Monday, July 12, 2010

Life is a bowl of cherries

Of course once you've eaten all the cherries I guess you could say life is the pits.

LOLOL! ^_^

In the kitchen:
I'm going to try to make time tomorrow to make Cherry Jam using Tracy's recipe at the Sugarcrafter blog. I already washed, pitted, and sliced the four cups of cherries I need for the jam. The cherries in the photo are the cherries I have left over. I made some white chocolate dipped cherries last week and I only tasted one before I gave them away to a friend, but it was so delicious. I really want make more. I also saw a recipe for rum soaked cherries at Rebecca's Foodie with Family blog that I'm dying to make, so I don't know what to do. I could go out and buy more cherries and make both, but (a) I don't have too much time to invest in the kitchen this week and (b) I still have all those blueberries to bake, freeze, and eat! Decisions, decisions!

In books:
I haven't read much in the last several weeks, which has been so frustrating. I have plenty of books to read... plenty that I'm even interested in reading, but I'm just not finding the time to read during the day and at night I start falling asleep as soon as I open a book or my laptop. Needless to say, I'm falling behind very quickly in my monthly reading goals in order to meet my 100+ Books in 2010 Reading Challenge. Well, the last thing I want to do is make reading feel like homework, so I'm just going to roll with it and see how it goes from here.

Right now I'm reading Provocative In Pearls by Madeline Hunter. It's the second book in her newest Rarest Blooms Quartet and I'm enjoying it very much. I've also got a stack of really fun non fiction books that I'm reading here and there as well.

In sports:
I guess you all know by now that The World Cup is over--congratulations to Spain! I have to admit that I had so much fun keeping up with this year's World Cup. My husband has been a football fan since he was a kid {many World Cups ago}, but this was the first year I followed it so closely. I was watching games, looking up results on the FIFA app on my iPhone and keeping tabs on my bracket in the pool I joined with my husband and his football buddies. I didn't win the pool, but ended somewhere in the middle so at least I didn't embarrass myself too badly. ;)

As far as my sports go, I haven't been running much since May because I've been trying to do all low or no impact workouts in order the heel planter fasciitis in my right foot that has been ailing me for some time now. It is healing, but it's taking a long time. One day last week, though, I went for a run anyway. I had overslept my alarm and didn't have a lot of time to devote to working out that day, so a 2 mile run seemed like just the power workout I needed. It was pretty hot and humid, so I took it easy, but was super thrilled to discover that I can now run a 10 minute mile! When I checked my pace at the 1 mile mark, I was surprised at my pace because I didn't feel like I was pushing so hard and yet I ran the first mile in 10:03. I finished the second mile at 20:00! As I ran the second mile, I thought to myself how many textbooks I would need to put in a backpack to simulate the 25 pounds I've lost since April. Then I envisioned wearing that backpack and running two miles. Um, no way. I'm never going to do that again! I wonder how fast I'll be when I get to my goal weight!

I've been cycling a lot over the last several weeks, and I'm happy to report that that mountain is feeling smaller every time. The down side is that I got a three flat tires in the last two weeks and it is not like the Tour de France where your team car follows you along and hands you a new bike when you get a flat. Nope. You have to stop and change it yourself using a handy dandy tire changing kit that you keep stowed in a pouch under your seat. Quite a few tears later, at least now I can do it by myself. :)

That about sums up my bowl of cherries this week, what about yours?

What seasonal food are you enjoying right now?

What are you reading?

What activities are you doing outdoors?


  1. I have a bowl of cherries right here which I'll be bringing to work.

    I'm reading Skein of the Crime by Maggie Sefton.

    It's been too humid to do any of my walking. I'm hoping it lets up a bit.

    Have a good Tuesday.

  2. Great Post Christine. I'm in the middle of 2 weeks off & feeling quite mellow. Besides cherries, I love watermelon. Since I'm a salad freak, I'm happy about all the fresh stuff available especially herbs from the garden.
    I'm reading Exorcising Sean's Ghost
    by Beth Kery (next will be Fleet Blade & Velvet Cataclysm by her).
    I'm enjoying playing tennis outdoors instead of indoors (although indoors is great with no sun or having to tie back your hair).

  3. LOL Christine:

    Those cherries sound so yummy. Have you ever read the Irma Bombeck book "If Life is a Bowl of Cherries why am I in the Pits?". LOL Hilarious satirical story.

    I'm reading a YA novel that is really good but like you, time has been so sparce that I've not finished it yet. I will be reviewing it soon.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying summer. :-)

  4. We eat a ton of watermelon and grapes in the summer. Yummy. Oh, and strawberries, too. *sighs with delight*

    In SoCal, it's harder to enjoy the outdoors in summertime, since it can get over 100 most days where I live. But, I've been enjoying my morning walks. The dog? Yeah, she isn't enjoying them as much, LOL.

