Sunday, July 31, 2011

In Death Reading Challenge: July 2011

Interested in joining the Challenge? Anyone is welcome to join in at any time of the year at wherever in the series you currently are. See the sign up post HERE
and join the fun!

Link up any In Death posts you made this month here. If you made a post on your blog whether it be a review or commentary, please grab the link to your post and enter in the Mr. Linky below along with your name so we can find each other's latest In Death posts easily.

If you're just keeping a running list of the books as you read them, grab the link to your list post and enter in the Mr. Linky so we can recognize your success this month.

If you're reading or rereading without documenting it on your blog, let me know in the comments which book(s) you read in this month. This will also help me keep track of who's eligible for the challenge giveaway this month!

REMINDER: In order to be eligible for the challenge giveaway in August 2011, you must have read four In Death books between April 1, 2011 and August 31, 2011 and have documented that you have either on your own blog, on goodreads [please leave a link to your profile if we're not already friends there] or you can let us know what you read here in the comments of the monthly In Death Reading Challenge posts. 

PLEASE NOTE: I wanted to make sure I got July's challenge post up in July, but I can't stay awake a moment longer, so I will come back and edit this post tomorrow to include a mini review of the book I read this month and a series discussion question. Please come back! 

Divided In Death 
Book 19

To be posted tomorrow morning..


To be posted tomorrow morning.. 


  1. Hi Christine! I am finally back after an (almost) 3-month hiatus. I just really needed a break from blogging & reviewing. I have missed everyone and look forward to chatting with you soon....

    Julie :)

  2. This post has reminded me I need to get on and read the next In Death book :) You're catching up!

  3. I am SOOO going to catch up this month!! I think...

  4. LOL, well mission accomplished :) It did go up in July!! :)

  5. Good luck with this challenge. :P I have never read these books but I know a lot of people love them.


  6. I am still loving Robb. What can I say, it's the only author I constantly adore ;-)

    I am currently almost done with the series actually, sorry if I didn't follow the 1 In death per month challenge. I just couldn't stop myself. Yes, that's how much loyal I became for Robb.

    I'm about halfway through Indulgence in Death.

    But no worries, I plan to reread them all from Naked after I finishe the series this month.

  7. Sorry I still haven't come back to post my little mini review of DIVIDED IN DEATH or post a series discussion. No lazy summer days around here, that's for sure! Will try to get back to this. 'Try' is the operative word...

    JULIE !!! SO good to hear from you! I hope you enjoyed your blogging hiatus. It's good to take a break now and then, especially if keeping up with your blog starts to feel like work, you know? Anyway, so good to have you back! :)

    Natalie, I can't believe you're almost done with the series and plan to re-read!!! I have re-read NAKED IN DEATH a few times already. The first one always has a special place in your heart, right?

    I already read the first chapter of VISIONS IN DEATH! yay! :)

  8. My Kindle has totally bewitched me and I've basically read only Kindle e-books this summer. So my In Death paperbacks have stayed in the bookshelf :/ Perhaps next month I'll finish one...


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