Friday, June 17, 2011

Another Tri

I got persuaded by my workout buddies to do another triathlon. So in addition to the one I'm signed up to do in September, I'm also now signed up to do one on July 17.

As in ONE MONTH AWAY! *gulp*

The July Tri is also a sprint event and in fact, a shorter course, notably in the swimming event. The swim is only 300 yards, or about 12 lengths laps of an olympic sized pool, the bike portion is 10.6 miles on a flat course, followed by a 3 mile run.

Of course, I'm anxious about it, but also kind of charged about meeting the challenge. I can do this! :)

First things first, though ... what to wear?? ;)


  1. WOO-HOO! You can do it! As for what to wear, is there someone you can ask? Or maybe your local running store would know?
    You're going to do great!

  2. Wow! I'm in awe of you.
    I can barely run - honest, I was the second slowest runner of my prep school- and I can't imagine doing something like a triathlon.

    Best of luck for you

  3. LOL, Christine, I've never seen anyone who loves challenges as much as you :) Go for it, it's going to be a good test run :)

    As for what to wear? Does it really matter? LOL. But if you want, we can go on a shopping trip for it LOL.

  4. You can SO do it! All the best with the training and I'll be there (in spirit) on race day cheering you on :)

  5. Good luck! It's so awesome you're doing so many of these exciting events. :D Get's me all motivated to exercise.

  6. Thanks, Michelle!

    Brandy, I have a few friends who have done Tri events, so I have been polling them, trying to figure out what will work for me without costing a lot of money. I do think I'll need to at least get a pair of Tri shorts... they dry quickly and have a bit of cushioning for the bike. But I don't necessarily need that for this short, flat distance. I have to think about this some more..

    Alex, thanks! I'm not a very fast runner, either, although I have improved a little. The running is at the end.. ugh. I'll be dragging.

    nath, I never used to be like this! I don't know what it is with me and challenges these days. It only matters what to wear because you don't really change... so if you wear a swim suit for the swim... you wear it for the bike and run, too. So most women wear something like bike shorts with a sports tank that both dry fast.

    orannia, thank you! I can't wait to tell you all about it.

    little_alys, thank you! Hopefully it'll be a ton of fun and I can convince you to do some races. Maybe start out with a 5k run or something.

    Natalie, thanks for the confidence! :)

  7. How does this happen? I can't picture ever being talked into a triathlon....

    Wishing you the best!

    You're wearing the bathing suit and your shortest shorts :D Showing off that working out bod!

  8. You can totally do it! You go girl!


  9. "How does this happen? I can't picture ever being talked into a triathlon...."

    Mariana, well it sure does sound REALLY crazy when YOU say it that way... LOL! I guess this is what happens when my social life revolves around the gym and working out.

    ZEE!!! How are YOU? It's SO good to see your name pop up. You've been missed! Thanks for the cheers. xo

  10. Ohhhhh. Or perhaps a swimsuit with some shorts?


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