Friday, April 15, 2011

Library Loot XXXIV

Library Loot is a weekly event co-hosted by Claire from The Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader that encourages bloggers to share the books they’ve checked out from the library. If you’d like to participate, just write up your post-feel free to steal the button-and link it using the Mr. Linky any time during the week. And of course check out what other participants are getting from their libraries! This week's Library Loot is at Claire's.

It's been weeks and weeks since I last posted my library loot. The books I've listed here have been borrowed from three different libraries at various times over the last several weeks--except for the last one listed that I just picked up yesterday. I've actually read and returned most of the others already.

Foiled by Jane Yolen, Illustrated by Mike Cavallaro
Amulet, Book 2: The Stonekeeper's Curse  and 
Amulet, Book 3: The Cloud Searchers by Kazu Kibuishi

Maximum Ride, The Manga, Vol. 1 by James Patterson, Illustrated by Na Rae Lee
Frankenstein the Graphic Novel: Original Text by Mary Shelly

Foiled was ok--not bad, but not terribly exciting either.

The Amulet series is great--beautiful artwork and an emotional and suspenseful story line in a carefully crafted fantasy world.

I've always been curious about James Patterson's Maximum Ride series so I thought reading the graphic novel for the first installment would be a clever way to get a taste for it. I actually gave up on it. I liked the story premise from what I could gather of it so far, but I just couldn't get the hang of the text boxes or who was who. I think I'd be better off just reading the full length novel.

The final graphic novel I grabbed was Frankenstein. It was so gratifying to read Jane Eyre the Graphic Novel in original text format last month, that I just had to expose myself to another classic novel via it's graphic novel adaptation. I'll let you know how it goes when I get to it.

The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas
This was the March book selection for the Authors by the Alphabet Book Club. It's a book about close friendships among a group of women in rural Kansas who quilt together during the depression era. There's also a bit of a murder mystery in the story. You can read my review here.

Still Life with Husband by Lauren Fox
This is April's book selection for the Authors by the Alphabet Book Club. We skipped the letter 'E', which in theory doesn't bother me, because this book club is a fun way to explore new to me authors and genres, discuss books and meet new friends. But I have to admit I feel kind of uneasy about skipping letter 'E.'

Anyway, this pick is a contemporary women's fiction, I think likely chick-lit, which is fine by me. :) I'm looking forward to discussing this one with the group.

And finally.... yay! :) 

River Marked by Patricia Briggs
This is the sixth book in the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series. I am a huge fan of this series and have been anticipating this book release for months. And then impatiently waiting for my turn on the holds list for the last few weeks. I can't wait to dive in!

I currently have books out from three different libraries... and before I picked up River Mark, I had a book on hold at each one, no less. Crossing my fingers they don't all come in at the same time, especially since they're all new releases that I can only borrow for two weeks and not renew if there's someone waiting after me. In that case, I'd better read fast!

Do you borrow from more than one library? 

Do you have a particular method of keeping track of all your holds. borrowed books and due dates?


  1. Lili has the Maximum Rides if you want to borrow them... she also has the graphic novels. She really like the series, which is nice, since she's pretty picky about second and third books. Most series don't go the long haul with her ;)

    River Marked I quite enjoyed.... hope you like it too :)

  2. Good morning, Mariana. :)
    I will let you know about the Maximum Ride books. I'm pretty sure the library has them, but if I need to look at them for a long time before I pick the first one up, I'm probably better off borrowing Lili's copies! lol

    I wonder if the graphic novel versions are more enjoyable after you've already read the full length novels?

    I can't wait for River Marked. Great motivation to finish my current read.

  3. I'm terrible about keeping track of when my books are due. But my library sends me a reminder about 3 days before the book is due. And I'm obsessive about checking my queue (mainly to see if I have anything new to pick up) so I can usually see if I have to return anything or try to extend the return date.
    Yay for graphic novels!

  4. Lots of interesting titles here, all new to me. Enjoy your loot!

  5. I just added River Marked to my hold list, yay!

    I check online to see when things are due. I was a lot more obsessive at the old house, because the new library waives all late fees if you return the books inside the library (not in the box) on Wednesdays and Sundays. So I'll check to see what has to go back on one of those days and make sure I take them in.

  6. Looks like a good library haul! The kids and Chris are reading The Amulet series right now, too.
    I keep tabs on my due dates through the library website, mostly because I check daily for arrivals of my holds and new books in the catalogue.
    I don't really borrow from more than one library because if there is a book I want that is at another branch I have it sent to mine for pick-up.
    Skipping a letter would bother me, too. *G*

    Have fun with your books!

  7. Yeah for getting River Marked! Hope you enjoy it!

    I borrow from both county and city library systems. County is closest to home but city has best selection of paperback, which make up the majority of my library books.

    Both systems have online account logins where I keep track of books checked out, requested and create bookshelves of books I want to get and what branches they're available at. At home I keep all my library books on one bookcase so they don't get mixed in with the giant TBR pile. :)

  8. I haven't taken out more than one book from the library in a while. It's pretty much been my book club books since I'm trying to whittle my tbr pile. We'll get to the letter E on the next go round ;) it'll only take us a few years :p maybe I'll give it a shot and see if I can find one. I tend to be a bit anal and like to progress in order if at all possible.

