Friday, March 1, 2013

My 100 Day Happiness Project

Did you know that being happy and having a positive attitude not only feels good, but improves your overall health? Being happy is a good for your health! But don't just sit there waiting for happiness to find to you.. make it happen. Choose to be happy.

How do you choose happiness? Do things that make you happy and send happiness out into the world. If it's cleaning your house, then so be it. If it's gardening, then do it. Recognize the things that make you happy and do them. Know, too, that helping others does a lot to contribute towards your own happiness.

Stemming from the realization that our happiness comes with a personal commitment to be happy, Mari who blogs at the Partyka project created a 100 Day Happiness Challenge to help her create some extra happiness in her life. I love a good challenge--and making lists-- and since I've actually been feeling a little down lately, I think this project would be good for me. Here's my list of things I'd like to do in the next 100 days, March 1 - June 9, in hopes of creating a little extra happiness for myself. :)

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Visit the Partyka project 100 Day Happiness Challenge for more info and to sign up! By the way, you don't have to make a fancy list like I did. You can just jot down a few things.. or just one thing. It's totally up to you!

Wish me luck! :)


  1. Love your list! I didn't get to tell you that Tolstoy wrote Anna and published each part every few months. We weren't meant to read it as one book. So continue on, just know there is one struggle section when the men go hunting (part 6)

    Here's my readalong, if helpful (links)

    Go to Oprah's site for help.

    I tried a new fruit tonight! :)

    Good luck and I'm so happy you are choosing happy :)

  2. I like the idea of this. And I like that your list isn't really all that complicated or difficult. (The graphic is cool too!)

  3. mpartyka I had no idea that Tolstoy wrote Anna in parts like that, but you know.. it kind of makes sense to read it in parts. I feel better now. ;)

    Thanks for the link to your readalong.. I have been to Oprah's site as well.

    What fruit did you try??

    Thanks for creating this project. I'm charged!

    Phyl Isn't this a nice little challenge? I'm pleased with my list and feel good about approaching each task. Some are easier than others.. it's a good mix, I think.

  4. I love this idea, even though we know it sometimes it is hard to make your own happiness. Great image, nice to look at to keep you inspired.

    Good luck

  5. They sound like great goals! Good luck!

  6. Great list.

    I am typically happy but do experience periods of sadness every now and then. Cleaning seems to make me happy. That shouldn't be! LOL!

  7. I like your list and the artistic way you created it! I am generally a happy person, I like to "spread light" as it were. However, I understand feeling down lately. I hope you find your "Happy" again, soon.


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