    I just finished Cold Sight from Leslie Parrish, and wow was it good. She reads so much like Karen Rose. Just awesome.

  5. I giggled at the life is the pits gag. *is easily amused*.

    There were some flats that cost certain people a lot of time in the Tour de France this year! Have you been watching it? It's like required viewing in our household. The husband is very into it.

  6. Dru...
    Aren't the cherries so good right now? I couldn't stop eating them yesterday when I was prepping the cherries for the jam!

    Skein of the Crime! I Love the play on words on some of these cozy mystery books. Actually, I'm just assuming this one is considered "cozy." Am I right?

    The humidity has been better this week, I think. I have been biking early--between 6-7:30 am. Any later and it does get way too hot and the air is way too thick.

    Good for you for getting in the mellow zone during your time off from work! That's the way it's supposed to be! :)

    We love watermelon, too... especially on hot days when we've been outdoors. It's so thirst quenching and has just the right amount of sweetness to stave off hunger, too.

    I LOVE fresh herbs in the summer, too. My herb garden is sort of in limbo since the addition, but really, I can't use that as an excuse anymore as we've been back in the house for a year now. My neighbor just brought me a generous handful of dill from her mother's garden and a few cucumbers, too. I'm going to make a salad with that today or tomorrow. Yum!! So refreshing.

    Is the book you're reading a new paranormal by Ms. Kery?

    Having to worry about sunscreen is an added "burden" if you will to exercising outdoors, isn't it? As for tying back your hair--I always tie mine back when I exercise. I get so hot with it on my neck or sides of my face otherwise. :)

    No, I haven't read that Irma Bombeck book. And here I thought I was so clever with that insight to cherries and the pits. LOL!

    You're reading a YA novel? Sweet! I didn't think that was a genre choice of yours. I'll look for your review! :)

    I hope you're having a wonderful summer, too, Lea! xoxo

    Another vote for watermelon. We like cantaloupe and honeydew as well. Good summertime post workout snacks! :)

    I know what you mean about not enjoying the outdoors as much when it's so hot--especially when it's hot and humid. That humidity zaps your energy and makes it stifling to even breathe! Bleh. Those days the only places to be are the beach, pool, lake or river.

    Thanks for the Leslie Parrish rec! I have seen her name floating around but haven't really taken the time to pay attention to opinions on her work. I'll have to look into it now.

    Hey!!! :)
    I am also easily amused at little gags like "the bowl of cherries, life is the pits, etc." Heck, I even laughed at my own pun. ;-)

    Yeah, I'm aware of those flats costing certain people a lot of time in the TdF. Crashes, too, right? That's gotta hurt... physically and spiritually.

    I actually haven't been watching the Tour on TV like we usually do, but my husband was actually in Europe for the start of the Tour. He saw parts of the first two stages in the Netherlands and was even near Lance's team bus at the end of stage 2 in Brussels. Nearly got crushed in the masses, but I imagine it was thrilling nonetheless.

    Those cyclist are really amazing athletes. The speeds they maintain for all those miles. In the climbs too?! It almost seems impossible!

  7. Hi Christine
    Sean's Ghost sounds para but it's a contemp. VC is the para (with vampires). Fleet Blade is a historical. I love everything she writes.

    In the winter, I play tennis on regular oourts covered only with a bubble. We're usually so cold till we start playing that I never tie my hair back. In the spring & fall when it starts to warm up outside then we're warmer in the bubble.

  8. OOh, cherries! Love cherries, strawberries, watermelon, grapes, blueberries and blackberries this time of year. I've been craving plums this week and may have to give in and buy some. Sad thing is our part of the US is pretty famous for peaches and I detest them. *G*

    I couldn't imagine exercising with my hair down. Heck, I wear a french braid almost every single day of the year anyway. *G*

    WTG on the mile timing! That is awesome! How did your feet feel afterwards? You're biking out doors and I'm biking indoors, it's way to hot and humid here to ride outside. Um, and I don't have a bike. Outdoor sports? Well, does oodles of yard work count? *G* I kick a soccer ball around with the kids and we have a bow and arrow set we like to use when the weathers nice.

    I was glad to read someone comment about the Leslie Parish book. I want it and want to read it, but was worried because it's a new-to-me author. Right now I'm reading a compilation of Cathy comics and also Silent Scream by Karen Rose.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  9. I love chilled pineapple in the summer. It's very cool and refreshing! I'm so glad that the World Cup is over. Now I can get my boyfriend back! Lol.

  10. Mary...
    Wow. I hadn't realized Beth Kery wrote across all those subgenres!

    Sounds like you play a lot of tennis! I haven't played in a long time. I wasn't very good when I did, either. LOL!

