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Where in the World: Local Bookstore

There's a fun new monthly themed meme that started just yesterday by three super cool blogging people. Trish [Love Laugh Insanity], Lisa [Books Lists Life] and Kelly [The Written World] came up with the Where in the World Are You Reading? book meme that encourages readers to share the places they're reading around the world. Visit the links below for more details and follow the #wwread hash tag on twitter for more buzz!

For information about the meme, and how it got started, visit this Intro to Where in the World Are You Reading post.

For this month's link up and see where in the world other readers are reading at their local bookstores, visit Where in the World: Local Bookstore at Trish's blog.

July's theme is Local Bookstore and readers have until July 26th to link up their meme posts. Plenty of time for you to join in.

Confession number one: I don't really have a local bookstore. Not really. I have two Barnes & Noble Bookstores near me, each within 3-5 miles of my house in opposite directions, and I do shop there several times a year. I know I can walk in pretty much find what I'm looking for anytime, especially if it's a newer release or a popular book. Or any magazine under the sun! Yet, in my heart, I don't really consider B&N my local bookstore. It's not personal or intimate enough to be considered MY bookstore. When I hear the words "local bookstore" I think of a little shop that's welcoming and cozy, with friendly, knowledgeable staff, and I'd like to think the owners are locals, too. In other words, an independent bookstore, also known as Indie bookstore. Think 'The Shop Around the Corner' from the film You Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. What a charming bookstore! .. and movie. ;)

My local Indie bookstore
Confession number two: There is a indie bookstore about 1 mile from my house and I drive, ride my bike and sometimes even run past it several times a week. I've even been inside a handful of times while shopping downtown, but I've never bought anything. I feel pretty badly about this, too, because I wholeheartedly believe in supporting independent bookstores and local businesses whenever possible. So why isn't this bookstore my local bookstore? Because they don't shelve most of the books I'm looking to buy--romance and cookbooks [when the library doesn't get the ones I want to read]-- in their cute little store. Maybe I could find the latest Nora Roberts book there.. honestly, I haven't really gone in to see what's come in to the store in a long time. I think I'm due for a visit. And the next time I'm looking for a specific book, whether it be the hottest new romance or the hottest new cookbook, perhaps it's time I put my money where my mouth is, go Indie and order it through My Town Bookstore. :)

street view of my local Indie bookstore
a nice daily mantra :)
What's your local bookstore like?

Is it a major bookstore chain or an independent bookstore?

Next month's theme is Library and will be hosted by Kelly. Posts can be linked up starting on August 2nd at Kelly's blog.

Hope you join in.. I want to see where in the world YOU'RE reading!


  1. Well it's defintely a cute bookstore anyway! I haven't been to ours yet to take pictures, and honestly I've only been in it a handful of times since moving here, but I can't picture where in the store the romance novels are, leading me to think there aren't any. (Holy sentence, batman.) They do have a terrific kids and teens section though, for a little bitty store, which is all I've ever bought there. Thanks for joining us!

  2. That's too bad this bookstore doesn't really meet your need. I am all about supporting local and independent, too, but I tend to buy online...Bad me! Thanks for joining in!

  3. I totally understand your confessions Christine. When we had a Borders close to us I usually headed there with my 40% coupon. With my voracious appetite for new books I just can't help but try to buy them at a discount. I AM trying to be better about going to my local indie (which is probably quite a bit bigger than The Town Book Store), but it is expensive. :(

    It's very charming, though!! Maybe they have some nice little bookmarks? ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have found that if you start to have a bookstore order the books you want, pretty soon they'll see that their customers want a certain type of book and begin stocking them. Of course, as fast as the chains are disappearing, I'm not sure I feel bad about going there either!

  5. Sadly my town doesn't have a bookstore for grownups. We have a WONDERFUL children's store, The Frugal Frigate. It is so nice. I have a Goodwill bookstore down the street, does that count?

    Going to check out the blogs you suggested : )


  6. Nice post. Interestingly enough I've never had a "local bookstore".. Venezuelans don't read.. Chinese people don't read in English so that was a no-no, and in Mexico so far all the bookstores are big chains like B&N and I feel just like you about it not being personal enough. So I guess downloading ebooks is all I got.

  7. I don't have a local bookstore and...TBH if I do purchase a book I usually buy it online. The prices here are...very high. Then again I've always borrowed books from the's only lately I've been purchasing books - eBooks that is :)

  8. Thanks for all of your "Indie bookstore" comments!

    I think Lisa makes a good point. That if customers frequent these indie bookstores and ask them to order what they're interested in.. they'll start to be more proactive about stocking those items.

    Sometimes it's really hard to resist the lure of the discounts offered by online booksellers such as amazon. It's tough for me to spend $30 for a cookbook at a local bookstore when I can get it for $19 on amazon. I understand supporting local businesses, but I need to watch my money, too, you know? It's frustrating.

  9. I also prefer my sort-of local B&N over my local bookstore, just because their selection is SO much better. Sad, but true.

  10. It looks like a sooooooo cute bookstore! :)

    Here you can find my post :)



  11. What a cute store! It's also amazing that you have TWO Branes & Nobles so close. I purchase most of my books at B&N because it's more convenient to other stores I visit, but I love the indie/university bookstore 30 min in the other direction.

  12. Nice store, love the outside side! I wasnt able to get to do mine yet and missed the deadline, we're going Tuesday to do some touring and pictures so I'll just put it up late lol

  13. Thanks again for all of your nice comments on my "Indie Bookstore" post. I've been away on vacation and am home now trying to catch up! :)

  14. JoAnn It is pretty amazing that I have TWO Barnes & Noble stores in a four mile radius of my house, isn't it? They ARE awfully close to each other, even for suburban NJ standards. It makes this Indie Bookstore in my post even more of a gem since it is surviving smack in the middle of these two B&N!


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