Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My 2012 Reading Challenges Wrap-Up

For all of you who laughed at me in good nature, of course, for joining so many Reading Challenges, Read-Alongs and Book Clubs, here's a review of what I set out to do last year and how I actually did.

[X] Book Pilgrimage 2012 
This was a little travel challenge hosted by Libby at Libby's Book Blog. The idea is to read a book and then take a pilgrimage to the setting of the book or a specific place associated with the author. I read Gold by Chris Cleave which is a novel about two female Olympic track cyclists and their professional and personal relationships. The book takes place over the course of several years, leading up to the London 2012 Olympics, which I attended with my family over the summer. Great book.. even better vacation. ;)

[X] R.I.P. VII 
Hosted by Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings in the fall [Northern Hemisphere], this reading event focuses on mysteries, thrillers, dark fantasy, horror, etc.. I joined a few of the challenges and met all of the requirements--including a Group Read-Along of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. It was a great way to get into the spooky mood for Halloween with this one. I plan to join again this year. You can read more about what I read and watched for this event HERE.

[ ] Once Upon A Time VI 
Hosted by Carl V. at Stainless Steel Droppings in the spring [Northern Hemisphere], this reading event focuses on reading fantasy, folklore, mythology and fairy tales. I didn't quite meet two the three challenges I set out to do with this one. I read Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere for the Group Read-Along, which counted as my fantasy read and I read a folklore and mythology based book, but didn't read a fairy-tale nor did I get around to Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream. Maybe I'll finally follow through with this one in 2013.

[ ] In Death Series by J.D. Robb Reading Challenge [ongoing]
This is an ongoing reading challenge that I have been hosting since January 2010 as I read the entire 34 book and counting crime fiction series by the very prolific J.D. Robb [Nora Roberts]. I fell off schedule with this one, having read only 5 full length novels and 2 novellas. I'm hoping to be completely caught up to the author in 2013.

[ ] A-Z Mystery Challenge [ongoing]
Michelle at Red-Headed Book Child came up with this mystery reading challenge a few years ago for anyone who wanted to try to read their way through the alphabet of author last names. I haven't gotten far, but added one to my list in 2012. I need to work on this one some more.

[ ] Haruki Murakami Reading Challenge 2012
I didn't complete this one. I borrowed Sputnik Sweetheart in late December, but I didn't get around to picking it up. Maybe I'll pay penance and read TWO Murakami books in 2013.

[X] TBR Challenge
This romance-focused challenge is hosted by Wendy The Super Librarian and is aimed at helping reduce that TBR pile by reading one book per month from your shelf. I read all 12 books for this one, although I didn't get around to reviewing two of them. I'm still saying I finished this challenge because I did comment on them on twitter which is an allowed form of reporting in your book read. Here's a list of what I read for this challenge and links to my reviews, if you're interested.

January:       The Longest Night by Kathleen O'Reilly
February:     Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt
March:         Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione
                    Sin Undone by Larissa Ione
April:           A Dangerous Beauty by Sophia Nash
May:           Saving Grace by Julie Garwood
June:           Caine's Reckoning by Sarah McCarty
July:            Danger's Kiss by Sarah McKerrigan
August:       Deeper by Megan Hart
September:  Riftwalker by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith
October:      Demon From the Dark by Kresley Cole
November:  The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook
December:  Holiday Kisses by Shannon Stacey et al.

[X] The Big Book Challenge 2012
Hosted by orannia from Walkabout, this challenge encourages readers to read that BIG book [over 500 pages] that you have been intimidated to read because it is so long. I chose to read Eon and Eona by Alison Goodman as my Big Book Challenge and completed it in March 7, 2012. Great YA fantasy books, by the way. I ended up reading a handful of other books over 500 pages, too.

[X] Year of the Fantasy Classic 
Hosted my KMont at Lurv a la Mode, this challenge was designed to encourage readers to read more classic fantasy novels. I made a list of fantasy novels I'd read in 2012, and only read TWO books from my original list. I ended up reading other fantasy novels, though, and surpassed my goal of reading six fantasy novels. Here's a list of the fantasy novels I read in 2012:

     1. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien [graphic novel]
     2. Eon by Alison Goodman
     3. Eona by Alison Goodman
     4. The Amulet Series, Books 1-4 by Kazu Kibuishi
     5. Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
     6. Cold Magic by Kate Elliot
     7. The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa
     8. The Riftwalker by Clay & Susan Griffith
     9. Cold Fire by Kate Elliot
   10. Fever Moon by Karen Marie Moning [graphic novel]

[X] What's In a Name 5 
This fun challenge is hosted by Beth F at Beth Fish Reads and is an annual favorite of mine. The goal is to read six books--titles of which match each of the preset categories. I usually just read what I want and end up filling in the requirements, but this year I actually had to hunt down a book that would work for one of them--the type of house. But I did it! Here's what I read for this one:

1. A book with a topographical feature in the title.
                 The Riftwalker by Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith
2. A book with something you'd see in the sky in the title.
                 Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones
3. A book with a creepy crawly in the title.
                 Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep
4. A book with a type of house in the title.
                The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros
5. A book with something you'd carry in your pocket, purse or backpack in the title.
                Archangel's Blade by Nalini Singh
6. A book with something you'd find on a calendar in the title.
                The Arrival by Shaun Tan

[X] E-Book Challenge 2012 
Hosted by Sarah from Workday Reads, this challenge encourages readers to read a set number of ebooks during the year. I chose the 25 ebook level and barely managed to finish this one on time! Finished it on December 30, 2012. Phew!

