Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Izzy Spellman!

If you read The Spellman Family mystery series by Lisa Lutz, you're already well acquainted with Izzy Spellman. And while you may laugh to know Izzy's birthday is on April Fool's Day, it should also come as no surprise! It's such a fitting birthday for this offbeat young sleuth.

Document 5
(latest release)
I started reading the Spellman Family mystery series in the fall of 2009 and quickly became enamored by the female protagonist Isabel Spellman. She's quirky and at times immature and impulsive, often making poor decisions. But her heart is in the right place and she's really doing the best with what she's got and that's an equally quirky family. The Spellman family is a tad dysfunctional, but hey--whose family isn't, right? Theirs perhaps just lingers more on the edge of wacky than most. But who am I to judge? In fact, I suggest you read the series and find out for yourself. It is for the most part a lighthearted, amusing series with many laugh-out-loud moments about a family of private detectives, but don't be fooled by the alleged comic factor--there's a dose of seriousness to the stories as well, especially for the cast of core characters. Document 4--The Curse of the Spellmans even made me cry! --but take that with a grain of salt. I am a crier.

I posted about the first book in the Spellman Family series on my blog WITH THIS POST which pretty much links to a buddy review of The Spellman Files, Document 1 that I did with nath on the blog Breezing Through that you can read HERE.

The Spellman Files
Document 1
If we don't convince you to give the series a try, maybe this will: For a limited time [NOW through April 6 ONLY], the ebook version of the first Spellman Family novel-- The Spellman Files is only 99 cents! Grab it while it's hot or at least dirt cheap! Check your local independent bookstore or anywhere books are sold.. Amazon, B&N, iTunes, etc. You know the drill.

The FREE E-Sampler!
ALSO, there's a series E-Sampler available FOR FREE. The E-Sampler includes a charming letter from the author, a guide to reading footnotes on e-readers [these books have lots of very fun footnotes..], chapter excerpts from all 5 Spellman Documents, reading group guides and special bonus material including dossiers on the Spellman family members and a list of Izzy's ex-boyfriends. No, seriously. Did I mention it's FREE? You've got nothing to lose. Go forth and sample.

Document 5 in the series, The Trail of the Spellmans was released on February 28, 2012 [omgosh more than a month ago, already?! Gotta get my butt in gear!]. I can't wait to read it and see what kind of trouble Izzy is up to! Or uh... I mean, what kind of cases she's solving.

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Do you read The Spellman Family documents? 

If not, and you decide to pick it up, come back and let me know what you think! :o) 


  1. I love this series and just finished document #5.

  2. I have the Trail of the Spellmans but haven't read any of the others. Glad you liked it - I'm sure I will too!

  3. Never read any of this series, but the $0.99 price tag sure is tempting :)

  4. I think I'm two books behind. It was a fun series, but I don't know... Plus, I don't like Izzy and Henry together ^_^;

  5. Oh, this sounds like a cute series! :D
    I think I might love the Spellmans so I'm going to give this series a try :D

  6. @ Dru Ann ... I love this series, too and can't wait to dive into document #5 myself! =D

    @ Harvee ... Ooh so you're new to the Spellman Family shenanigans? I hope you have fun reading The Trail of the Spellmans!

    @ orannia ... Add the first book to your reading queue and see if you like it! It's run to read when you're in the mood for something really fun.

    @ nath ...Aww maybe it's just not the series for you. If you're curious about Izzy's love life though, borrow the books from the library and read all about it, because Izzy's not so great at relationships.

    @ Alex ...Oh let me know what you think if you try this series! Download the sampler and see if it's for you!

  7. Wooo, I will be reading it now! I love a good mystery/detective story. :D

  8. @ little alys ... Just a warning.. it's more private investigator stuff than mystery. But FUN!

    1. Wooo, I'm up for some fun stuff. PI stuff is just right up my alley. :D

  9. @ Michelle ... I have it now! Hopefully will get to it next week. :)


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