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In Death Series Reading Challenge: February 2012

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Did you read any In Death series books this month?

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I have reviews for both of these books posted on goodreads that are a little more elaborate than what I wrote here. As I progress in the series, I'm trying to be more cautious about inadvertently spoiling plot lines to other participants in the reading challenge. So I'm going to try to be brief and vague.

Born In Death
Book #23
In this book, Eve and her team start out investigating the murder of a young accountant and her boyfriend, both of whom work for the same high profile accounting firm. Coinciding with this murder investigation, Eve also starts investigating the suspicious disappearance of Mavis' pregnant friend Tandy.

Born In Death was just an okay read for me. There were a few nice scenes from Eve's personal life, particularly between her and Mavis, but aside from that, the story was a bit flat for me. There are a lot of secondary characters in this book--significantly more than usual, I think, and at times I was losing track of who was who. Not fun when you're trying to solve the murder alongside your favorite homicide detective!

My other complaint with this book has to do with Roarke's involvement as civilian consultant. Yes, again. But what makes it even more annoying in this installment is that an unethical situation arises under the circumstances and instead of both he, Eve and the NYPSD all determining he needs to sit this one out, he gets his lawyers involved and then poof! All is well and he's on the case. I found this ridiculously unrealistic.

Innocent In Death
Book #24
Where Born In Death fell short for me .. Innocent In Death totally stole the show and won my heart. This installment is definitely one of the most compelling books in the series. The crime fiction was interesting and suspenseful and the drama in Eve and Roarke's personal life was equally engaging--at times heartbreaking and at other times utterly heartwarming.

In Innocent In Death, Eve and her team are investigating the murder of a young, admired history teacher in a private high school. While his wife seems the most obvious suspect since it was the lunch she packed for her husband that was the cause of his death, it turns out quite a few staff members in the high school are keeping secrets. In the meantime, Eve and Roarke's marriage is being tested when Magdelena Percell--a gorgeous, seductive and powerful old flame of Roarke's shows up in New York on a mission to recapture the attention of the man she let go all those years ago--Roarke. This woman's presence sends Eve for a loop and she's struggling to keep her act together both on the job and at home.

While the turmoil between Eve and Roarke was very sad to read about, it was also one of the best, most accurate representations of the real life challenges of marriage in this series so far. Very distressing and also very sentimental. I loved it.

Another one of the things I loved about Innocent In Death was Summerset's obvious disdain for Magdelena Percell and his obvious approval of Eve. As usual, he isn't afraid to speak his mind to either Roarke or Eve, and in this case, I was so glad he didn't mind his business. It may have been the first instance in which Summerset clearly verbalizes to Eve that he in fact believes Eve is the right woman for Roarke. He scored major points with me in several scenes in this book.

Which of Summerset's character traits are your favorite? 


  1. My other complaint with this book has to do with Roarke's involvement as civilian consultant.

    And that is my problem with the series. He's always involved!

    As for Summerset...his loyalty. He is very loyal, and that shows in so many ways. I think Eve would run a mile if he were nice, so he deliberately antagonizes her :)

    1. @orannia I agree. Roarke's constant involvement is ridiculous at this point. Enough that it's interfering with the realism for me. I try to almost ignore it when I'm reading now, but it's hard. lol

      I also agree with you regarding Summerset's loyalty. I think in the beginning, he really didn't approve of Eve.. but he's come to realize she really does love Roarke in the truest sense and no other woman would love Roarke in that real way.

  2. Man! You did two? Now I need to catch up again! Grrr.

    I absolutely adore Summerset. He is so sarcastic but still so caring. Since I'd read this book before now, when I read earlier books it's much easier to see Eve & Summerset becoming a family and not really being at odds but instead remaining constant for form.

    I know many people have an issue with Roarke as a consultant but when rereading I wonder if that's not what holds them together. His ability to be an integral part of her life instead of standing on the outskirts & waiting as so many spouses do.

    1. @Gina Well I was reading Born in Death for January, but didn't finish it until a few days into February... and then a few days later I decided I should read my February book on time. Good thing Innocent in Death was so good--I was able to read it quickly because I was SO sucked in!

