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Library Loot L

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This is my 50th Library Loot post!  Do you know what that means? Absolutely nothing except maybe that I can successfully write the roman numerals 1-50! Ha ha! I think, anyway..  Anyone who finds an error in my roman numerals wins a free library card! Oh wait. Y'all better have one of those already. ;) 

I have a lot of really fantastic books out from the library right now. In my last library loot post, I mentioned that I was trying to read all the books I had out already before borrowing more because I had three new releases on holds and I was worried about them all coming in at the same time? And the loan period is only two weeks when there's a wait list? Well, you guessed it! They all came in around the same time and they all have other patrons waiting on them so two weeks it is. Fortunately, I'm making good headway and it doesn't look like I'll be rushed to finish before due dates. In fact, I already finished Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas. It was a quick, sweet read. And I'm nearly half way through with Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward already. So far so good, by the way for all you crack heads a.k.a. BDB addicts out there. 

Dead of Night anthology by J.D. Robb et. al. 
I borrowed this one solely for the In Death novella, "Eternity in Death" when I realized I was missing this book in my collection! Yikes. I had to hunt it down at a library a few towns over. When I got there, I couldn't find it on the shelves, even with a librarian's help and they ended up declaring the book 'lost' in their system. So sad. I ended up finding it at another library in a different town, right down the street from my daughter's dance school, so yay! Another library to add to my hit list. A library that seems to shelve a lot of romance, too. Double yay!

The Sweetest Thing by Jill Shalvis
Lucky Harbor, Book #2
Found this one while scouring the shelves for the J.D. Robb anthology above. Sweet little find since I read the first book last year, adored it and hadn't gotten around to picking up the next one yet. Now I can read Tara and Ford's story. I'm dying to know more about their history together all those years ago.

Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas
Friday Harbor, #2 
I've been building the hype for this book on my blog over the last couple of months and then oddly found release day rolling around and I just never got the chance to order it. So when I saw it come in at my library, I snagged it. I read it in just over 24 hours and really enjoyed it. It's not terribly deep, but it was definitely a sweet and satisfying romance. 

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa 
Iron Fey Series, Book #4 
The final book in the Iron Fey series, told from Ash's perspective. I'd rate this young adult series as a whole with a solid B so far and am curious to see how this last book ties everything up. I'm looking forward to Ash's perspective, too. Hoping it puts a nice spin on the end to this tale. 

Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward 
Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book #10
Book ten in this whirlwind saga of a band of warrior vampires fighting a war against evil forces to protect their race and the human race. Readers have been literally waiting years for this one as Tohrment finally gets a happy story after suffering the devastating loss of his mate in Book #2. (Or later?.. )

The Trail of the Spellmans
Document #5 
The latest document in the quirky Spellman Family series. A dysfunctional but loving family of private investigators trying to keep the family business afloat while simultaneously messing with each others lives. Sometimes accidentally and sometimes intentionally. Depends on the day. 

The Good Neighbors, Books One, Two and Three 
by Holly Black and Ted Naifeh
I read the first book last year, but borrowed and read it again after seeing all three books on the shelf at the library. It's a very good urban fantasy series in graphic novel format for teens --or grown ups!-- who like dark fey stories. 

The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook 
by Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell 
with Sandy Gluck
I got excited when I saw this book among the nonfiction new releases at my library because I thought it was a cookbook for The Beekman Arms Inn and Tavern in Rhinebeck, New York, which is near the home of a very close friend of mine. As I was reading the cookbook this morning, I started to question if this cookbook was for the same homestead and after a few minutes research online, I discovered that it's not! The Beekman 1802 is a farm in Sharon Spring, New York. For a few moments I was a little disappointed over losing what I thought was a personal connection to the cookbook, but the book is so enjoyable that I was able to recover from my disappointment quickly! Apparently these guys Brent and Josh have their own tv show, "The Fabulous Beekman Boys." Anyone familiar with them? 
I'll possibly review this cookbook for an upcoming weekend cooking post. Don't hold your breath. 

Have you read any of these books? Any of these books catch your eye? 

What are you reading right now?


  1. I am reading Dark Lover! Someone forced the entire series on me last week.

    I'm going to look up Jill Shavis too.

  2. Oooh! I think this series would be a great guilty pleasure for you, Lisa. Kinda intense and sexy. Dark Lover is one of my favorites in this series-- I actually did a quick re-read of it a couple of weeks ago!

    Hope you find Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor books. They're fun, too!

  3. Great books! I hope you like them all!
    I read the Shalvis one and it was cute, but I liked the first book a little more.
    I can't wait to read Lisa K's book! I love her books.

    And I hope you like Lover Reborn (I think The Sad Thing happens in Book 3, but I'm not sure).
    I loved Tohr at the beginning but I dont know if I'll still like him.

  4. Oh, you're a bad Diva, bad! LOL. At least you finally read Rainshadow Road!! Can't wait for the next book, ghost and all. I bet that one is going to be deeper, that hero screams angst!

  5. Happy 50th! ;) I've definitely been in the same spot as you, with multiple holds coming in all at once and knowing I had to read them all right away because there are other readers waiting. Awesome to hear that you're managing them well now that they've arrived! Enjoy all your loot!

  6. Congratulations on your 50th Library Loot post! I've read the Shalvis book, as I read most of hers because they are so entertaining. I can't wait for her next book due out in May. And it's related to the Lucky Harbor books!
    The cookbook sounds interesting. I have heard of the show, but never watched it.

    Hope you're having a terrific week!

  7. Very nice haul, Christine :)

    so the third new release was the new Spellmans book? Just curious :) Oh, I just realize they have the "14 days book" sticker. Smart of your library :)

    I agree with you about Rainshadow Road. Not terribly deep, but very enjoyable. Although when you think about it, Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor wasn't terribly deep either.

