Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Library Loot XVI

Not to sound like a broken record, but I can't believe it's been a week again since my last post! I have a list of things I want to blog about: an exercise update, a couple of recipes, my first gardening post, a few book reviews, a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, and a really funny blogger with a YouTube channel whom I want to introduce you to. All coming up over the next week. If everything goes according to plan. :)

In the meantime, here's this week's library loot:

Library Loot is a weekly blog event that encourages bloggers to share what books they borrowed from the library that week. To participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog and link it using the Mr. Linky link at Marg's blog Reading Adventures or Eva's blog A Striped Armchair. This week's link up is at Eva's.

This week, I only borrowed one new book from the library, but it's one that I wanted so dearly and waited for ever so patiently on the hold list at another town's library. Residents have holds list priority in that town, so if a resident came along and wanted to borrow the book before it was my turn, they'd bump my turn down and squeeze in the spot before me, even though I was on the list first. It makes sense since their taxes paid for that library book, not mine, but it's difficult to be so understanding when you're waiting for the latest release from one of your most beloved series!

Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs

This is the fifth installment in the urban fantasy Mercy Thompson series by author Patricia Briggs. I've been reading some very positive, if not stellar reviews for Silver Borne around the book blogging world. Now it's my turn to enjoy and savor the story for myself. :)


  1. Hi you! Just popping over to say hi! The kid and I are having lunch and I'm trying to catch up on blogging!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    Take care,

  2. I'd seen the title Moon Called on a couple of blogs recently but didn't realize what it was. Just checked out the series on Amazon and it looks like a lot of people really like it. My library stocks them so I think I'll check out the first one! Thanks for stopping by Let Them Read Books today! I'm making my sister read Hunger Games now!

  3. yay romance library loot! marg reads romance too, but i don't see a lot of it on most library loot posts.

    and it's always interesting to hear how other libraries work, for example mine won't let you put a hold on an "paperback popular fiction" which is what i mostly read! anything shelved in regular fiction and/or hardcover is fine to put on holds. i dont think we have a prioritization system by town though...

    enjoy your loot!

  4. Oh so exited for this review :)

  5. Looking forward to your other posts soon! *G* The library has been very good to me lately, for which I am grateful. Glad to see yours has been nice to you, too!
    Hope you're having a pleasing week!

  6. Ohhh, Silver Borne. I don't think it's arrived at my library yet...but I wasn't quick off the mark so I'm kind of down the list a bit. I think I need to start unfreezing some library holds - I still haven't read Shalador's Lady (Anne Bishop) and Lover Mine (JR Ward) is about to be released! So many pretties! *happy dance*

    Oh, and some great blog posts to look forward too :)

  7. If you only get one book that's a really good one to get! Here's to some quiet time with Mercy. :)

  8. Nothing like the feeling of finally getting that book on hold in your hands. Hope you enjoy it!

  9. That sounds like a great list of upcoming blog topics -- varied and rich. Looking forward to reading them!

  10. I haven't read the Mercy books yet. Hope you're enjoying a good read and the lovely Spring weather. :D

  11. Wow they got Briggs, what a great library. happy reading :D
    I haev only read book 1 but I absolutely loved it and bought book 2 and 3, now I just haev to read them too

  12. Mich: Hello friend. Hope you and the boy are well! Thanks for stopping by. *hugs*

    Lady Q: Oh I hope you like Moon Called when you get around to borrowing it from the library. And high five for making your sister read Hunger Games!

    Lusty Reader: You're right, Marg reads romance and so does Linda. Some of the book bloggers who do Library Loot have such sophisticated books on their lists, so I got extra excited when I clicked to your blog and it was very clearly romancey.

    Caitlin: Review? Did I say anything about a review?? LOLOL! I should... I just haven't been in review mode for a while. I want to be... I just have trouble making myself do it sometimes.

    Brandy: Your library HAS been good to you lately. *knock on wood* I hope it stays that way! :)

    orannia: Ahh... another Mercy fan who hasn't devoured Silver Borne yet. I am still finishing Conspiracy In Death ... it's very good.. I've just been falling asleep SO much earlier than usual lately and so my reading is slow.

    Leslie: I can't wait to start reading Silver Borne. I loved your review of it.

    Cat: It felt VERY good to get this book!

    Bybee: Thank you so much for stopping by and expressing interest in my blog! :D

    Hilcia: What?! You haven't read the Mercy books yet? How did we not discuss this when we met a few weeks ago??? We will next time. :)

    Hope you're enjoying these gorgeous spring days, too!

    Blodeuedd: So good to hear you've read and loved the first Mercy book. They keep getting better and better, too! Enjoy!

  13. Ohhhh, so, who are you liking it? :) Can't wait to read your thoughts :D

  14. I hope it lives up to your expectations! :)


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