Wednesday, September 11, 2013

We will never forget..

Union County September 11 Memorial (NJ)
I rode my bike this morning to my county's September 11 Memorial which serves as a tribute to the 60 men and women from out county who perished in the tragic events of 9/11. Seeing these steel girders up close and being able to touch them and read the names of the people who perished never fails to move me to tears.

Close up of a steel girder from ground zero
at Union County September 11 Memorial (NJ)
Twelve years later, my heart still aches for the families who were shattered by this horrific event.

But they are not alone.. our entire nation and millions of people around the world stand with them and share their grief.

We will never forget.

United we stand.


  1. Such a serene setting for the memorial....

  2. It is, Catherine. The designers did a really nice job with the memorial giving people space to sit and reflect, walk around, touch, read.. really well done.

  3. What breaks my heart is that so many of the widowed wives were pregnant at time and then I think about how old those kids are now and how they never got to know their fathers. So sad.

  4. I also wanted to add there were a few instances of people losing either their husband or wife and then those two widowed souls somehow ended up together to form a new family. That REALLY breaks my heart. That two people could be so filled with grief yet somehow find love again. Ugh! Off to get a tissue.

  5. As a native with a hubby who was NYPD, albeit already retired, but once, always and a brother who was involved in search and recovery, it still is a day that just hits me in the heart. I think that it's my home is what makes it somewhat different than for those who lived in middle America or the west. The tri-state area was so affected by this sad tragic day.



  6. Ti, I know.. so heartbreaking. My neighbor down the street from me lost her husband leaving her alone with their three boys. At the time, the oldest was in kindergarten (a year behind my oldest), the middle boy was maybe 3 and the youngest just around 1 year old. Now the oldest is a senior in high school, the middle is maybe a sophomore and the youngest in 8th grade. My heart squeezes tight every time I see the boys or their mom. It used to be more often when the kids were all little and in elementary school.. more parental involvement at that age, I guess. They still live in town, but moved from the house on my block a few years after 9/11. What an awful time it was for our country, but as Paula pointed out in her comment, the impact on the daily lives of people around here in the NYC metro area lasted a really, really long time. It's still there, but those first few years after the attack were just so heartbreaking.. But you're right.. there are stories of love and perseverance. We can all learn from that. xo

    Brandy, thank you. It really is a serene spot that invites you to sit and reflect.

    luv46kdz, so, so, so heartbreaking. I still cry about it to this day. Next year I'll post a pic of the memorial in the town next to me. I drive past their memorial almost every day (it's near the train station from which many people from our area commute to NYC and a busy intersection). I never fail to look at it and think about those individuals and their families. I think I posted a photo of my town's memorial two years ago.

    Thanks so much for your kind and thoughtful words, everyone. xo


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