Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Grading System for Book Reviews

I enjoy reviewing books because I like to share what I have read with other readers, and also what I liked and didn't like about a novel. I honestly don't like giving grades for books, but I know a lot of readers look for that when reading reviews, so I do feel its important to include them. Maybe I'll get more comfortable about giving grades as I become a more experienced reviewer.

Always keep in mind that book reviews are highly subjective.  Sometimes the readers own life experience plays a significant role in how a book works for them, and lets be honest...  some of us women can also be emotionally swayed on a book based on what time of the month it is! Sorry, but its a fact of life. ;p 

I chose a letter grade system similar to the kind used in most American school systems, simply because I think most people can quickly and easily identify with it.  

A+ (5.0 ) A perfect book! Not even one teeny tiny word was out of place in this book. A very rare grade. 

A (4.0) Absolutely loved everything about this book... the world building, characters, story line, romance (if applicable). Author was able to stir a wide range of emotions in me while I read. I usually don't want to start reading another book for several days after I read an A book. Very highly recommended. 

A- (3.75) Excellent book! Very similar to an 'A' book, but perhaps there were only a few very minor things that kept me from giving it an A. 

B+ (3.5) Very good book. Entertaining and satisfying. Maybe just a few things didn't live up to expectations, but I would read this book again and highly recommend it. 

B (3.0) Very good book, with few flaws. I would reread certain scenes and recommend this book. 

B- (2.75) Overall good book, but something fell short for me. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy this genre or the author. 

C+ (2.5) Decent Book, but there was a flaw in either the romance, character development, or story arc throughout most of the book. Would still read the next book if it is in a series, or another book by this author. Would still recommend, but with some reservations.

C (2.0) This book is okay. Several significant flaws in either story arc, the relationships, or it had a disappointing ending. May or may not read the next book if it is in a series, or another book by this author.

C- (1.75) Only one or two good things about this book kept me reading. Maybe I really liked a character or just wanted to find out how the conflict was resolved but I wasn't vested in the world or the characters. Most likely would not read the next book in the series or another book by this author.

D (1.0) Did not like this book at all, but still managed to finish it.

F (0) Did not finish. This is very rare for me.


  1. Grading is difficult. I was much more critical before I decided to try my hand at fiction writing. I thought "That book was crap. I can do better!" It turns out that writing is a LOT harder than I thought it would be. (Duh.) I'm 44,000 words into my first manuscript and I'm completely amazed at an authors ability to complete an entire manuscript, let alone get one published.
    But I really appreciate other people's reviews! I become a "deer in the headlights" when I'm faced with too many choices, so I really appreciate other people reviewing romances to narrow down my book-buying options. It's very helpful. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Nice system. Certainly helps a lot in clarification when reading your reviews. ^_^ What would you consider at grade A+? <~~Out of curiousity.

  3. Thanks for the comments and words of 'reviewing' encouragement! ;)

    Alice: I have one A+ book for 2008 so far, and its Blue Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas. This book was absolutely amazing and perfect in every way for me.


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