Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In Blueberry Fields

Blueberry season is finally here in our corner of the world. 

My family loves blueberries. They're sweet, delicious and they're so incredibly good for you, too. What's not to love about these little blue beauties?

Yesterday, my daughters and I headed to our favorite local farm to pick some blueberries. 

Making our way to the blueberry field.

Let's start here and pick our way down this whole row . . .

Filling up the basket. 

An official "field" test. 

Luckily they passed the test, so we're bringing them home.  

Of course, the lovely outing isn't complete until there's some sisterly displays of . . . affection?

Definitely sisterly love and affection.  ;) 

Time to go home and eat our fill of blueberries. 

Blueberries by the handful . . . on cereal . . . in pancakes . . . in smoothies . . . and baked into some delicious blueberry treat. Our family favorite is Blueberry Pound Cake

The recipe is from the July 1998 issue of CookingLight magazine. I can't believe I've been making this cake for 11 years!  


  1. I don;t like fresh blueberries but that cake sure looks yummy!

    I hope you and your girls had a fun time! I still need to find somewhere to go berry picking. I see signs all over the place.

  2. Your girls are so cute Christine...

    I love blueberries and that cake looks amazing! (can I have the recipe?) lol

    What a wonderful way to spend the day!


  3. yummmmmm. I just had waffles with fresh blueberries this morning. So tasty, the little dudes. I love em. :)

  4. Amy :: My husband isn't a big fan of fresh blueberries either. But bake them in muffins or a cake and he's all over it!

    Lea :: I put the link in the post for the cake. You should definitely try it. It's so yummy!

    sula :: Sounds like a yummy breakfast!

  5. Looks like so much fun! And wow have the girls grown! Didn't you post pictures from last year's blueberry picking? They're definitely getting taller. :)

    I love the backsplash and granite in your kitchen! Beautiful!

  6. Tracy :: Great memory! Yes, I did post blueberry picking pictures last summer--exactly one year ago today, actually!

    LOL! Thanks for noticing my backsplash and granite! ;) I really ought to post pics, huh? I'm kind of waiting for to take the final photos since I'm waiting on the painter to come back and paint my entry doors and trim on the front porch.

  7. Christine - I haven't had a blueberry for years (and it's the wrong season here - of course :) but I'm hankering for one!). YUM!

    And can I just say your girls are gorgeous!

    Hmmmm. Maybe I should plant a blueberry....

  8. aaaaw! The girls are growing! Looks like y'all had fun. & the blueberry pound cake looks divine!
    Thanks for posting the recipe!
    don't you just love magazine recipes? It's one of the reasons my space is just a freakin mess! lol

  9. Nice pics! I'm sure you all had a lovely day.

    Blueberries - yumm. In fact, I find most berries are yumm. LOL I bought gooseberries yesterday. And that cake...yes, yumm.

  10. I had to notice the kitchen stuff! As much as I'm not a cook I love to look at great kitchens. AND I think I have that EXACT book stand in my kitchen. lol

  11. LOL, yummy!! I love berries, but I have to say, blueberries are the best in pancakes and muffins! :D

  12. Psst, forgot to say, looks like your daughters had fun :D

    and I love the changing background! :)

  13. I made a cake called Blueberry Boy Bait this past weekend. Dontcha just love that name?? Came from The Smitten Kitchen blog.

    We used to go blueberry picking every summer My mom still visits and buys at the same place, she just buys what's already picked, though. Still, they ARE yummy.

    Glad you and the girls had a good time! :)

  14. Just a quick drive-by (post-by?) to wave and say that I'm happy you are "back"

    How are you enjoying your new kitchen, woman?

  15. orannia:: Why oh why have you been neglecting your blues? If you don't get around to planting a bush, you should at least get around to buying a container of berries at the market! Shame on you! LOL

    I planted four blueberry bushes in my yard years ago, but only one is still alive. Believe it or not, it is the fault of rabbits. They eat the plants in the winter, leaving me stubs by spring. Unfortunately, it took me a few years to figure they were the culprit (I finally caught a rabbit in the act one day) and now I put netting around the lone bush for the winter.

    dd03:: I think we've discussed our mutual difficulty of discarding magazines before. I finally caved and recycled a few years worth of CookingLight magazines prior to the construction.

    Taja:: So glad you got your gooseberry fix! Did you eat them fresh or cook them into something?

    Tracy:: That's so funny about the book stand.... "Southern Living At Home"?

    nath:: I am a HUGE blueberry pancake fan. I make them all year long with the berries I freeze. :)

    So nice of you to notice my indecision on my background! LOL I think I'm going to keep this one for the summer. I love it!

    KMont:: "Blueberry Boy Bait" is a great name for a blueberry cake!! I have a few recipes that can be called "Shrimp Boy Bait" that I use on my husband quite regularly... ;)

    AztecLady:: Were your ears ringing? I was just thinking of you today, too!

    Yes, I'm enjoying my new kitchen very much, thank you. Trying desperately to keep it shiny new and clean and scratch free and all that.

    Only seven windows left on which to get curtains and or blinds! Not bad considering we have 35 or something windows now. Shit. That's gonna require a lot of Windex. And elbow grease. @_o

  16. *grinning* Well, no, my ears weren't ringing--but only because I've had this buzzing/humming crowd roar-like noise in the back of my head since the literacy signing.

    Dear me, that was one crowded, yet HUGE ballroom!

  17. LOL! I'm sure that was indeed a HUGE crowd at that literacy signing. So how many books did you come with? You must be running out of room behind the doors by now. ;)

    I should go see if you posted about RWA on Karen's blog instead of waiting for you to tell me here... LOL

  18. Yummy! Lurve blueberries. Am thinking I need to plant a few bushes too.

  19. I'm working on it, I promise!

    *typing feverishly*

  20. Azteclady!!! What a great post that is, too! I'm so glad July 2009 was so wonderful for you in so many ways.


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