Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fitness Challenge Report Card: June 2011

Interested in joining the Fitness Challenge? Please visit the Sign Up post for more information, including the challenge rules. You may leave a comment there or on this post if you'd like to join. Be sure to include your fitness miles goal in your comment.

This month's fitness challenge post is going to be a brief one. I'm posting this late at night, I'm too tired to think creatively and my Friday outdoor bootcamp fitness class starts in five hours! Yikes!

So how did everyone do with their fitness challenge miles* this month?

*ONE fitness challenge miles = 1 mile walked or run for fitness OR = 15 minute increments of other exercise for fitness such as cardiovascular or strength training exercises.

I don't remember if I set my goal for 100 or 115 fitness miles for June, but in any case, I ended the month at 109.3 fitness miles as of today. I'm happy with that. :)

I did my usual fitness classes of spin, strength training, kickbox, bootcamp, as well as swimming laps and a short run or two. I was also able to go to Zumba twice this month for the first time in ages, thanks to my teenage daughter who is out of school now until September and therefore able to "babysit" her grandfather for me in the morning so I could get to the gym for 9 am Zumba class on Tuesdays. Yay! I love Zumba.  : )

If you want to see what I did to keep moving all month long, you can see my June Workout Log.

How did you do with your fitness challenge goal for June?

What kinds of activities did you do to keep moving this month?

Thanks for playing along in the monthly fitness challenge!

: )


  1. I don't remember my goal for June, but have a feeling I may have bi-passed it since we've started back swimming for the summer added to all my regular exercises. I have 135 fitness challenge miles, counting June 30th-tonight-I'm up late. And my activities were: swimming, Zumba-LOVE that class, Cardio Agility, stationary bike, walking, etc.
    I'm so glad you're keeping the Fitness challenge. I need the accountability. *g*

    Hope you have a fabulous Friday! (And 4th of July Weekend!)

  2. This past month I joined the local fitness center. Right now I'm just going Mondays and Fridays, but I'm really liking it. :)

  3. Hi Brandy! :)
    Check you out! You were WONDER WOMAN last month! Adding swimming to my workout routine has boosted my achievements as well. I'm now swimming 20-30 minutes after an hour fitness class (usually spin). A year ago I never thought I'd do back to back like that--especially swimming laps?!! I SO wish we could take Zumba together!

    I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend, too!! xo

    Anna, GOOD FOR YOU! Hey... two days a week is better than none, right? Just keep up the routine and then add another day every couple of weeks. I'm so proud of you! xo

  4. Well Christine you have 1 vote for Harper and one for Sookie, so whichever you decide that you want to read the most will be fine :)

    Tomes Devotee


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