Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cover Love! Killbox by Ann Aguirre

This is the newly revealed cover art for Killbox, Ann Aguirre's upcoming October 2010 release, and the fourth novel in her Sirantha Jax series!!!

Look how gorgeous this cover looks on my blog! It was made for me. I love it so. The colors. The attitude. The heat. The strength. The impulsiveness. It's so ... so ... Sirantha!

Ann Aguirre's Jax series is a romantic science fiction series that follows the adventures and misadventures of space jumper Sirantha Jax and her crew as they jump through space on various political and humanitarian missions. And some missions are simply of the run for your life sort. The series has realistic and emotional romantic elements and is fast paced, suspenseful, clever, gritty and should not be missed.

October 2010 couldn't be soon enough.

If you've been with me on my blog for a while, you must already know how much I love Ann Aguirre's work. Need a refresher? Count the ways by checking out my past posts on this dear to me author ... especially my Loving Ann Aguirre post, which let's face it, is more like a Loving Sirantha Jax post! Sorry, Ann. ;)

The truth of it is, I do love Ann Aguirre and think you will, too, once you read her books. And books are her specialty, no matter your genre as Ann is an incredibly versatile writer. Check out all that she's got in the works all at once:

  • The Jax series romantic science fiction
  • The Corine Solomon series urban fantasy
  • "Skin" series paranormal romance written as Ava Gray
  • Ellen Connor books, three a collaborative paranormal apocalyptic action books yet to be released
  • A post-apocalyptic young adult series expected sometime Dec. 2010 or Jan. 2011

Visit author Ann Aguirre at her website


  1. There have been some awesome new cover arts showcased today Christine.

    Stacy's got one of Shiloh Walkers up at her blog too.

    This one for Ann Aguirre's latest is awesome!


  2. I've never been introduced to the world of Ann Aguirre. You sound so alive talking about her, I have to see it for myself. I went through all your posts since Feb of 2008 and there it was your loyalty and dedication and meeting her in person? That was sooooo cool. Anyway, I am intrigued with this author and her books, most specially with the art cover. Definitely outstanding vector graphics, I must say her novels is got to be worth reading you even had a vocabulary list! You just reminded me of my vocabulary and quotes notebook I carry with me. LOL. Perhaps one day when the right time comes, I will sit down and get started with her series One day...Thanks for the lovely post.

  3. That is a NICE looking cover.

  4. That cover is gorgeous; just saw the blog on goodreads.

    Have you checked out the Ilona Andrews one for Bayou Moon? That's a pretty one too.

  5. All of the covers kick butt. I've never read her and haven't really read much romantic science fiction. Sounds pretty darn compelling though. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  6. Aren't the covers just gorgeous? I love them!

    And I think you'll love the book when it comes out, Christine *evil background cackle*

  7. LOL, very productive author :)

    what I don't get is why Sarantha has short hair in the 2nd cover...

  8. Christine, thanks for this lovely post. I couldn't be happier about the cover.

    Nath, it's a plot point, based on the events of book one.

  9. Well, you know I love Jax already, but the covers? I drool over the covers for this series... so far they're all drool-worthy. Can't wait for the next one. Yay!

  10. Oh, you're right! That cover has so been made for your blog *grin*

    Must get a move on and read Wanderlust!

  11. Lea : I love the surprise and excitement that comes with discovering new cover art. For me, the oooohs and ahhhhhs I get are on par with those of going to see fireworks. ;o)

    Natalie : I do love this series. I honestly haven't read any romantic science fiction besides this series, but I really enjoy the futuristic space world, realistic characters with flaws and issues and emotions and the ability to grow and change. And yes! Meeting Ann in person was fab. She is fab.

    Brandy : Isn't it, though? I love Jax's expression. And her hair and the colors and the background has me very intrigued.

    Mariana : I did see Andrews' cover for Bayou Moon. Another beauty. I still have One The Edge on the TBR and I hear it's very good!

    Michelle: The covers definitely kick butt. So does Jax! Actually, she's not your typical kick ass heroine. She's kind of impulsive and lucky. And also determined not to die by any other means than jumping.

  12. azteclady : Yes, I do so love the book covers in this series. It's really the only series I've consistently showcased on my blog as Ann reveals the cover art.

    And I'm sure I will love the book when it comes out. Some of us have to wait until October, azteclady. *pitiful background sobs*

    nath : Ann beat me to it, but I was going to say, you just have to read the books to find out why.

    Ann : You are very welcome. :)
    I'm in awe of your productivity.

    Hilcia : You are my cohort in Jax fandom! :o)

    orannia : Wanderlust is so good! Oh, the ending, though... kinda broke my heart. Don't worry, it's not a BAD ending. There is still something hopeful wonderful about it. You're lucky you can read Doubleblind immediately after. I had to wait months!

  13. Love this cover! I still need to get Double Blind as it came out after my book buying hiatus. Sucks.


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