Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Death Series Reading Challenge (My Book List)

Host: Christine at the happily ever after. . . (that's me!)

Details: For more details and information on signing yourself up, visit me at 'In Death' Series Reading Challenge .

Challenge: Read one 'In Death' series book by J.D. Robb per month starting in January 2010 and ending when you are caught up with the series. This may take a while for some of us... Lori not so much. ;)

This post is my own entry in the challenge that is linked in Mr.Linky in the updated sign up post HERE. If you signed up for the challenge in the comments section of my original challenge post back in November, please revisit that post and sign up again using Mr.Linky. Thank you!

If you haven't already signed up and are interested in joining, please do!

For a list of all 'In Death' novels by J.D. Robb, see the original sign up post.

The following list is a running list of all of the 'In Death' books by J.D. Robb that I have read so far and will be updated as I read the series.

1. Naked in Death
2. Glory in Death
3. Immortal in Death
4. Rapture in Death
5. Ceremony in Death 1.29.10
6. Vengeance in Death 2.28.10
7. Holiday in Death 3.19.10
8. "Midnight in Death" 3.21.10
9. Conspiracy in Death 4.24.10
10. Loyalty in Death 5.23.10
11. Witness in Death 7.3.10
12. Judgment in Death 7.31.10
13. Betrayal in Death 9.5.10
14. "Interlude in Death" 9.6.10
15. Seduction in Death 9.17.10
16. Reunion in Death 9.23.10
17. Purity in Death 11.5.10
18. Portrait in Death 11.29.10
19. Imitation in Death 3.29.11
20. Remember When "Big Jack" 5.9.11
21. Divided in Death 7.23.11
22. Visions in Death 8.15.11
23. Survivor in Death 9.30.11
24. Origin in Death 12.5.11
25. Memory in Death 12.20.11
26. "Haunted in Death" 12.25.11
27. Born in Death 2.5.12
28. Innocent in Death 2.11.12
29. "Eternity in Death" 3.30.12
30. Creation in Death 5.3.12
31. Strangers in Death 8.9.12
32. Salvation in Death 10.20.12
33. "Ritual in Death" 10.21.12
34. Promises in Death 3.27.13 


  1. LOL!! Just depends on how fast my library gets me the books :)

  2. So... is it cheating to join when you own (and have read multiple times) all of the titles in the series?


  3. Lori, oh, I sure hope your library will be able to keep up with you! ;)

    azteclady, of course not! As long as you reread them *again* for the challenge, it counts as far as I'm concerned. ;)

  4. ah! Okay, gotcha.

    though you don't mind if I don't do a formal post like thing for this? I'd rather just comment here with my progress if that's okay with you *innocence*

    (otherwise, it's likely I'll fall off the wagon in a hurry)

  5. Sure, that works. You can either leave comments here on this post as you re-read books, or in the monthly post I'll make at the end of each month. :)

  6. i am so impressed by your reading. I read very little. But when I do find a book that just grabs me.... I am so happy and I love how the story carries me on so many different levels. I always feel so sad when the story ends... but I guess that's the reward of a really great book!

  7. Well, then... *shuffling feet* Just finished Imitation in Death for the... let's say I know parts of it by heart, shall we? *sheepish*

  8. LOL, in my opinion, it might not be too long for anyone. These books are really addicting. Once you start reading, you're on a roll :)

  9. I didn't officially join the challenge (I'm allergic to them) but I did read through Rapture. I started Ceremony but lost interest before getting too far in. Still, I plan to go back to re-reading them eventually.

  10. doodlegirl, I've only become the avid reader I am now in the last six years or so. Before that I was always too busy to read. Now I'm too busy reading! :)

    azteclady, Wow. Now I'm really looking forward to reading Imitation In Death. I think I only have a dozen or so books to go before I'm up to that one. ;)

    nath, that's a *very* good point!

    Holly, I understand your allergy to reading challenges. I don't know what came over me this year. I think I just like making lists. LOL

    Since it's been two years since I read the first few books, I'm actually thinking of going back and rereading them. There's something about when you first learn about what makes Eve and Roarke tick in those first couple of books that really gets you in the zone for this series.

  11. Rejoining. I have yet to start, so this will help!

  12. Popping in to say:

    Re-read Naked in Death today. Had forgotten how many little details have been refined as the series progresses--but the characters are just as wonderful then as they are now.


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