Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Library Loot XIV

I told you this week is my own personal 'List Mania' week on The happily ever after!

Today's list is the list of books I have out from my library this week. This doesn't count the ones that I already had out from my last library visit that I haven't yet read. I have to say, there's a lot of library books floating around here lately.

Library Loot is a weekly blog event that encourages bloggers to share what books they borrowed from the library that week. To participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog and link it using the Mr. Linky link at Marg's blog Reading Adventures or Eva's blog A Striped Armchair. This week's link up is at Eva's.

In fiction:

High Five by Janet Evanovich
I'm moving along with the Stephanie Plum series, but I honestly don't know if I have it in me to keep going to the end, which right now is book fifteen, I think. I'm still deciding.

Gods in Alabama by Joshlyn Jackson
When I met up with fellow book blogger Hilcia a couple of weekends ago, she in the midst of rereading it and shared how much she enjoys this novel. She even recited the first line to us as it's one of her favorite first lines of a book:

My curiosity was piqued and sure enough once Hilcia posted her review of the book this week, I went to the library and checked it out.

Beastly by Alex Finn
This book comes recommended from one of my favorite book pimps, Angie of Angieville. She recently posted a trailer for the book to movie adaptation of the book, so I decided to read this one sooner than later.

Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary
My 11 year old has read most of the Ramona books over the last couple of years and after seeing the adorable trailer for the upcoming movie titled Ramona and Beezus due out in theaters this summer, we decided to borrow the book from the library and read it together. Although I think the movie will have components from all of the Ramona books, not just the one we're reading. Anyway, we're reading this book aloud every couple of nights at bedtime. We're not doing it every night because the weirdest thing happens to me when I read aloud these days. I start yawning right in the middle of sentences, at least once every page! Then I get all sleepy and can't hold my head up any longer. Maybe I need to do some breathing exercises before our next reading time.

In nonfiction:

Digital SLR Cameras and Photography for Dummies, 3rd edition, by David D. Busch
I've been using a Canon Rebel XT for the last year and a half or so and have gotten so much better at photography during that time. Partly due to my husband's photography and camera tutorials and partly due to plain old experience. Practice, experiment, practice, consult husband, practice, practice, practice! And then do some post photo processing. :D

Anyway, I saw this book in the new nonfiction section and thought it could only teach me something new. And not confuse or overwhelm me. You'd think, anyway. It does say for Dummies. ;p

The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook by John Barricelli

This cookbook is a collection of recipes from John Baricelli, the owner and baker of the SoNo Baking Company & Cafe in South Norwalk, Connecticut. The recipes range from classic muffins and cookies to unique recipes such as those little raspberry pistachio treats on the cover. Mouthwatering. Not for calorie counting cooks. It goes back asap. ;)

What books are you reading this week?


  1. Gods In Alabama has long been on my tbr. Enjoy!

  2. Good picks. I use to love Ramona books when I was little. :) I'm headed to the library later today.

  3. Oh Beezus and Ramona...I remember so fondly. I never knew it was going to be a movie. Good lord they HAVE run out of ideas.!

    I only read the 1st Stephanie Plum and really didn't like them so much sooo...not for me I guess!

    Hope you are well. I hope to chat again soon!

    Take care darlin',

  4. Nice loot! I didn't know they were coming out with a Beezus and Ramona movie - my 9 year old loves them! I always think about B & R when I see apples...I think the little one took one bite out of each apple b/c "the first bite is always the best". Funny what sticks with you, huh?

  5. I read the photography book. To be honest, I must be simple because a few chapters had me scratching my head and saying "huh?" I'm looking at maybe taking a digital photography class at our local Community College later this year. I do much better at hands on teaching.
    I just read Tsunami Blue by Gayle Ann Williams and Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich (a rerelease of her very first book).

    I hope you're having a great week and I'm loving all these lists!

  6. I have the same problem with lots of library books floating around. I think it's an addiction! :-D

    Gods in Alabama sounds interesting.

    Enjoy your reading.