    And congrats on making it to 50!! Yay! :) Next step, 100 :)

  8. You are just a reading fiend ; ) I don't go to the library that much since I have so many gosh darn books on my shelf and in my kindle! Usually it's for a book of the month club that I'll go.

    Wow how awesome that your library has the newest JR Ward!! I had to check real quick and see that mine just got their first one with this book. They have the audio and the print. I think I'll donate #9 to them so they have 2 ; ) I had to go anyway, my little guy is doing a booroom port on the President, so I'll reserve this one : ) I really liked V, Zhadist, and Rhev's books. Well, maybe that's not quite true, while I love V, I can't stand the way Ward handled his book right down to Jane. I have serious bad boy issues...


  9. By the way, I hate typing on my iPad, wtf is boom room port!?!? I think one of my kids went in my settings and turned on that stinking auto correct since I am now seeing words pop up as I type. Lord one will think I sit here smoking funny cigs as I comment on your blog.

    It's supposed to say book report : )

  10. Look at you! Checking out all those books. It's a great way to celebrate your 50th Library Loot post. Congrats. :)

    Jill Shalvis and a totally cracking crack, finger licking good BDB installment. LOL! Good stuff. I'll wait to hear from what you think of what I'm sure will be Tohr's angsty romance. You know he'll be "tohrmented" throughout, right? *g* Enjoy!

    I still have the first book in Julie Kagawa's series in my TBR. I must read it!

  11. Great 50th LL post!
    I hope you post something you've made from the Herloom cookbook.
    Enjoy all your loot!

  12. Happy 50th! ;)

  13. I like reading Ward's books, although I spend a lot of time giggling or outright laughing at the prose. But I think she writes for that?

    I've read a bunch of Kleypas's historicals.

  14. It looks like you picked up some good books! I just bought the first Ward book from my used bookstore and I'm really looking forward to reading it. Everyone seems to love her books so I can't wait to pick it up. Hope you get the chance to enjoy all of these!

  15. @ Alex.. I'm really enjoying Lover Reborn, but I feel that No'One is getting seriously shortchanged in their relationship. He's got about 140 pages left to step up or step out.

    @ Brie .. I was a bad Diva, I know. LOL. I think I'll be okay with the ghost in the next book now that I understand who it sort of is. As in NOT the love interest. Phew. And yes--I think the next one will be much deeper, too. It had better be given the nature of Alex's issues!

    @ Claire .. Thanks, hope you're enjoying your loot as well. :)

    @ Brandy.. Is Shalvis' upcoming book release part of the Lucky Harbor series or a spin off? I don't know anything about it.

    If you like fresh, simple foods prepared from seasonal ingredients, this book is wonderful.

    @ nath ..Yes, the third new release book on my holds list was the Spellmans book. I gotta find out if Izzy & Henry stay together. lol

    @ Paula .. I don't know why I find it urgent to keep going to the library for new releases when I have so many books at home to read! I guess it's just too tempting to read great books for free! lol!

    The library in the next town over gets all the BDB books as soon as they come out--at least since the series went hardcover. My friend who lives in that town borrows it for me since non-residents can't borrow new releases. I'm lucky I have an insider. I didn't like V's book either. What a disappointment that one was. Phury's wasn't that much better. Well the side stories were awesome--just not the romance in that one. They've been SO much better since then, though. Rehv, John and now Tohr. I understand the next one is Qhuinn and Blay's story! wow!

    Don't worry about the auto-correct stuff! I am fluent in iphone-ese! ; )

    @ Hils .. LOL! Love your description of the BDB books. True that. :P

    I think Kagawa's series is a solid B. I hope you like it. I admit I'm glad this book is the end of the series, though. I was starting to worry it would get dragged out.

    @ Linda.. I didn't get to do a Weekend Cooking post this weekend. Maybe next!

    @ towardinfinity.. Thanks! :)

    @ Beth.. Oh that's so nice of you to giggle at the BDB "prose." I wish I could take it so lightheartedly. Instead it really annoys me!!!

    @ samantha.. Oh I hope you have fun reading Dark Lover. The first one in a favorite series is always special.

  16. So does the cookbook feature nineteenth-century recipes? What sorts of things are in it? As a reader obsessed with that era, this sounds so fascinating!

  17. Ooh what a nice library haul! Can you believe I haven't read anything by J.R. Ward yet?! I keep hearing such good things and need to pick up one of her books soon!

  18. @ Diana ...You asked if the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook featured nineteenth century recipes. To the best of my knowledge reading this cookbook, my answer is 'sort of.' Beekman Farm was established in 1802 and the proprietors today, and through this cookbook, grow and harvest the heirloom vegetables and harvest the wild foods from the property (like ramps and fiddlehead ferns) just as their forbearers did in the early 19th century. They also tend their livestock for the same products, their specialty being goat milk and cheese. The recipes showcase seasonal produce in the way that people simply HAD to do in 1802. So while the recipes are NOT indicative of that time period, the seasonal ingredients are.

    Some of the Spring recipes: Dandelion Salad, Mint-Lemon Cooler, Roast Leg of Lamb with Fresh Mint Sauce, Sauteed Radishes, Rhubarb Sauce, Strawberry Shortcakes.

    @ Tanya Patrice.. Ooo J.R. Ward is a FANTASTIC guilty pleasure. You should try it! I finished Lover Reborn last night and am already anxious for Book #11 which will come out in 2013. ;)

  19. oooh, The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook really has me intrigued!! thanks for sharing :)

    I'm a new follower!

  20. @ Carrie ... Hi Carrie! Thanks for following me! I subscribed to your blog, too.

    I just posted a review of The Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook today. :)


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