Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Library Loot LXX

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My 70th Library Loot post.

I'm hoping to go blueberry picking this or next week, so needed to borrow my favorite two canning books from the library.. Well Preserved by Mary Anne Dragan and Food in Jars by Marisa McClellan. Food in Jars also has some interesting rhubarb recipes that I'd like to try, especially since we got some rhubarb in our co-op box the other day and the rhubarb in my garden is happily producing stalks like crazy!

The Flexitarian Table grabbed my eye, so I brought that one home, too, but after quickly flipping through it when I got home, I don't see myself trying out any of the recipes. They look interesting and delicious, but more along the lines of food I'd like to try out at a restaurant and not go through a lot of trouble to make at home when I'm not so sure my family would be keen on the bold flavors and more unusual ingredients.

In fiction, I borrowed the second half of the critically acclaimed Persepolis story by Marjane Satrapi, Persepolis: The Story of a Return. I read the first book, Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood last month. Okay since typing this up yesterday, I finished Persepolis: The Story of a Return today.. 5 stars. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys historical memoirs particularly about personal growth during wartime.

I also borrowed A Tale For the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki for this month's book club. The author is Japanese-American and half of the story takes place in Japan, so it sort of goes along with the Japanese Lit Challenge I'm doing, although not technically. Still, I'm excited to read more Japanese fiction.

What have you borrowed from the library recently? 

What are you reading right now?


  1. Shoot. The Flexitarian Table caught my eye but perhaps not that great?
    I'll be interested in your thoughts on A Tale For the Time Being. I'm always looking for more stories set in Japan.

  2. Linda, the recipes look and sound really delicious.. but a little more work than I can put into cooking on a regular basis and also not exactly the kinds of foods that the rest of my family will happily eat. So I probably won't go through the trouble to cook any of the recipes just for myself. Does that make sense? I think you should check it out from the library if you can. And then invite me over when you cook from it. ;)

  3. Oh and I'll let you know about A Tale For The Time Being. I'm going to start it in a few days if not sooner.

  4. I just finished Wendy Wax's Single in Suburbia and loved it. Next up is Death Without Company by Craig Johnson (the Longmire tv series on A&E is based on these books). Yum! Love blueberries. I just made a cobbler for Daughter the other day. I'm still waiting on blackberry picking time here. Have fun!

  5. Just borrowed Between the Lines by Jodi Piccoult and her daughter. It was my choice for our June book club. It was cute, something different for our book choice.

    Went blueberry picking yesterday. Our season just finished and we got the last or them and I made a wonderful pie! Two weeks ago we went cherry picking and it was glorious! Made two pies and enjoyed the best cherries I ever had. Even made my own crust, found one that was amazingly easy and delicious :) here's the recipe if you're interested -

    Happy Fourth :)


  6. i would really love to read one of the tales once i have the time. i think i will be entertaining. visit for more

  7. Nice loot, Christine! So did you go blueberry picking? Oh, I need to check out that book, Food in Jars, for my sister! She's gotten a lot of rhubarb this year and this book will give her some ideas :)

  8. Brandy, I haven't heard of any of those books! Hope you enjoyed them. Blueberry picking started here but it was way too hot the last several days to be standing out in the field. Close to 100 every day and very humid. Hopefully I'll go later this week.

    luv46kdz, I kind of miss our Authors through the Alphabet book club. Do you know I have a list of books by authors last name A-Z that I made up hoping to read at one point? Kind of inspired by the book club. Maybe I'll make up a challenge for 2014.

    So jealous that you went cherry picking. My youngest and I LOVE cherries like crazy. I've been buying them but they are really expensive here this year. The cheapest I can find them is $3.49/lb. They are on the dirty dozen list, so I cringe not buying organic, but organic is outrageously expensive at $7.99+ /lb.

    nath, no blueberry picking yet. It was way too hot. I'd melt. lol! Both of those preserving books are really good. Food in Jars is nice because it has a wider variety of types of recipes--even granola. I like Well Preserved because the author doesn't use commercial pectin in her recipes. Simple and old fashioned recipes, just the way I like them. It doesn't bother me that my jam doesn't set perfectly.

    I'm feeling kind of lazy about making jam now.. :(

    1. If you can believe it they are just as expensive here. Not on sale they're $4.99 lb just crazy. Oh my soooo good off the tree :)

      I miss our book club too. That might make a great challenge.


  9. Where do you go blueberry picking? It might be too late in the season but if it's public I would love to try this!

    Are you getting excited for your adventure? I hope you have an amazing time. Coffee when you get back?

  10. mpartyka Hillview Farms in Gillette. Give them a call, they may still be picking! I never made it over there.. I mostly didn't feel like standing in the field when it was SO hot, but also the girls have been busy and I wasn't motivated to go alone. They also have peaches in August.. maybe we can meet there when I get back!

    I am getting excited for our adventure. Trying to work through my travel anxiety.. I don't know why I get so nervous and stressed out about traveling but I do. We'll definitely meet up when I get back. We'll both have so many tales to share! We should put our best photos on our ipads and just hand them to each other in Starbucks! LOL!


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