Monday, September 12, 2011

First Day of School ... finally!

Another summer has flown by and it's time to go back to school. Today was finally the first day of school for my girls. They were originally scheduled to start last week, but due to the extensive damage to homes and schools in our community due to hurricane Irene, we had a delayed opening until today.

Here's this year's first day of school photo:

My youngest [pictured on the left] is now in 7th grade and my eldest [pictured on the right] is in 11th --a junior in high school! I can barely believe how grown up they are already.

This school year will be another busy one for us, just as it is for most families these days. My youngest is taking dance, continuing with girl scouts and maybe picking up art classes again, too. My eldest is on the high school volleyball team again this year and plans to join swim team in the winter season again, too. She's also doing a lot of photography for the school newspaper and yearbook, which she loves. When she's not studying, doing sports or photography--she's either asleep or with her boyfriend and or friends. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but only slight. She sometimes eats at home, too.

I usually like make some new "school year" resolutions for myself around now because it just feels like a good time for new beginnings. Except this August was such a whirlwind between vacation, the hurricane and the triathlon that I haven't even had the chance to think about it! I might just skip that tradition this year.

Here's wishing everyone in your world a great school year! : )

What's your favorite part of the 'back to school' time of year?

My favorite part is having all new school supplies--especially a plentiful stash of pens so I don't have to always hunt for one and for fun, a new box of colored pencils! :) 


  1. I love all the new school supplies too.
    I kind of love wandering through office depot and stores like that, looking at all the stuff they sell.

    Even though I'm done with school, I still treat myself to new notebooks and pens this time of the year. :) it just feels right!!

    best of luck to your girls with school :)

  2. I also remember fondly getting all those new supplies. New year, new stuff! Yay! I did hunt some new supplies this year (but not for myself), because my goddaughter started her school and I wanted to surprise her with something :)

  3. Your girls are gorgeous Christine - just like their mother & father :)

    Not at school any more, but I always liked the new beginning feel. The chance to start afresh and (hopefully) impress :)

  4. They are absolutely adorable!! Wow & growing so quickly!

    I love getting school supplies. Except for those things on the list that they NEED to have on the first day but never use... and those things that aren't listed but they always need ;) Yup, I'm tired & cranky this morning & I'll bet you're all perky & at the gym. something else I can't help but love about you!

  5. I can't believe how grown they are! It's just not right, Christine. We aren't old enough to have girls in high school. We just aren't.

  6. I hear you on busy. Whew! The school year started last week for us and until we have our routine down it's going to be rough.
    I love school supplies! I love when the kids shelves that hold their schoolwork looks all nice and neat. (That never lasts.)

    Best wishes for a good first week of school for your girls!

  7. Oh goodness, we are such geeks!! At least I know I am, lol! I love, love school supplies. Shopping for them, the smell, everything. I love the smell of pencils... is that TMI? *g*

  8. First, your daughters are gorgeous in that picture!! and your youngest is smiling!! Woohoo :)

    and wow does it sound like you're going to be busy!! :) At least, your eldest can drive now, right?

    I used to love, love, love shopping for school supplies. However, I have to say, it's just not the same anymore. I guess I'm used to some brands and now, they're discontinued :(

  9. Alex...
    Oh yes, wandering through office depot is fun! I almost bought myself a little memo pad when I took the girls for their supplies. But I stopped myself because I don't keep paper lists anymore! I'm all digital now. LOL

    So you are going to indulge your love of school supplies on your goddaughter's behalf! Fun!!

    aww, thank you for the lovely compliment. :)

    I like the new start feeling, too. More so than New Year's Day in January, to tell you the truth.

    I KNOW! They grow up WAY too quickly!

    Grrr!! I know what you mean about those ridiculously long supply lists from school. I don't follow them anymore and thankfully my girls don't pressure me to buy stuff from them that they won't use! They always have post-its and six different colored highlighters on their lists and they rarely ever use post-its and only use ONE color highlighter. And don't get me started on sending in boxes of tissues and disinfectant wipes. All those tax payer dollars and I have to send in that stuff? The next thing you know, the kids will have to carry their own roll of toilet paper to school! I'd better stop...

    Do NOT tell me TG is in high school already? It's so unfair how fast they grow up! I gotta catch up on the goings on with your kids on your blog... including the one you've got in the oven. <--I don't think I've ever used that expression before. It's not offensive, is it? hope not..

    I like having an abundance of pens and pencils around. But like your kids' shelves... it never lasts. LOL!

    Wishing you and your kids a great school year, too!

    LOL!!! We ARE such geeks! : )
    I love the smell of pencils too--especially when they are being sharpened. Then again, I like the smell of Elmer's glue, too... which yeah.. is probably illegal to sniff. But it wasn't when we were kids, right?

    and your youngest is smiling!!
    I know, right? I hope that's a sign of a good year for her.

    Eldest can't drive yet. Learner's permit at 16 [which we are finally getting next week], and license at 17... so next spring.

    What brands are discontinued?

  10. What a wonderful picture of your girls! You're right, they grow up so fast. I can't believe my oldest is a senior!

    I love shopping for school supplies after school starts - that's when you get all the great deals. I stock up and have drawers full of supplies that the kids can get into throughout the year. :)

  11. LOL, that's the first thing I notice, that she was smiling ;)

    Oh, a kind of glue stick that I like... and just paper in general, Hilroy. I think they're changing their packaging, but it doesn't look as good quality... and small stuff like that LOL.

  12. Thanks, Leslie! I love this picture of my girls, too! Especially since youngest is smiling--she rarely does that in photos. But I have to say she's acquired a bit more self-confidence for this school year. I think it came from Europe! We had to do an emergency clothing purchase for some warmer clothes since it was so cold in Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin. So we zipped through an H&M store and bought new jeans and jackets. I think then she saw pictures of herself wearing these new clothes, sunglasses and a café au lait in her hand and she liked what she saw and poof! Confidence! I'll take it!!!

    nath... Oh yeah... I can be picky about glue sticks, too. Some are really crappy and others are great.

    Michelle... Thanks! :D


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