Sunday, September 11, 2011

My First Triathlon

Today was the big day when after nearly a year of mental and physical preparations, I competed in my first ever sprint triathlon! I'm also super happy to report that it was such a great experience and I met my goal of completing the spring triathlon in 1:30:00. In fact, I beat my goal by a little over a minute! Hey--every second counts! ; )

Here is my time card from today's race that includes all my stats. Times for the swim, bike, run and transitions as well as rankings for each event, my age division and overall rank. I am especially proud of my bike time and rank....  55 out of 1600 racers!!! Woooo! omg how did I DO that?

I signed up for this triathlon back in October 2010 after being inspired and encouraged by my small group of workout friends at the gym. At that time, I had been biking for a little over two years and running for almost one year. I was not a swimmer. In fact, I only learned how to swim freestyle after taking lessons just this year in February. Seven months later--today!--I completed a sprint triathlon. I swam a 1/2 mile open water swim, ranked in the top 4% of the entire race in the cycling, and ran a competitive 10:17 minute mile pace for the 5K... finishing with a total race time of 1:28:44. My final rank is 367 out of 1600 athletes, which places me in the top 23% overall. Woooo!!!! I almost can't believe it! ... but I DID IT!!!!
My friend Marie and I
I and my gym friends--missing the one taking the picture. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read my training posts and always leaving such kind words of support and encouragement all those times I write all about ME. I appreciate your presence throughout my journey--sharing this journey on my blog has been such a great outlet for expressing my doubts, concerns, plans for improvement and for rejoicing in my accomplishments both big and small.

I hope you to find something new and challenging to do in your life like I have with this triathlon. If I can do it, so can you. It'll be a journey you'll never likely forget. : )


  1. Christine - congrats! What a fantastic time and ranking! You rock! And can I just say - you look amazing in the at photo!

    So...are you going to do another one? LOL!

  2. Congratulations! You Did It!

  3. Wonderful job, Christine! Many, many congratulations!

  4. Yay!!! I'm so proud to know you... That was a FANTASTIC job!

  5. Whoo Hooo! Congratulations, Christine! You did it and you did it beautifully. So proud of you!

    Big HUG!!

  6. orannia... Thank you so much! It feels like just yesterday I posted about making competing in a triathlon one of my goals and here I am having achieved it! What an amazing journey and so empowering.. I DID IT! I'm so happy. :)

    And yes... I'll most likely do this same one again next year. It's an all women event, close to where I live and benefits the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the National Association of Team Survivor. Plus I think I can shave some time off my swim and maybe even my run... ;)

    Maija!... Thank you!!

    Dru... Thank you!!

    Phyl... Thank you!!

    Mariana.. Thank you. I'm proud to know you, too. :)

    Hilcia... Thank you!! I'm proud of me, too! ;)

    Still feeling the "triathlon high".. wonder how long this will last. ;)

  7. So happy for you!! Not only did you complete it, but you kicked butt at it, too!

  8. WOW!
    congraturlations! I'm awe of you! I could never do half as much as you did (I was the second slowest runner in my gym class).


    You are made of awesoemsauce.

  9. Congrats - am thrilled for you!


  10. Congrats! You are so awesome!

  11. Awesome and amazing are the words that come to mind. You did great! And just like you to start thinking about next year already. :)

  12. Awesome. You did good, kid. :) 55? Out of 1600? So awesome.

  13. So happy for you! You Did GREAT! And WOW! WTG on the biking rank!
    So..... when's your next Tri? *g*

  14. Awesome, you did just awesome Christine!! and seriously, I'm not surprised you ranked so high on the bike!!

    and the greatest is you did it under your time!! Woohoo :) Really awesome! Congrats Christine!!

    So, ready to do another one?

  15. Lori.. Thank you! I'm still SO psyched about the race. Especially the bike. ;)

    Alex.. Thank you for the "awesomesauce!" YUM! :)
    You could do something like this, too. It's not about being fastest--although I will not lie. That does feel good. lol But honestly, doing a race like this for the first time is about deciding to try something new and challenging, setting your mind to it, sticking it out and then showing up! ; ) I saw quite a few women walking the 5K. And every single one was a winner!

    Li... Thank you! :)

    Linda... Thanks! :)

    Leslie... Thank you!
    I'm not the only one thinking about next year. One of my friends texted all of us on Monday asking who wanted to do another one with her in October! LOL!

    Janicu... Thanks! YES! 55 out of 1600! I am feeling pretty darned awesome about that! : )

    Brandy... Thank you for your confidence in me! :)
    I am thinking my next Tri will most likely be the Danskin one again next September. But I'm probably doing some 5K Runs throughout the year.

  16. Congrats on such an awesome accomplishment! I'm amazed and hopefully someday I will be able to do the same thing :)

  17. Thanks so much, samantha! I'm sure you could do a sprint tri like this one! Go for it! It was so much fun!! :)

  18. Late to the party, but congrats! you look triumphant and relieved!

  19. Thanks so much, Jessica! You are NOT at all late to the party... I am still reveling in my Tri-umpf. I mean triumph. ; )


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