Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Where in the World Are You Reading: Waiting

Where in the World Are You Reading? is a fun new monthly themed meme that started over the summer by Trish [Love Laugh Insanity], Lisa [Books Lists Life] and Kelly [The Written World].  This is a book meme that encourages readers to share the places they're reading or getting their books around the world. Visit the links below for more details and follow the #wwread hash tag on twitter for more buzz!

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Where in the World Do I Read While Waiting? Well....

Every once in a while, I read when I'm sitting in the car waiting for my daughters to get out of school, IF I brought a book or magazine along or IF I am reading an ebook at the time. Otherwise I usually just read email or my twitter stream. ; ) 

Same as above when I'm waiting in a doctor's or dentist's office. But not at the DMV because OMG there's no line anymore! Who is the genius that fixed THAT after decades of torture?! 

I read in bed some nights, waiting for my husband to come to bed. 

I read in bed some nights when my husband is already in bed with me except he's fast asleep and I'm waiting to finish one more chapter before I go to sleep, too. 

I never, ever, ever read in the middle of the day, waiting to get motivated to do other things such as laundry, bills, mopping the floors, doing the dishes, etc. Nope. Which is why this photo below doesn't even exist! 

Reading while waiting to do other things.. 
Where in the world do YOU read while waiting? 

Want to join in? Next month's theme is Coffee Shop, Café, etc. and will be hosted by Trish.


  1. I carry a book with me at all times and if per chance I don't (for some FREAKY reason) have a book with me I have the ereader apps on my phone. I read while waiting for the kids after their MA class (there's a 15minute window between the end of my class and the end of theirs). I read when waiting for the hubs anytime he runs in a store and we're running errands I read when waiting for Daughter when picking her up from work. So, yeah, I read when waiting. *g*

  2. Reading while waiting? When don't I do that is more accurate...
    When I know I'm going to a doctor's appointment or when i have to drive my mom to one of hers and I just know it will take ages, my precious book (or e-reader if I'm reading an ebook) always travels with me.
    I take it to work and in lazy moments where I can't do anyhting else before a certain time, I fill the gaps with my wonderful book.
    I take it to weddings and formal family receptions of any kind because I know after the food there's too much conversation and boredom.
    When I have to do something before going to work and I have to wait, yep, there it my book too.
    At night, before going to sleep, always.
    I always carry a book around when I'm sure I'll have time to read. Life wouldn't be the same if I didn't have a book with me!

  3. I always carry a book or my kindle and I take every chance to read. I usually read while waiting for my mom and sister at the mall. I have this chair in the dressing room that practically has my name on it because I spend so much time sitting there.

    I also like to read on the bus, waiting to get places, because I don't feel like I need to be doing anything else. Though I've been known to miss my stop a few times.

  4. LOL, I read pretty much everywhere when I have a few minutes to myself :) I do have difficulty reading as a passenger in a car though, but when I'm driving and am at a long red light, or waiting for my sister, that works LOL. Recently, I've been reading while I toast my bread at work and my co-workers find me funny LOL.

  5. Do I sense a bit of sarcasm here? Love it!

  6. Usually I have two books going on. One audio book in the car, the other reading on my ipad or a paper book. Ipad is always with me for great companion for books, magazines, etc.

  7. Like you I read in the car while waiting for the kids. Also the dr or dentist, anywhere I'm sitting for long periods, my book is with me : )

    No reading in bed, hubby doesn't like that. After dinner before any shows I might be watching come on. I do read in the morning, sometimes while eating breakfast.


  8. I'm not even sure this post exists! ;) It takes me a while to warm up to reading so I never pick up a book if I know I'm only going to be able to get in a page or two but lately I've been trying to be better about heading to bed 30 minutes before hub so that I can read a little bit. Most times I just fall asleep though. Ha!

    Twitter stream. Yup, I know that too well. Blasted time-sucker!

    So glad you joined this month Christine! Oh...and I just thought of the perfect place for you to head next month for cafe. Jeni's ice cream! I mean...if it's for the blog then you need to right?


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