  7. Nice eclectic choice of books there Christine! I so love the "For Dummies" books, Photoshop for Dummies, HTML for Dummies, Blogger for Dummies, and so on, and so on!

    I love the little pictorial hints along with the instructions. lol

    Great post!

  8. Oooh, if you're running out of steam before you even read High Five, then maybe the Plum series is not for you.

    I love the series. Own them all, but 1 - 6 were her best efforts, IMO. She sort of lost focus in 7 thru 12 when, IMO, she started writing for the readers instead of for the benefit of the stories and they got ultra-fluffy for a while.

    In 14 and 15 I feel like she's gone back to writing for the series instead of for the fans, and the books have been tighter and cleaner, but not as dense as the original six books.

    Then again, maybe you'll prefer her fluffy style more and 7-12 will be a breeze for you :)
    Either way, I hope you enjoy them more than you are now.

  9. They're making a movie based on Ramona? I may have to check it out.

    I read Cook The Books by Jessica Conant-Park & Susan Conant,
    Touch of Evil by Colleen Thompson,
    Blood Vines by Erica Spindler and I'm reading Red Delicious Death by Sheila Connolly.

    I have 6 books on hold at the library and I can't wait for them to come in.

  10. I read Hilcia's review of Gods in Alabama and it sounds very interesting. May I be so bold as suggest The Second Coming of Lucy Hatch (Marsha Moyer).

    My current library book is Kindred in Death :) Yes, I'm back on the In Death train!

  11. Great loot, Christine. I hope you enjoy Gods...

    You must let us know how the Photography book works out for you, if it's a good one I'll recommend it to my daughter. :)

  12. Gods in Alabama and the author have both been on my radar for a while. Enjoy your loot!

    - Christy

  13. Thanks so much for finding me in my new home. I'm reading Uptown by Virginia Deberry and Donna Grant

  14. Hi Christine,

    I just did my giveaway and you won! Check my blog post tomorrow for the details and email me. Yay!

  15. Really nice variety! I had no idea that Beezus and Ramona were coming to the big screen...I hope it's done right and not jacked up; I love these characters so much.

  16. Beverly Cleary was one of my favorite authors when I was a kid. I still have a few of the books from all those many years ago. Wonderful memories. :)

    I'm reading Deanna Raybourn's The Dead Travel Fast from the library.

    I have a couple of Evanovich's books on the tbr pile but I'm not sure if I want to start another long series just yet.

  17. I was late to the Evanovich party, but once I started the series, I powered straight through. Enjoy Gods in Alabama...and then read Between Georgia by her, as well.

  18. I just gotta tell ya... I have read the entire series of the Stephanie Plum novels and I adore every single one of them! I highly recommend reading them! You don't regret it!

  19. I read Gods in Alabama a couple years ago and enjoyed it. :)

  20. Evanovich writes a romance series too, I don't like those at all, but love her Plum books, they always have me laughing out loud. I've been looking forward to book 16 this June. :-)

    My daughter loved Ramona when she was younger, i think we'll re read them before seeing the movie, even though we are older now.

  21. Those raspberry/pistachio's treats look awesome! Are you planning to try it out? :P

    I enjoyed the first couple Stephanie Plum, but I lost interest when Stephanie started to waffle between Joe and Ranger :(

    have fun reading :D

  22. I read and enjoyed Gods in Alabama awhile back. I've also read The Girl Who Stopped Swimming by this author. Both were good reads!

  23. Thanks for taking the time to check out my latest library loot, everyone!

    I hope you get to it soon, too!

    It's amazing how long the Ramona books have been popular, isn't it? Did you post your library loot?

    The trailer looks really cute! I almost included it in my post but Selena Gomez introduces the trailer and even though I have nothing against the young star, it was just a tad too sugary for me. LOL.

    As for Stephanie Plum, I think like you, I'm more in Izzy Spellman's camp.

