish re your resolution. Not to put pressure on you, but more reviews are always good. ;) I'm off to look at your book archive.

  3. Dinner at 7??

    Oh man, we eat early! Dinner is ready by 5:30.

    Good luck with your resolution. It's a good one.

  4. SUPER cute photos! I think it's smart to make resolutions with the new school year. It always energizes me, sort of. Good luck!

  5. Those pictures are soo cute. Your babies are growing up so fast. Good luck on your NSYR and you have inspired me to get on the ball with my projects. I have let a few (loads) fall to the side. Take care my dear xoxoxox

  6. Wow your girls are stylin! As for me I had to wear this green and plaid Catholic school uniform with knee high green socks and buster brown shoes for 8 years.
    I so miss school! :(
    Love the new sunflower background, it is because of your sparkling sunny disposition?

  7. Thanks for all the good luck wishes for my new time management goals--I'm so gonna need it. Time management so not my forte.

    Amy :: I think 6:30 pm would be ideal for everyone's tummy around here--but between after school activities and my husband not getting home until 7 pm anyway.

  8. Sweet! Good luck with the blogs. I've found that my reviews have gone the way of the dodo (in all aspects...) in the past year.

    And the girls looked great! Good luck with an 8th grader this year. I mean it sincerely. Last year was torture for me, LOL! It's a year of discovering themselves and their independence. Suddenly my straight A student was like, school? What's that? It's all about the social life, mom. Duh. Ugh.

  9. I'd love to do a better job of getting reviews written too. Maybe after completing Keishon's TBR challenge we should have a review challenge LOL!

  10. Everyime I visit your blog I miss the north (, and I love the sunflower background. The girls are as cute as ever! When they're older they're going to love looking back on all of these fabulous photos you take of them. :)

    Best of luck with your blog consolidation and organization!

  11. Awww look at how cute they are!!! I love the shoes! :) My kids have issues with shoes as well so I understand the "they don't feel right" thing. :)

    Love the book archive - very smart.

  12. You're kids are so cute! I love those ballet flats. When I went to school in *coughcough*, I only got 1 pair of some sort of running shoes once a year so tell her the 5 pairs are wonderful! This may explain my obsession with shoes now. Heh.
    Maria is growing up. Awwww... running off after school to play with friends. I never go to do that either! What the heck!

    I am totally happy with your NSYR, cuz I can live through your blog then. Hahaha.

    Time management. Errr...yeah. Good luck with that. >_<

  13. Lori :: Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! ... and thanks for the good luck wishes on both the blog and the eighth grader! I'm going to need it!

    Phyl :: I've already fallen off the map with Keishon's TBR challenge. Well... I missed the very first one since I only signed up the day before and then I recently missed August. She should incorporate some kind of punishment for the slackers. LOL

    Kimberly :: Say, what? LOL Maybe you'll change your mind about the north when I post pictures of the first snow storm. And me shoveling it all day long! ;p

    Tracy :: My youngest has issues with just about everything. Getting dressed in the morning is a nightmare.

    Alys :: Thanks, kiddo! I need ballet flats like the ones my little one just got. So cute.

    Time management is definitely a weakness of mine.

  14. CarolynJean :: Kate :: Kimberly :: Thanks for noticing and admiring my sunflower background. I think it's both cheerful and peaceful. =)

  15. oh dear....I so know what you mean! I had wanted to do blogs on the food I try (y'know...the allergy thing) and review the books I read...*le sigh*

    I haven't done any of it for over a month now!

    I've decided I'm not a reviewer...I'll leave that to you! lol
    ...but I'll continue to list what I read and make a comment if something stands out to me.

    As for the food blogging...meh. I like taking the pics with my cell...but, just so not a cook! *headdesk*

    What's a girl to do...perhaps I'll just stick to reading others' blogs and just commenting here and there.


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