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REVIEW: The Taming of Mei Lin by Jeannie Lin

Once you've gotten over the shock that I've actually written a book review, sit up straight and pay attention, because you're going to want to take note of this one.

The romance book blogging world has been all a buzz lately over the Asian historical romance novel Butterfly Swords by debut author Jeannie Lin from Harlequin that releases today. It's not very often that a Harlequin Historical gets this much pre-release attention, but I assure you, it's all well deserved. I'm more than halfway through reading Butterfly Swords right now and I am loving it for several reasons that I plan to share in an upcoming review, but for now, I want to give a little bit of attention to the short story ebook, The Taming of Mei Lin by Jeannie Lin that has been available since September 1, 2010.

Don't let the clothing of the models on the cover of The Taming of Mei Lin fool you. It's not historically accurate as the story takes place in 720 AD China during the Tang Dynasty, which consequently is about forty years prior to Jeannie Lin's current full length novel, Butterfly Swords. The Taming of Mei Lin is not exactly a prequel, but it is connected in that it tells the love story of the ancestors of the family in Butterfly Swords. I encourage you to download and read The Taming of Mei Lin because it is a romantic and fierce little story that you will love, and because I think it's the perfect little sample of Jeannie Lin's work that will make you want to read Butterfly Swords right afterwards!

Butterfly Swords
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The Taming of Mei Lin is the fierce little story of the young and beautiful Wu Mei Lin, who having been orphaned as a child has been raised by her Aunt and Uncle, and minds her uncle's noodle stand in their village. At one time, Mei Lin caught the eye of a local magistrate who proposed to make Mei Lin is third wife. Disgusted by such a proposal, the headstrong Mei Lin declared she would only marry the man who could best her in a sword fight. Since then, men have come and gone, none of them able to defeat the mad, yet beautiful young woman with the butterfly swords, which quit frankly leaves Mei Lin at a loss. Until a mysterious swordsman walks into the village, a man who unnerves Mei Lin before swords are even raised.

I can't reveal anything else about the story because so much happens in so few pages that I don't want to spoil anything. What I can tell you is that in the span of five short chapters, author Jeannie Lin pens a sweet and dramatic love story full that is just as romantic as it is exciting. Mei Lin is a bundle of strength, energy and determination and yet behind her swords, she's also feminine, innocent and waiting for ... something. Something she doesn't quite understand that stirs within her when she meets the eyes of this honorable stranger.

I adored The Taming of Mei Lin. This short story is the perfect sampling of all that I love about romance. A strong, almost defiant female who, while she can hold her own, discovers a sort of personal contentment and fulfillment when she finally meets the man who complements her intelligence, skill, and passion. The historical setting is unique and the story is fun, exciting, and very sweet. Layered with sword fights, emotional tension, a sweet and sensual romance and of course, a happily ever after.

I haven't given a grade in a book review in a long time, let alone written a book review, but I loved this one so much...


Go ahead and download The Taming of Mei Lin by Jeannie Lin today. You could read it in its entirety during your lunch hour. It will make you smile and sigh and remind you why you love romance. Be prepared to want more. Lucky for you, you don't have to wait long because Butterfly Swords officially releases Friday, October 1, 2010! You may even be able to get a hold of it now!

Visit author Jeannie Lin at http://jeannielin.com/.

The Taming of Mei Lin is available now from Harlequin Historical Undone through most ebook sellers.

I purchased my copy through iTunes using the iBooks app on my iPhone.

Butterfly Swords, releases Friday, October 1, from Harlequin Historical in both paper and ebook formats.

For a short video on Butterfly Sword defense, watch this YouTube video.


  1. I don't normally read Historicals anymore, but this one sounds tempting...... Great review!

  2. Oh thanks for sharing Christine. This sounds like a unique and extremely well told story.

    I love when you do write a review because it's always special.

    I'll have to look up Ms. Lin's work.

    I hope you are well.


  3. You're making this hard to resist! Love the setting & can't wait to read your review of Butterfly Swords.

  4. Oh, great review! It reminds me of a radio story I used to listen to when I was young - Diana and the Golden Apples.

  5. Okay, sold! A review and a grade from you... it sounds too good to pass up. Love the historical setting and the length sounds ideal to give this story a try -- plus it's a great way to see if I'll want to get Butterfly Sword. Thanks Christine.

  6. Hi Christine :) great review and sounds like you absolutely enjoyed The Taming of Mei Lin. There's been a lot of promotion for Jeanine Lin and while I'm tempted... I have to say, what prevents me from adding it to my TBB list is that it's written in English ^_^; I spent my youth reading kung fu story in vietnamese... and I know very well that translating the language, well it comes off of :( So yeah, that's what holding me up.

  7. I am very interested! I may just buy it.

  8. Brandy... This one is really sweet. I think you'd like it because it has sword fighting! Kind of martial arts like..

    Lea.. Aww, thanks! I know historicals aren't really your thing, but this one is really cute.

    Leslie... I just posted my review of Butterfly Swords. I REALLY enjoyed it. The setting is great.. love the sword fighting. LOL.

    orannia... that is so cool that you listened to radio stories as a young girl. I take it Diana wielded a sword?

    Hilcia... I think you'd like this one and Butterfly Swords. I hope you give them both a try! ^_^

    nath... I can understand your reluctance to read this series based on your love of those wuxia books, but I do think this is different. Ms. Lin's series is historical romance at its core even though there are kung fu elements to it. I suggest you visit her website and poke around, read some excerpts. You might find yourself less reluctant!

    Janicu ... DO IT!!! I think you'd really enjoy this series. Let me know if you do. : )


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