    My girls love plums, but they're not one of my favorites. I do like them baked on a tart or made into jam, though. We usually get them in our co-op a lot this time of year, but we haven't gotten any yet. Maybe soon...

    I ALWAYS wear my hair up or back when I exercise, too. Even running in the winter!

    My feet did okay after the 2 mile run, but I think they would have really hurt if I did more. I actually broke my low impact vow and went to my favorite Cardio Interval class the other day. I just missed the intensity, the loud music and the teacher yelling at us to go faster, harder, stronger. That afternoon, my heel was hurting... so back to no and low impact for the rest of the summer. :(

    It has been hot and humid here, too, but I don't mind the biking as much in that because you make your own breeze when you go fast. ^_^ tee hee!! I also make sure I go early when the temp and humidity are at their lowest for the day.

    And yes! Oodles of yard work counts!

    I LOVE fresh pineapple, too!! One of my faves all year long actually.

    LOL! On being glad the World Cup is over so you get your man back! Next time, just join him! I bet you could get into following football. It's fun.

  11. I don't actually like cherries. However, I did discover a South Island cherry farm that sells export quality (here in NZ the export quality fruit, vegetables and meat gets...well, exported :) cherries here in NZ. The first variety fruits(?) right before Christmas.

    My best friend has had planter fasciitis - ouch! Hope it all right as rain soon. And congrats on the 10-minute mile - WOW!

    Christine - if you don't mind my asking, do you have a goal weight?

  12. We are eating a ton of raspberries. The kiddo loves them! My mom is going back to the farm and bringing me some early tomatoes. yummmmm!

    I am trying to finish On Folly Beach by Karen White. it's good but I keep getting distracted by others. grr.

    We just suited up our bikes with a seat for the little one so we have been biking a lot and going to the beach. He loves it!

    So good to hear about your days!! Take care sweetie!

  13. orannia...
    You don't like cherries? My husband isn't crazy about them either. He thinks maybe it reminds him too much of medicine that he hated when he was a kid. The one way he does like cherries is in this Cherry Breakfast Bread that I usually make every year during cherry season. I didn't make it this year because we're both being ultra careful in our diets these last few months and we'd finish the whole loaf of bread in 24 hours easy just the two of us. Mind you, my husband is already lean and very fit... he's just on a mission to get his six pack abs showing and he's looking mighty fine if I may say so myself. Ooo la la. ;)

    Okay, that really stinks that NZ exports all the good stuff from your own country. :(

    How long did it take for your friend's planter fasciitis heal? I've been diligent about avoiding high impact for at least a month now. Well, mostly. I feel like maybe I'm a bit more than halfway healed. :/

    And I do have a weight goal... it's 26 kg total loss, so I'm just about halfway there. If you looked at me now, you probably wouldn't think I still had 13 kg to lose, but I do! It's buried in there.. .trust me. I am a bit overdue for my physical, so I will consult my doctor soon to make sure it's healthy, but I'm 99.99% sure my goal is realistic. :)

  14. Michelle...
    MMMmmm! RASPBERRIES!! We love them, too. We usually go picking for the fall raspberries in late August, early September. I can't wait! :)

    Aww... my girls used to love riding in the bike seat behind us. So darling. I take it by "going to the beach" you are referring to lake beaches? Is there sand? I bet that little red headed child needs LOTS of sunscreen. :D

    Glad to hear you are having a fun summer, too! xo

  15. LOL, I guess it would be a nice analogy for the ups and downs in life :)

    So, how did you the jam turn out?

  16. OMG nath, I'm so upset. I screwed up with those cherries. I should have known... and now I've learned my lesson the hard way. So I had those cherries washed, pitted and sliced to make 4 cups--probably took me a good 30-45 minutes to do. The problem started when I ran into some difficulty setting aside 2 hours of uninterrupted time in thekitchen to make and process the jam. Making jam is easy... but you are kind of doing three things at once, so you have to be focused and you can't stop the process once you start it. So when I took the cherries from the fridge yesterday (barely 3 days after prepping them) to finally make the jam, they were moldy. I had to throw it all away. I was so mad at myself. I KNOW cherries are highly perishable and even more so once they are washed and cut up. Three days was way too long... I should have made the jam on Tuesday. What an expensive mistake! Cherries are $2.49/lb. here right now and I probably used a good 3 lbs. of cherries to get 4 cups. I was VERY upset. Aargh! I cursed and then I cried. :(

    Now THAT's the pits, you know?

    I'm contemplating starting all over tomorrow... I haven't decided if I'm too discouraged or not.

  17. Awww Christine :( Sorry I'm late reading this! Ugh, that definitively sucks :( Well lesson learned, right? Did you start over? Probably not since you're probably so busy getting ready for your vacation. You can do without cherry jam :)


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