Friday, July 30, 2010

Back from Vacation

I've recently returned home from a busy and fun-filled Pacific Northwest road trip vacation with my family. We had incredibly perfect weather--warm, sunny days with NO humidity and cool nights. Either we struck it lucky or someone has been making up all those rumors about the Pacific Northwest being perpetually damp.

I came home with a lot of great photos of our trip and of course, wonderful memories of quality time spent with my family. Unfortunately, I also came home with an icky head cold. I had a couple of posts planned for the end of the month that I still hope to get to such as a post about our trip including photos, my annual Christmas in July giveaway, and of course, the July In Death Challenge post, which I'll post tomorrow.

I hope you've all been well and I look forward to catching up with you on your blogs this week! :)


  1. Glad you had a great time Christine. Did you stumble across any vampires or werewolves why you were up there? ;)

  2. I'm glad you had a good time.

    You'll have to tell me about your trip and the sights you're seeing because I'm going to the Pacific Northwest next month.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Such a beautiful part of the country! And so many great things to see. I'm glad you had fun. Did you drive out and back? For us, the drove cross-country is always a treat. We love the great plains, too.

  4. Welcome back, Christine! I hope you had a great time in one of my favorite parts of the country. Can't wait to hear all about your experience.

  5. Welcome back, Christine! I'm glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

    Hope you get better soon. :)

  6. Welcome back, darling! I'm glad you had a good time. I'm not glad you have a cold! Rest up and I look foward to seeing some pics.

    Take care,

  7. Sounds like you had a great time! Sorry you came home with a cold, though.

  8. Can't wait to see you pictures! Glad you had a good time.

  9. Welcome Back! Can't wait to see the pictures you choose to share. I hope your trip went well and that y'all had a wonderful time!

  10. Welcome Back! Can't wait to see the pictures you choose to share. I hope your trip went well and that y'all had a wonderful time!

  11. Thanks for all the welcome home and get well wishes, everyone! I finally slept well last night and thankfully woke up feeling SO much better this morning. : )

    Anna : Ha! No supernatural creatures spotted in the forests. ;)

    Dru : I'll definitely fill you in on where we went and what we did--and where we ate, too. I have to warn you, though, we tend to pack A LOT into our vacations. I don't know how we manage, but we do!

    Phyl : Okay, so maybe your definition of road trip is more elaborate than mine! LOL! We flew out to Portland and then drove about 700-800 miles between there, Seattle, Vancouver and Whistler/Blackcomb, B.C. Then flew home from Vancouver, B.C. My husband always says he wants to rent an RV and drive cross country, though, so maybe we'll do that one day.

    Hilcia : Thanks! I can't wait to tell you about my trip. I loved it out there and hope to go back someday.

    Taja : Thanks! I hope you had a great time on your vacation, too! I want to swap vacation photos (and videos!) and stories with you. ;)

    Michelle : I look forward to sharing some pics with you. I saw the pic of your boy washing his Cozy Coupe on Facebook. Omgosh he's so darling! Would you believe I still can't part with my girls' Cozy Coupe?

    Lori : Our trip was a lot of fun! It sucks coming home with a cold, but I am grateful I wasn't sick ON vacation.

    Linda : Thanks! I had a vague recollection that you lived in the Pacific Northwest, so I waved to you while I was out there. Did you see? ;)

    Brandy : Thank you! I have to say our trip went very smoothly--thank goodness! :)

    Now to go through all 900 some odd photos I took and pick out a few to share with all of you....

  12. Feel better soonest, Christine!

    Did I mention that I envy you your wonderful vacation? Not that I'm not happy for YOU, only wish I could do it too.

    One of these days...

    Me, I'm 'back' from RWA--at least I think I am, but who knows? my brain may very well still be wandering the hallways at the Dolphin...

  13. Hope you're feeling better. :) I've always wanted to go to the Pacific Northwest - can't wait to see the pictures!

  14. Welcome back, Christine :D Happy to hear you had a good time!! Looking forward to all of your postts :D

  15. azteclady : Aww, thanks! I hope you get to take a vacation like I did some day. There are so many amazing places in our country to visit... I'm lucky to have had this opportunity to go to the PNW. :)

    And hey! You got to go to RWA?! Sweet!!!! I'm embarrassed to say I was so wrapped up in my own world that I totally forgot it was going on. Oops! I'm sure I'll catch up on all the details as I blog hop this week. :)

    Leslie : I'm glad I'm better, too! I'm hoping to get some photos up early this week. *fingers crossed*

    nath : Thanks! I always love YOUR vacation or getaway recap posts. I hope mine will be at least half as charming as yours. ;)

  16. We have a pop-up tent trailer and have camped our way out west well over a dozen times in the 30+ years we've been married. Wonderful trips, all, including driving the trans-Canada highway. I highly recommend it. There's only one state in the lower 48 we haven't been to together, and that's Oregon. I'm shooting for next summer.

  17. I went camping with my family in a pop up camper a few times when I was very young and remember it fondly. Those campers are so cool!

    It sure sounds like you guys have had some amazing journeys together over the years, Phyl. I can't believe you've been to all of those states!!! That's impressive. I hope you get to Oregon next summer. And then maybe eventually to Alaska and Hawaii, too!

    My husband just mentioned the trans-Canada highway to me a little while ago. How weird is that? He mentioned it while looking into Banff National Park as a possible vacation destination for next summer.

  18. Oooh, it's a sign! Seriously, if you can do it, it's a wonderful trip. Banff & Jasper (just north of Banff) are gorgeous and worth the effort & expense.

    We've done Hawaii but not Alaska. We want to drive to Alaska and because of the time commitment and narrow window of the short summer when the road is passable, we're waiting for retirement. Which isn't all that far off.

  19. So glad you're back and the weather was good :) Sorry to hear about the head cold - hope you're feeling better soon!

  20. Phyl : We're already talking about next year's vacation and I think it's going to be a toss up between Banff & Jasper OR Yellowstone. Hawaii is also on my list, but we might save that one for when it's just me and the husband. Alaska is on the list, too. If you're a wilderness girl, how can you not have Alaska on your list, right? ;)

    orannia : Thanks, love. I'm glad to be home and feeling better now. :)


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