[X] OutDo Yourself Reading Challenge 2012
This challenge was hosted by The Book Vixen and challenged readers to read more books in 2012 than you read in 2011. I needed to read 101 books and managed to finish with 102! Not all were full length novels--some were novellas and graphic novels, but I still count those. I did count books that I re-read in 2012, but I did not count the online short fiction stories I read for the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep, although they are in my 100+ Books List.

[X] 100+ Books In A Year Reading Challenge 2012
Hosted by Book Chick City. I made it! I listed all the books [except cookbooks] in my original post HERE. I included short online fiction that I read in the list, but I'm not counting them towards my actual total. My list also doesn't match up to my 2012 goodreads challenge because not all of the books I re-read in 2012 were included on goodreads since they were already documented in a prior year. This is how I read a total of 101 books:

109 books/stories read - 8 online super short stories = 101 TOTAL Books Read in 2012

How did you do with your 2012 Reading Challenges?

Are you joining any Reading Challenges in 2013? 

I'll be joining a few. But you're not surprised about that, are you? ; )


  1. I love reading challenges too! I haven't made my final list of challenges for 2013 yet - but I'm already at 10+! Crazy - I know, but I can't help it.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. You are the Book Challenge Queen IMHO!

  3. Wow! So many challenges!! And you did well with so many of them!!
    I'm only doing 2 challenges this year: the good reads one (I challenged myself to read 150 books, 50 less than 2012 because I want to be more relaxed about it), and the TBR challenge (because I've neglected my own copies lately in favor of reading the ARCs) but I might stretch it to three, I haven't decided yet on the Aussie Women Authors Challenge, as I love Aussie writers but their books aren't exactly easy to come by.

  4. Tanya .. Aren't they so addictive? Some are so creative that I just can't help but join even if I don't think I can do it! I'll have to come by your blog and see which ones you're doing.

    orannia.. Oh what I do is nothing compared to some other people. *ahem*Tanya*ahem*

    Alex .. 150 books is A HUGE NUMBER of books. That's almost like reading a book every other day. I can't do that. The only reason I got to 101 this year was because I read a bunch of novellas and graphic novels throughout the year. I probably only read about 70 full length novels.

    I thought about the Aussie Women Authors Challenge, too! Last year and this year, but like you, the books are often hard to come by at libraries AND bookstores.

  5. Oh! Good luck to all of you with your challenges, too!

  6. I didn't join any reading challenges last year. (I just never know what kind of mood I'll be in to read a certain book or genre or author.) However, I am challenging myself to keep a better record of the books I read, does that count? *g*

    You did GREAT! And are AWESOME at keeping up with all those challenges! I'm glad you were able to check most off!

  7. WTG reading over 100 books :) hope you had a great holiday season :) May 2013 be an awesome year, you certainly have accomplished a lot in my eyes. If you can believe it I probably will need surgery on the other knee now :( doc is pretty sure it's the meniscus. Oh well the perils of aging :)


  8. What book are you up to in the "In Death" series challenge?

  9. WTG on your reading challenges. I didn't actually do a challenge last year, but I read 231 books in 2012, up from 223 in 2011.

  10. Brandy.. I know what you mean about just letting your mood drive your book choices. I let that happen for the most part, too, and I try to join the challenges that would utilize books that fit my preferences anyway. The TBR Challenge is the one that makes me look at my stashes of romance novels that I haven't read, which is good. It's always to know I'm finally reading something I bought a year or more ago! Or was given by a friend.

    I hope you decide to use goodreads to track the books you read in 2013. I'd love to see you there more. :)

    Paula.. Thank you, my dear! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well. I wish you a wonderful 2013--even if you have to have another surgery! UGH! :(
    Any reading challenges for you in 2013? Even a causally self imposed one?

    Dru ... Thank you. I had fun working on these challenges. 231 BOOKS IN 2012? WOW!!! I WISH! Hope you read lots and lots and lots and MORE than 231 in 2013!

    I'm up to Promises in Death. Are you caught up?
    I read the first couple of chapters last fall and loved it so far.. it's the one in which Morris's girlfriend, Detective Coltrane is it? ..gets murdered in the basement of her apartment building. That's as far as I got so far. I MUST read it this month. LOL.
    ***END SPOILERS****

    1. If anything, just to keep going through my tbr pile. It never shrinks though :) I love books to much!


    2. Paula, I think I'd feel naked without a tbr pile, you know? Like something important was missing!

  11. You did great! I completed one of the three reading challenges I signed up for, but I'm signing up again for the two incompletes (What's in a Name and the Foodie's Reading Challenge) because I enjoy them both.

    Joy's Book Blog

    1. Joy, The What's in a Name challenge is one of my favorites! I don't know why.. I guess I just like the creative use of book titles to suit categories. Anyway, I'll be doing that one, too. I should do the Foodie's Reading Challenge, because I do so love a good food book! Good luck!

  12. All right, all right, I'll never make fun of your reading challenges addiction anymore, Christine LOL. I gotta say, you are good though. Even though you haven't completed them all, you've done awesome!!

    1. nath LOL! You can still make fun of me. ; ) I intended to post my 2013 reading challenges last week, but well, with my father-in-law's death I just didn't get online so much. I'm trying to catch up a little this week and maybe over the weekend. What till you see the craziness I'm doing this year! haha I'm kidding.


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