    I love Mercy!!! This ranks up their with one of my fave series. Would you believe my library does not have any of these!! The library is so beautiful, a historic building, but some of these books they just don't have. You can see it here -

    Looking forward to the next discussion too :)

    Tomes Devotee

  9. Linda, I get that 3 day reminder from my library, too, but sometimes three days is a long time and I still forget. lol!

    Thanks, Claire!

    Lisa, I'm hoping to start River Marked by Sunday. I need to finish my current book first.

    Brandy, Ooo! I hope Chris and the kids like the Amulet series. Have you guys watched any Hayao Miyasaki movies? I bet you'd like them. I recommend you start with My Neighborhood Totoro and maybe Kiki's Delivery Service. Those are the most kid friendly for Son.

    Leslie, that's great that your city library has a lot of paperbacks. The local libraries here don't have a lot... especially current releases. I think they wait for patron donations.

    I started keeping a library bookshelf in the family room, too. Otherwise they get too mixed up with the stuff we own and I lose track.

    Paula, your library is GORGEOUS! Wow. I hear you on efforts to whittle the TBR in your house. I have been reading an unusual number of library books lately... neglecting the books I own.

    So glad it's not just me who has hangups leaving poor E behind. lol! ;)

    I love Mercy, too!! How could you not, right?

  10. I borrow from 2 bricks and mortar libraries regularly and the good thing is that I can return them at either and they courier them back to their destination. The library I use the most is a digital one though, for ebooks, no need to worry about returning, they just expire on my reader.

  11. I borrow a bunch from the library, but then never have time to read them. So the library sends me angry messages and eventually I return them, unread, and pay my fine. :(

    But I love libraries!

  12. The Amulet covers are very appealing!

    All the librarie systems (six) in my city amalgamated, and each had numerous libraries attached to it...and now I can borrow from them all! *hysterical laughter* It's...bliss!

    But I have to admit I feel kind of uneasy about skipping letter 'E.'

    Could you sneak in an 'E' book anyway? Just for you?

  13. I tend to borrow from one library for actual books (although I do get lots of ILLs in), but I borrow ebooks from two other libraries as well.

    Enjoy your loot!

  14. I keep track of my library reads with their website. It really helps because I can renew my books on their website as well. It sounds like you've got some good reading ahead of you...I'm a huge fan of the Mercy Thompson series myself. Enjoy :)

  15. Glad you are still enjoying the Amulet series! After seeing you list it on GR, I got it for the kid. It's waiting for its turn in the night time story queue, so I'll let you know how it goes!

    This week, I picked up Suzanne Brockmann's latest, Breaking the Rules, though honestly I just signed up for the audiobook's wait list. So, I might return this hardcover (so heavy on my joints), unread.
    I also got the Eon (YA fantasy) audiobook after hearing KMont and Has talk it up on Twitter.

    Have a great week, Christine! :-)

  16. Good haul there Christine! I have Still Life with Husband in my tbr pile, so I look forward to your thoughts on it. :P

  17. Woohoo, I'm happy you got your hands on River Marked, Christine! Hope you like it :)

    I only borrow from one library and one is enough LOL. As for keeping track, I can di it online, so that helps :)

  18. Thanks again to you all for checking out my library loot! Sorry for the delay in responding to your latter comments. What a weekend!

    Sean, I still haven't tried borrowing ebooks, but I will venture there soon. I've seen a lot listed in the new books available list at the library.

    Ciara, you will probably go back to borrowing books again when J gets a little older. It's a great place to frequent with your tot.

    orannia, my library can get books from many other libraries in our region for me to borrow, but the book has to have been released for 6 months or more first. So no new releases. It's still a nice arrangement, though.

    So glad it's not just me who feels odd about skipping 'E'! LOL! I think Paula may choose an 'E' book next.

    Marg, I have to seek out more ILLs. I'm often too lazy to ask.

    samantha, I can renew online, too. I sometimes forget though.. I can't wait for Mercy! :)

    Renee, SO awesome that your son is going to read the Amulet series! I hope he likes it. :)

    KMont was talking up a book?! Then you know it's a winner... lol I'll add Eon to my list.

    ames, thanks! I'll be reviewing Still Life with Husband for the book club, so you'll get to find out my thoughts by the end of the month!

    nath, I hope I like River Marked, too! I'm sure I will... it's just a matter of how MUCH. ;)

    There is a lot to be said about borrowing one book at a time from the library! I should try that....

  19. My city and county libraries recently merged, so I tend to only use one library but it's a huge one with zillions of branches. I do have a card to the next system over that I use in emergencies (like my library doesn't have my book).

    The four kids all each have their own cards, so I use to keep track. They bundle up everything into one email -- due dates, holds, and anything late. The mail comes once a week unless there is something pending (late book, hold on shelf), so really it comes almost every day :-).

  20. Hi Beth!
    I tend to use the same three libraries a lot, but try to only borrow one book from the two neighboring libraries at a time so that I don't lose track. From my own town's library... the sky's the limit and I borrow, borrow, borrow! That one I can keep tabs online.

    I have my kids-- and my husband! borrow on my card just so I can keep tabs on their loot because it's almost ALWAYS me who does the online renewing and book returning anyway! LOL!

    Thanks for stopping over. :)


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