      I know what you mean about Roarke's involvement in Eve's job being a wonderful way for them to stay connected and quite frankly as a major character in the series. I would be okay with him helping her out behind the scenes at home with their advanced equipment and even helping her hash out the case, but the fact that he goes out in the field with her really pulls me out of the story whenever that happens. How does he have time to do that? And why does Eve or the NYSPD allow that?

      I still love the series, though. :D

  3. I am just starting this series in March---are you telling me that I am going to be hooked? LOL :)

    1. @Felicia Most likely!!! There's always a ton of people willing to chime in and talk about the books with you--so that makes thirty some odd books ahead of you extra fun!

  4. I did, I did, I did--read two In Death books this month, that is.

    I re-read New York to Dallas and read Celebration in Death. I'm hoping to write a review of the later soonish.

  5. Oh and...see, with many series there is one sticky point, a point where if you can't suspend your disbelief than you just can't go on.

    For me, and talking about the BDB, it's the fact that all characters use the same sland--eight hundred year vampires and fifty year old humans and everyone in between, they use the same expressions (from stillies for heels to piehole for mouth), are fashion experts (they all recognize expensive brands with a passing glance and can calculate just how much what another character is wearing on the spot). These are the things I struggle to ignore to enjoy the novels (they are not crack for nothing, after all).

    It seems that for many In Death readers, Roarke's involvement in Eve's cases is that one thing they struggle to just accept/ignore.

    1. @azteclady I haven't quite gotten to the point where I can't suspend my disbelief with the In Death series... although I certainly roll my eyes every time Roarke goes out in the field with Eve. As for the BDB, the slang and brand name dropping is insanely ridiculous ... and is it me or has it gotten worse as the series progresses? But I keep reading them, damn it. Maybe I'll kick the habit after Tohr's book since he's one of the only original brothers without a story. MAYBE.

    2. Maybe--that's what I've been saying for the past six books.

      then again, I did manage to kick the Carpathians habit, so there's hope for me.

      Please, let there be hope.

    3. @azteclady Only SIX? So you haven't read past Phury's book? If it helps ... I think the worst is behind you.

      I kicked the Carpathians habit, too, although I have always wanted to read Dimitri and Skyler's story so I might read that one when it comes out. If it EVER comes out!

    4. Oh no, I have read the lot of them (cursing my weakness every single time) and each time I promise myself I'll let you. Knowing what happens with or to whomever can't be worth being subjected to the brands, the "ancient language" and the fact that all characters have exactly the same voice, no matter who they are, where they come from--or what the hell is going on in any given scene.

    5. @azteclady You're right. The character voices are all the same.. just different circumstances in each book, right? *sigh* I can't help it.. I still want to experience the journey and not just have someone tell me who ends up with who and how. I refuse to buy them hardcover though.. so I borrow it from the library when it comes out and then buy the paperback for my shelf for possible re-reads a year or so later. I'm a sucker.

  6. I think the fact that Roarke is so involved is one complaint that everyone has about the series. Now though, I just feel it's normal. I mean, why keep feeling frustrated about it ^_^;

    I just enjoy Summerset and his sharp tongue. I liked that he knows when to push Eve's buttons so she's in a happier mood :) Love his soft side with the cat LOL.

    1. @nath sometimes you give the simplest, best advice ever when it comes to books. Why keep feeling frustrated about it, indeed! You are SO right. I'm going to try to let go of my hangup with this scenario. Hopefully I'll be reading Creation in Death this month. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

      I enjoy Summerset's sharp tongue, too. He's just so solid and consistent, too.

  7. Only a few short comments…

    Innocent in Death is one of my favorites in this series, if not even the best.

    I'm afraid to check what ID book I'm reading. You are probably only a few books behind. There goes my lead ;) I should really get back to these books… Hopefully this month. I know I would love them, but there are so many other books in my TBR pile that I just can't seem to move them aside for a while and read about Eve and Roarke…


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