    That is a funny story about those first apple bites! It's true though, isn't it? My daughter read most of the Ramona books between 9 and 10 years old, I think. They're sweet books. She rereads them now at age 11. What a big girl. ;)

    I'll let you know what I think of the photography book. I skimmed through it, but have to spend some time actually reading whole sections to get a better feel for it. What a great idea to take a digital photography class locally like that!

    How was Tsunami Blue? I keep seeing that title around.

    Thank goodness I can keep track of the library books I have out online, otherwise I'd probably lose track of them all in my house and always forget to return at least one of them!

    Gotta love the books "for Dummies!" We should write one titled "Managing your TBR for Dummies." But I guess then we'd have to actually know how to manage our TBRs... ;p

    Venus Vaughn...
    That's an interesting perspective on the strength of the Stephanie Plum stories throughout the series. I'll keep reading them and see how it goes. You're not the first one to mention that the author ran out of verve for the series along the way... that she was writing because the readers wanted more stories, not because she actually had more stories. Interesting. They sure are popular, though.

    Yes there is going to be a Ramona movie. It looks so cute, too! You can see the trailer HERE.

    Do you recommend the Gourmet Girls mysteries? I've recently started reading cozy mysteries and am open to suggestions.

    I'm waiting for two books on hold at my library, too. I hope they come in soon. Not that I don't already have a TON to read!

    Of course you may be bold and suggest books to me! Please do! It just so happens my library has your recommendation. I put it on my library loot list. Thanks!

    Yay! for being back on the In Death train! You're nearly caught up!

  24. Hilcia...
    I will let you know my thoughts on Gods in Alabama. If I don't write a review, I'll at least email you my thoughts. The same goes for the photography book!

    Christy ...
    Thanks for visiting! Another reader who has had Gods in Alabama on their radar. I'll have to share my thoughts when I'm done.

    You're welcome. Enjoy your new home on the 'net! Everything looks great.

    My library has three books by Virginia Deberry and Donna Grant, but not the one you're reading. My library has From the Tree, Better Than I Know Myself and What Doesn't Kill You. Can you recommend one of these?

    And YAY! I'm a winner! Thank you! :D

    Hi! Thanks for visiting! :)
    I hope the Ramona movie is done well, too. It's such a cute series that's so close to so many readers' hearts.

    Oh! Another fan of Deanna Raybourn Lady Grey series. It's on my list of series to read! I promise!

    I'd be curious to hear what you think of the Stephanie Plum series. And here I thought I was the only one left who hadn't read the books! LOL.

    Thanks for the recommending Between Georgia by Joshilyn Jackson! I'll certainly look into it if I enjoy Gods in Alabama.

    Thank you for visiting me! :D
    Another Stephanie Plum fan! I have to admit it is comforting to know she's giving Jersey Girls a good name. She is, right? LOL! ;)

    I'm looking forward to Gods in Alabama even more now that I see so many readers have read it or want to read it!

    Hi! Thanks for stopping by to check out my loot!
    Another Plum fan! I hope the books keep me interested enough that I'm eventually waiting for the next release like you!

    My youngest has outgrown the Ramona books too as she's just started reading some YA, but I love that she's a rereader and goes back to zip through her favorites like these.

    I'm not planning on trying out those delicious looking raspberry pistachio tartlets because I'm on that $&^% diet!!! LOL!

    Thanks for recommending The Girl Who Stopped Swimming! I'll keep that in mind!

  25. I liked Tsunami Blue, it's one of those post-apocalyptic books and the feel is there. The characters are interesting. I recommend it as a read.

  26. I love the Stephanie Plum books for fun reading, although admittedly the first couple of books were the best.

    Saw the Ramona and Beezus trailer as well, it makes me want to give the books a go :)

  27. Nice haul, Christine! I do hope you enjoy BEASTLY. The chat scenes really cracked me up.

    And I love that you're re-reading the Ramona books with your girl. Will and I recently finished the Henry Huggins series and I think we'll soon start the Ramona ones because he found her so funny in the Henry books. :)

  28. Awww Christine. That's too bad :( But how much calories can it have? :P


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