Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Experience... The End

My daughters and I went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie last night this morning at 12:01 am on July 15, 2011, opening night for the very last Harry Potter film ever. It was a really fun and special way to close the chapter on the Harry Potter experience with my daughters, which began for all of us almost exactly nine years ago when I started reading the first book out loud to them one summer night when they were 7 and 3 years old [now 16 and 12]. At the time, my youngest would fall asleep within the first several pages, but she made up for that by reading and rereading all of the books several times each over the years.

The theater was packed with muggles, a few of whom were impersonating wizards with their attire The theater was full of excitement as the audience sat waiting to witness the film version of how it all ends. When the lights were dimmed and the projector started rolling, I admit feeling a bit impatient with the reel of movie previews, which is typically a part of the movie going experience I really enjoy. I was not alone in my impatience for the movie to start, which I know for a fact because after the third preview an audience member shouted out, "Accio, movie!" Haha! 

The movie was very well done but of course, the book is so much better. More detail, more action, more character development, more emotion, more depth, more plot... just more. So if you've only seen the movies and never read the books? ... it's never too late to capture the magic of the Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling. Start at the beginning with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 

My daughter came across this video the other day in which actors from the Harry Potter movies were asked to describe their Harry Potter experience in one word.

Harry Potter Experience... In One Word [HD]

I think "legendary" [James or Oliver Phelps] and "magical" [Emma Watson] are the most fitting.

How would you describe your Harry Potter Experience in one word? 


Have fun if you'll be seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 sometime soon! Or if you already did... hope you liked it. :)


  1. I don't think I've seen a HP movie since #5. It was a little bit of a let down for me. I then read all the books and just haven't bothered with the movies. The books are SO much better. I'll probably have to see this one though it will be when it's a rental :(

  2. I seen it yesterday afternoon and loved it. One word....


  3. I went on the 14th! and it was AWESOME!
    I laughed and got teary eyed and all. I think even my mom liked it (at least she didn't fall asleep and that's a seal of quality coming from my mom who snoozed though Men in Black and Jurassic Park - LOL)

    And it's so cool you could go with your daughters.

    I went with my mom to almost all of the movies, :)

  4. Am a bit behind on the movies - I'm part way through the sixth one so I will probably end up watching this on video. I know how I felt when watching the Start Wars movie, so I bet the anticipation was overwhelming!

    Loved the video!

  5. I went to see it on Thursday and I teared up a few times. It was really good. But yep not as good as the book.
    I've always thought the movies were a good companion to the books. But not enough alone.

    That video makes me all emotional.

    It is Memorable, legendary and magical indeed.
    I guess my one word would be 'Instructive' ;) since it's the first books in english that I read.
    I really learned to read in english with these books. I also learned to understand spoken english by watching a hundred times the first 2 dvds (at that time my ONLY dvds).

    Damn I'm so sad that it's over *teary eyes*

  6. I missed the entire HP experience and I am certain I live under a rock. I just never got around to picking it up and I'm not a huge movie goer. I wish, wish, wish I and my children would have done it though. It sounds like it has been a great bonding thing for you and your children.

  7. It's a great experience you had there, Christine ;)

  8. I'm going today!!! I've only read through book 5, well, half way through book 5. So i Do NOT know how it ends. I'm super exicted!

  9. Daughter has read all the books and wants to see the movie. We're just trying to figure out a time.

  10. That's great that you and your girls have created so many wonderful memories through the books and the movies.

    We haven't seen it yet. We're waiting a couple of weeks until the crowds lessen. I think middle is the only one who wants to go. The teen prefers the books and youngest has no interest. LOL

  11. I loved this movie and was so sad to see it end. But I'm seriously considering going again...:) I'm going to miss Harry Potter and his world. Time for a reread of the books!

  12. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie and had fun with all of those muggles. I have not been able to watch the last movie yet but I'm hoping to see it soon...I wanted to wait until the crowds thined out and of course I just havne't had a lot of spare time in my hands.

    With that being said I think I can still decide what to one word would describ my Harry Potter Experience since it started back in middle school with the books and will be "ending" soon when I watch the final movie...


    I never would have guessed when I picked up that first book and waited with everyone else in between books being released that the books would have become movies. Then I never would have guessed that the movies would be as amazing as they have turned out. The books were very well written and even thought it took JK Rowling YEARS to finish the books she still tied in details from the very first book with the very last book that made complete and utter sense. The movies were excellent with following the books (even though they had to leave out a lot for time's sake) and the special effects really brought out everyones imagination they had while readin the books. It was a STUNNING experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

  13. Christina...
    As the series progressed, the books were obviously longer and full of more detail and goings on.. unfortunately making it harder for movie makers to truly capture the reading experience on film. I think The Half Blood Prince movie was the most disappointing. The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2 were better... but still not the as good as the books, of course!

    Anna... "bewitching"! Perfect!

    Alex... Don't you mean July 15th just after midnight? As in one minute after 11:59 pm on July 14th? In any case, wasn't it exciting? Glad mom stayed awake for this one. ;)

    orannia... Ooo! I didn't realize you weren't caught up with HP! Is it your Big Book Challenge this year?

    pattepoilue... wow, how awesome is it that the HP books were "instructive" to you learning to read in English and spoken English from the videos! You've come a long way!!! :)

    It is sad that it's over. It felt like we were always waiting for that next book or movie...

    BookBelle... You're not alone. There are a lot of people who never got into the HP scene. :)

    nath... it was fun. Although not so much the next day being all sleep deprived.. lol

    Michelle.. NOW YOU KNOW!!!!

    Brandy... did you guys go see it yet?

    Leslie... My girls and I certainly have a lot of HP memories from the books and movies. It's nice to know we'll always share that.

    samantha... I would see it again, too... but not at $10 per person. I'll wait to watch it a second time on DVD. ;)

    Deanna said:
    "[...] my Harry Potter Experience since it started back in middle school with the books"

    Middle school?!? oh dear Lord, I am old...

    Your comment is so sentimental. "stunning", indeed. :)


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