Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Wheels!

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've been off on too many adventures. I haven't even picked up a book in five days, which is totally crazy.

One of my recent adventures was getting me some new wheels and I'm so excited about it, so I just had to share. We tend to keep our cars for a long time--I drove my minivan for the last 11 years! --so this is big news!
My Toyota Prius! :) 
I have officially retired from my minivan-mom days {Hallelujah!} and am now driving a fun and stylish, fully loaded Toyota Prius! It's a hybrid, so I'm saying hello to burning less fossil fuel and an economical gas mileage! I've only had the car since Saturday night, and so far I'm getting more than double the gas mileage I was averaging with my minivan. Plus it has a ton of safety features and it's fun to drive! :)

Now I just need to sit in the driveway for an hour or two with the owner's manual and figure out how to use all the fancy audio and navigation toys. Um. Tools.

Here's to many safe and happy miles on the road! 

I had a really fun adventure yesterday involving a trip into NYC with my teen that I'll share soon. I promise it's way more interesting than this one.

Do people even say wheels anymore??


  1. Congratulations!!! Happy driving :)

    Just last weekend I thought it would be nice to read that manual that came with our car. I had to check something from it and ended up reading a few other stuff thinking "our car can do that!?". So I really should read it and discover all it can offer...

    Btw, we are drowning in snow. It's some sort of miracle that here in the south we are having more snow than the people living in north. The amount of snow is actually a new record here in Helsinki. Roads are awful to drive, people drive really slowly so they would stay on road, there's no place to park (because parking spaces are swamped with snow and if you happened to go to one, you would get stuck - thank god we have a parking garage). Here's a few photos:



  2. How nice! I'm so very happy for you! I Hope everyone fits... it's quite a move from a minivan!!

  3. Yay for you! I know you wanted to get rid of the mini van :) It's gorgeous! Congrats to you and the family... be safe! And no more driving other kids around... woohoo!

  4. Wheeeee!! Yay for you!

    I'm also looking at the Prius, since we'll likely give Jeff my car to drive (*gasp*). You'll have to post in a few months if you still love it as much.

  5. Very pretty! For driving a mini-van for 11 years you SO deserve a new toy. *g* Have fun with your new "wheels"!

  6. Congrats Christine!! LOL, your daughter seems quite happy in the picture :)

    The cool thing with a regular car as opposed to a van is that you won't have to play chauffeur for too many kids LOL.

  7. Thanks, Dru! :)
    And thanks again for meeting me on Monday evening! I had fun taking in the sights with you. ... still dreaming of that Tiffany Diamond.

    Maija! Oh my goodness, that's a lot of snow!!! Parking is a HUGE problem in cities after snowstorms. Even in the suburbs it can cause problems near schools and stores and such. Be careful and keep warm!

    I discovered there is a separate owner's manual JUST for the navigation and bluetooth system for my car! But it's all so cool. The system is even voice activated so I can talk on the phone completely hands free. There's a little microphone on the dashboard near the steering wheel and the sound comes to me via the stereo speakers. And when I disconnect the phone call... if I was listening to music before the phone call came in, my music comes back on automatically! I think I might just hang out in my driveway more often! LOL!

    Thanks, Gina! It is a transition.. the four of us fit just fine in the car and really, we don't go on trips as a family of five with my elderly father-in-law anymore. At least not more than 20 minutes away, so it should be okay.

    Mariana, Thanks! I hope to show it off to you soon. We never went back for the Red Velvet Cheesecake. Now I'm wondering what other divinity they are serving for the Christmas season...

    Thanks, Lori! Maria is already eyeing this Prius as her possible hand me down in two years! LOL! Does Jeff have his driving permit already? Maria's twin BFFs just got theirs a few weeks ago... Maria will get hers next spring. I cannot believe it.

    I'll be sure to let you know how I like it a few months from now. I hope I do. :)

    Brandy, thank you! The minivan served us well for many years. Lugging family, friends, girl scouts, big things, camping gear, bicycles, skis, furniture, you name it. But I was definitely ready to downsize.

    Hi nath! I have been thinking of you! Am coming over to your place to catch up today. :)

    My daughter is quite happy with my new car. Everyone in town--okay not everyone, but a lot of her peers--knew our minivan by sight. I think she's happy to have a little anonymity again.

    I have to admit I'm pretty relieved that I'm no longer a candidate for chauffeuring everyone else's kids around anymore. I have probably given hundreds of rides over the years, often filled to capacity. LOL.

  8. Hey Michelle!
    Vrrooom! Vrooom! =)

  9. Oh FUN!!! OMG what a cute car!!!!!!

    Have fun and be safe in it!

  10. Yes, people still say wheels ;P

  11. Thanks, Sarai! It's so much fun to drive!!! :)

    nath, thanks for letting me know! I didn't want to sound too outdated. LOL!

  12. Oh wow, love the new wheels!

  13. OMG, I missed this! Congratulations Christine! Enjoy your new ride! Yay!


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