Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Home from vacation!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all well. It's been a while, so I wanted to let you know I'm home from vacation and I can't wait to tell you all about it! I scheduled some posts to go up while I was away and had good intentions of finding some time [and WiFi!] to come online to reply to comments, but alas we were SO busy ALL day and then SO tired at night to do anything more than shower and flop into bed, so I wasn't able to keep up with the blog. Hope I didn't come across rude by letting your wonderful comments go unrecognized!

Me and my husband
with Urquhart Castle in the background
viewed from Loch Ness, Scotland
If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, I already bombarded you with pics and tweets about our trip. If you're not in one of those two crowds, don't worry. I plan on bombarding you, too! ; ) I'm writing a blog post in which I'll share some pictures and thoughts about our trip to Iceland, Scotland and England--including the Olympics!--over the next couple of days. Such a great vacation! I'm going to blog about our 12 day trip in one post because last year I attempted to post our wonderful vacation throughout Europe in several installments--one for each city we visited-- but I never finished them!!! I got as far as Paris and Amsterdam but never got around to telling you about Berlin, Munich and Geneva! That still really, really bugs me to this day that I never followed through with the rest of those Summer of 2011 vacation posts. Anyway, I need a few days to gather my photos and thoughts into a concise post, so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, I hit the grocery store at 7 am this morning since we had nothing but a bottle of ketchup and and a handful of moldy cherries in the fridge and now I'm knee deep in laundry waiting for twelve days of mail to arrive so I can catch up on bills and such. That will be a blast of reality, aye?

I also want to catch up with YOU, so tell me what's going on in your area of the world right now! I'd love to hear from you. 


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  1. Christine, you were on vacation, don't worry about the blog : ) You visited all the places I want to go one day, add Italy to that mix and ithats my dream travel.

    My kids go back to school tomorrow! Yuck, it went way too fast I'm just not ready to get back to driving them to 3 different schools at 3 different times no less and have homework and junk start over. I told my hubs I'm just too old for this, at 47 I should be chilling :p oh well Of course the heat is starting this week too, 105 and such just grand. Boy I'm really complaining, I think I needed a little more time at the beach.

    Glad you had a wonderful trip : )


  2. Yay! I've seen some of you photos but can't wait to hear more about your trip.
    Not much new here. Just reading and dreaming about a vacation!

  3. luv46kdz .. Paula, I hope you get to all the places on your list someday soon! We've only had a handful of family vacations over the years. When we were newlyweds and then new parents we had no money to travel. We're making up for it now while we panic about the girls growing up [and out of the house!] too fast.

    Aww, I can't believe your kids go back tomorrow. You go ahead and complain all you want. I would be too with kids in three different schools, all that homework, driving them places, juggling school, social and extracurricular activities. Doing the shopping, cooking, cleaning AROUND all those other activities. Okay I'm tired just thinking about it. Why are they going back to school just when it's getting so hot? July and August are the hottest months here in NJ.. which is why we're not in school now. No air conditioning in schools.. taxes would be even more outrageous than they already are if we had to pay that bill, right?

    All the best for a great school year for everyone! Including YOU! xo

    Linda ... I can't wait to share! I used my iphone a lot on this trip, so most of the pics will be ones I've posted already. Hope I don't bore you! lol! Where do you go when you dream of vacation?

    1. They go back early since we are a modified traditional school with the whole week off at Thanksgiving, 3 at Christmas 2 for spring.

  4. Oh, that picture is great! you two make a lovely couple!
    I'm so happy you had such a great time! It's one of my dreams to go to London/England in general some day.

    Good luck catching up :D

  5. Ooh, I had no idea you were heading over the pond! I'm on my way to Scotland at the end of August (with my mom) and am so excited. I haven't been over in 29 years - looking forward to re-connecting with cousins! There will also be a side trip to London (post Olympics - don't know if I could handle the crowds), which I am thrilled with as I've never been (nor has my mom who was born and raised in Scotland).

    As for other aspects of my life - running a half on the weekend (race is capped at 100, so it will be an intimate affair).

    Looking forward to the vacation post, Christine :)

  6. I love that pic! I'm so glad that you had so much fun you didn't have time to post! Missed you though!

  7. Welcome back and I can't believe I wasn't following you on Twitter...I am now.

  8. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! I envy you :)

  9. Alex.. Aw, thanks. I like that pic of my husband and me, too. I hope you get to London, England someday. It's a wonderful place to visit.

    Janet.. Oh wow! Your upcoming trip to Scotland sounds just wonderful!!! So happy for you and your mom. I didn't think London was so overly crowded because of the Olympics. Not that I know what London is like any other time. And maybe because I compare most large cities to NYC and no place is as crowded as NYC. lol!

    All the best to you with the half this weekend! Sounds like a great race. I'm sure you'll do really well! Yay!

    Gina.. Thank you! I've missed you, too!

    Dru.. Thanks! What?!! How'd we miss each other on Twitter??! Glad we remedied that. :)

    Maija.. It was wonderful. You guys should go to London sometime!

  10. Great picture! I can't remember our away vacation. Glad to hear y'all had a fantastic time! Can't wait to hear about your trip. Like an above commenter, if you add Italy you'd have my dream vacation. (Especially Scotland. I would so love to hear The Lord's Prayer in gaelic again..... My Mom used to be able to say it.)

  11. Welcome back, Christine! It's so funny that Nath also just returned from Europe! :D It's like vacation fest! Please post pictures when you have the time as I would love to see it and live vicariously through your family and Nath's family, BUT, reality is reality. Please rest up and feed the family (and yourself, of course!) and bills. Bleck, growing up sucks.

  12. Welcome home, Christine!! :) LOL, I so hear you about having the best intentions during the trip to find wifi and blog/reply to comments and not being able to! That's exactly what happened to me during my trip too!!

    Good luck on the recap post!! It's going to take you forever, especially with all the pics! And I know what i'm talking about LOL. It took me 5 posts for my recap! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on teh Olympics! That must have been soooo cool!!

    Ha, my sister and I split the chores once we got home. She got laundry and cooking, I got the bills and grocery shopping.

  13. Welcome back! I so look forward to hearing about your trip! It will have me remembering my time wandering around the UK :)

    BTW - I figured you would be too busy sight-seeing and, you know, enjoying your holiday to post so no apologies needed!


  14. Welcome back. Let's hear all about your wonderful vacation. :)

    Me? I just got back from my one week's vacation this last week too. I'm all relaxed and happy.


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