Thursday, June 28, 2012

In Death Series Reading Challenge June 2012

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Did you read any In Death series books this month? 

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None from me this month.

I've had Strangers in Death on my nightstand for weeks now and just haven't felt like picking it up. I enjoy these books very much, but I find I have to be in the right mood to want to read them. Like most In Death readers, I've gotten this far in the series because of the characters. It's like catching up with a friend.. sometimes the time between visits is long, but once we get together it's like we never parted. I know once I decide to start reading Strangers in Death, I'll get pulled in to the story and enjoy it. And then wonder why I was pushing it off for so long.

What drives you to pick up the next book in this series? 


  1. Like you, it's all about my mood.
    Strangers was good -- but the next one, Salvation, is my favorite. I've read & re-read it. It's just completely encompassing, and oddly enough it's because of the story not the characters.

  2. I re read Celebrity in Death this month. Like you, it's the characters and the relationships between them--for the most part there are no continuity issues (or at least no major ones) so there is not a lot of hair pulling there, but after what? 36 or 37 stories (including the shorts in the yearly anthologies) there is some repetition in the crimes, which can annoy a bit.

    (Though I'm sure real cops face much more repetition than Eve--and with fewer perks)

  3. Gina .. I'm so glad you're still reading the series! I have to say that my absolute favorite books in this series are such because BOTH the character plot AND the crime plot are compelling in those particular books. I've heard others say Salvation is a really good one. That should be motivation for me to just read Strangers already darnit. lol!

    azteclady .. I can understand how repetition in the crimes can get dull and annoying after 36+ books.

  4. I enjoy these books very much, but I find I have to be in the right mood to want to read them.

    Definitely. I have Celebrity in Death to read at some point...I just need to back into reading library books *shocks*


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