Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tied Up and Naked

I'm talking about the recent state of our Christmas tree!!!
Ha ha, gotcha! ;)
What exactly is the cat looking for up there in the tree?

LoOk! I spy a present under the tree already! 
And it's for me! :)

The tree is no longer tied up, but still naked. We'll decorate it together tomorrow night.

As far as other Christmas preparations go, I have yet to start my shopping, although I do have two online shopping carts ready for check out and I've organized the remainder of my list by stores to streamline my store hopping once I finally get out there. I also have a few gifts I'm making, but I need to hit the craft store for some packaging type items. Hopefully I'll be able finish all my shopping in just one or two outings. Then all I need to do is wrap the gifts, get our Christmas cards mailed and then I'll have all next week to bake cookies!

It's only ten days until Christmas, but we're getting there.

How are your Christmas preparations coming along?

Is it starting to feel a bit like Christmas to you? I hope so.  :)


  1. Even tied up and naked, it's beautiful! Can't wait to see the final pictures.

  2. Your title cracks me up! As for your kitty, if yours are anything like mine they're looking to make sure there are big branches they can play hide and seek under. *g*

    We're done with Christmas shopping, thank goodness. We had to really scale back this year and I'm hoping the kids will still be happy. Although it just doesn't feel like Christmas this year, either.

    I hope y'all have a blast decorating your tree!

  3. It's a beautiful tree! Mine's all done - since black friday. I just love to sit and read while basking in the glow of the twinkle lights

  4. I love the title! And you cat looks like it is up to no good. My dog is the same way! Lol. My Christmas prep is way behind schedule. No presents have been purchased and the tree only has lights on it, no other decor. Must enlist the help of my mama to complete such a task!

  5. We're getting our tree tonight (finally got all the Hanukkah stuff put away, and the Christmas stff up) and will decorate it tonight, too.

    Shopping is all done, and we just need to wrap. Oh, and get the gifts to mail out the door. Must. Do. That.

    Love the cat under the tree. I miss our cat, who pulled a Christmas Vacation one year and got her claws stuck in the lighting wire. Haha! But as soon as the stockings came out, the dog started sniffing hers. She knows that she gets treats in there every Christmas, LOL.

  6. That's a nice tree. Have fun with the tree trimming :) I was too lazy this year and bought 2 table top trees, they're teeny tiny; maybe about 2 feet each; minimum decorations, but still nice. Lili was excited so my job was done :)

    I'm not really feeling the spirit, but I'm a good faker for the kids. I was feeling myself getting a bit crazy about the gifts, but then I had the kids over for the weekend... and they cured me of that! So bratty :(

    No cards, I've given up on sending those.

  7. Where did time go?!? It's hard to believe we're already mid-December!

    I don't know what we're doing for Christmas as a family. However, I'm itching to go shopping, just to spend money ^_^;

    Oh and I have a gift exchange with some friends as usual... but it seems that it'll be easy to buy the present :)

    You're going to post a picture of your tree when it'll no longer be naked, right? Right? :P

  8. I have not bought ONE gift! I am not mailing cards. I do have the tree up. I did make miss bits a stocking last night. That's it.

  9. Thank you all for sharing what you've all been up to getting into the Christmas mode. I'm going to be out shopping today for the first time this season. Oops. Obviously, I'm exercising my procrastination skills because it's already after 10 am and I'm still not out there.

    I hope all of you are getting your preparations done and having a whole lot of fun doing it! Hugs! :)


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