Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Death Series Reading Challenge: January 2013

Interested in joining the Challenge? Anyone is welcome to join in at any time of the year at wherever in the series you currently are. See the sign up post HERE and join the fun!

Did you read any In Death series books this month?

I did not, much to my disappointment. I had big intentions to finally pick up the pace on this challenge in 2013, and yet I broke my promise to myself to read Promises in Death! It's literally collecting dust on my nightstand..


Link up any In Death series posts you may have made this month in Mr. Linky below and leave a comment letting us know which book you read. If you didn't read a book this month, tell me why not! We can swap excuses. ;)


  1. I didn't read any ID books because I haven't got the next part. BUT... I did order the next _four_ books and I'm waiting for them. Hopefully I'll get them next week!

  2. I re read Innocent in Death this month. Considering how tired I am of those too perfect heroes (unsolicited advice of the day: never binge on the Virgin River novels), I'm always amazed by how much I enjoy Roarke.

  3. Perhaps I should re-read one of my favorites, too. It happens to be Innocent in Death :) Aah...

  4. Maija Doing a re-read of a favorite ID novel is a great idea! I hope it works. :)

    azteclady Ha! That's too funny about the Virgin River binge!!! It is surprising, isn't it, that after all this time, we still love Roarke. It's got to be because he's so powerful and seemingly invincible, yet Eve just makes him sensitive and vulnerable and romantic. ahhh

  5. Oh, you're still on the challenge! WOW! that's awesome. I'm honestly scared to even pick up one of these because there are so many!!
    Also, asteclady: I once tried to read the Virgin River books in a row (I hink the series was up to 8 at the time) and nope, i didn't make it past the third. Funny thing though? I really liked the second one.

  6. Alex Well I guess it's great that I haven't given up with this challenge yet, but not so great that I haven't finished it yet! LOL!

    There are a ton of In Death books out--almost ridiculous, but people still keep reading them! Based on what I know you like to read, this series might not be your thing, anyway. ;)

  7. Ah...Christine...I have a confession *blushes* I just quit this series *hides*

    *races back in to say* azteclady - I also quit the Virgin River series. It was IIRC the seventh book...I just lost it at some of the opinions coming through and that was it....


  8. All the best with the reading challenge. I signed up for the In Death reading challenge around a couple of years back. I signed up very enthusiastically, and as usual failed to progress very far.They were some very good books though and I enjoyed the few books I read in the series.

  9. orannia aw that's ok. No need to ever hide. I'm actually not that surprised based on your comments over the last year or more. AND I get your frustration. The whole Roarke as expert civilian on every stinking case has been getting on MY nerves for a while now and I'm way back on book 25 or something.

    niskitak, there are SO MANY books in this series. If the first few books don't WOW you .. no sense in forcing yourself to read 30 more! LOL! I keep plugging along because I enjoy them well enough and I'm the host of the challenge! ha!

    1. Yes, Roake as Expert Consultant, Civilian on every case is beyond annoying. And if he's not, then he owns the business or building that Eve he's involved anyway! *rolls eyes*


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