Monday, September 23, 2013

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Happy Monday, everyone!

I've been thinking about participating in some weekly blog memes in hopes of sparking some blogging consistency on my part and this meme is one of them. It's Monday! What Are You Reading? is a weekly blog meme hosted by Sheila at Book Journey, the goal of which is for readers to share what they're reading, spark conversation and maybe expand our reading lists. There's usually a link up at Sheila's blog every Monday, but of course the first day I decide to join there isn't one. ;)

Sheila has been busy hosting a Reading to Beat the Band book event for Banned Book Week last week, so go check that out.

Now for the the books I'm reading this week. Normally I am a one book at a time kind of girl. Maybe two if one is a graphic novel and the other is a regular full length novel. But right now I find myself pages deep into not one, not two, not even three books but SIX! Who does that? Okay it's really more like five because I shouldn't be counting Anna Karenina if I haven't cracked it open in a few months already. Still, five is just ridiculous, but I couldn't seem to avoid it. I want to read all of these books yesterday.

1. Demon Forged by Meljean Brook (p.148) 
Guardians series, #5
The concluding book of this series that I LOVE so much came out in August so I am playing series catch up and LOVING it. I started reading Demon Forged within hours of finishing the previous book and I just can't put it down. So much is going on in this book's plot and the overall series arc, it's fantastic. Every single page is gripping! I have to tell you, it's going to take ALL of my resolve to read all the other books I've started reading already before reading the next book in the series. I don't know if I'll be able to do it!

2. A Study in Scarlet by Ian Edginton (p.11) 
This is a graphic novel adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes novel of the same title, of course. I've been on a graphic novel kick lately (I've recently read some really awesome ones, by the way..) and I picked this one up over the weekend. Would you believe I've never read a Sherlock Holmes story before? Have you?

3. Lady Susan by Jane Austen (maybe 10%?) 
I started reading this book in late August for the Austen in August book event hosted by Adam who blogs at Roof Beam Reader. I chose Lady Susan out of all of Jane Austen's books because it was the shortest in the collection I own, which I thought would increase my odds of reading an Austen book in Auguts, but alas, I still haven't finished it. Truthfully, I find it a little boring. Is that terrible? I'm determined to finish it though. Austen in September, perhaps?

4. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (p.67) 
I started reading this beloved classic (yes, for the first time!) in August while on vacation for the July read along hosted again by Adam at Roof Beam Reader. My high school freshman daughter is reading it right now in her English class so OF COURSE this would be the ideal time to finish it!

5. The Fault of Our Stars by John Green (p.1) 
This book topped my 'The Ones That Got Away' 2012 list which consisted of a handful of books published in 2012 that I really, REALLY wanted to read when they came out, but never did. It was my suggestion for September's book club pick and it is the one we are reading. Yay! So I MUST read this before the end of the month! Which uh... is any day now. Yikes! I have to read this book NOW. (I haven't really started this one yet..)

6. Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (p.252) 
Okay, okay, I guess I'm not really reading this NOW if I haven't picked it up in months.. but my bookmark still sits at p.252, so I'll list it here once but won't re-list it again in future What Am I Reading? memes unless I am ACTUALLY reading it at the time. Fair?

So What are YOU reading right now?


  1. *dusts self*


    HI! How are you? To answer your question I've just finished reading Kaje Harper's Learning Curve, which was a lovely end to the series, and I've less than 100 pages to go with Michelle Sagara's Cast in Peril :) After that I think I'm going to read the latest PJ Tracey book.

  2. I'm currently reading The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White and Taste Test by Kelly Fiore. I read To Kill a Mockinbird in grade school. I thought it was a good book then and have been bugging Daughter to read it for years.

  3. Hi!
    I also read the book by John Green for the same reason as you and I liked it. September is indeed almost over.

    I'm starting Dare to Love by Jaci Burton, a new author to me, today.

  4. orannia So good to hear from you!!!!! I've been terrible at visiting blogs in the last few months.. just struggling to find my blogging rhythm again. It's so hard sometimes, isn't it? I think about stuff I want to blog about all the time! It's making the time to sit down and spill it all out here that's so hard. Anyway, I hope you've been well? I miss you. How nice to hear your enjoyed the ending book to the series you've been reading. I'm hoping to feel that same way when I finally finish Meljean's Guardians series this year. Although I think I'll be really sad it's over.

    Brandy So I'm not the only one reading more than one book at once, huh? Do you do that often? I hope you're able to convince Daughter to read To Kill a Mockingbird. I think it's an important piece of American Literature. I can't believe I'm only reading it now! Why isn't it a part of the honors lit curriculum in high school? So odd.

    S. Glad you liked the John Green book. I'm definitely reading it as soon as I finish Demon Forged! Do you read Meljean Brook's Guardians series?

    I really enjoy Jaci Burton's books! Really sexy contemporary romances.. nothing too too deep, but very solid writing, great characters and fun plots. I hope you like Dare to Love! I think I read that one a long time ago..

    1. Hi!.
      Yes, I liked Burton's book a lot. I never tought Lucy would be as interesting as that, although the plot wasn't the best one ever lol

      Meljean Brook...I have the 1st book but well, I didn't read it yet. I'm more focused on her steampunk series which I loooove!! Can't wait for the next book,I have it pre ordered since february!

  5. You'll have to let me know what you think of Lady Susan -- it's one Austen I haven't read yet.

  6. I just finished Desire: Tales of New Orleans by William Sterling Walker. Such a good book! And am in the process of read: Zombies Shambling through the Ages a spooky anthology ed. by Steve Berman; If Angels Fight, a collection of fantasy stories by Richard Bowes, Blood Meridian by Corman McCarthy, and Still Life with Murder by P.B. Ryan, a historical mystery. :D

    I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and it is a good book! But well... get the tissue box ready, Christine. That's all I have to say about that!

    LOVE Demon Forged! You know that... and, I read To Kill a Mockinbird such a long time ago... in school. A worthy read. And you know what? I have a collection of Austen's works and I don't remember reading Lady Susan. I need to check out my books. Huh!?

    PS: Don't give up on Anna Karenina!

  7. LOL, you're reading so many books at the same time!! And actually, none that I've read! Well okay, I half-read Demon Forged...

    The Fault in Our Stars is on my radar... but I'm not in the mood for a cry, so till then...


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