Friday, June 11, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce

Eleven pounds of strawberries was A LOT of berries, so I've been busy with a lot of strawberry recipes. This one features the classic combination of strawberries and rhubarb together. One of my favorite springtime desserts is strawberry rhubarb pie, but no one else in my family is a fan, so I decided to make a strawberry rhubarb sauce to get my fix of this springtime classic.

Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce
This sweet-tart sauce is so versatile. For a treat, spoon some over ice cream or frozen yogurt, or try some poured over pound cake. For breakfast, try the sauce on toast like jam or swirl some into plain yogurt and sprinkle with granola.

1 lb. strawberries (about 2 pints)
1/2 lb. rhubarb
1/3 cup sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 tablespoon crystalized ginger

Slice the strawberries.

Prep the rhubarb as you would celery.

Sometimes the stalks can be stringy, so trim the ends of the rhubarb and remove any fibrous strings along the length, if necessary.

Then slice the rhubarb.

Combine all ingredients in a non reactive, medium saucepan.

Bring mixture to a boil over medium high heat, stirring constantly.

Cook for 10 minutes or until fruit breaks down and sauce thickens.

Remove from heat and let cool for 10-15 minutes before serving.

Store any remaining sauce in a clean glass jar in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Enjoy! :)

... my next strawberry recipe was inspired by a comment from one of my readers in my strawberry picking post. I hope to get it posted later this afternoon. Right now I'm racing to sew a few patches onto my youngest daughter's girl scout sash for her end of the year ceremony. She is not only bridging from Junior girl scouts to Cadettes, but she is also receiving her Bronze Award today! I'm so proud of her! :)


  1. Congratulations to your Daughter! On both bridging and her award! I always wonder what can be done with rhubarb, and usually it's paired with strawberries. This sauce looks yummy.
    Have a great day!

  2. Your last few posts have been making me so hungry! Not fair.

    Congrats to youngest!!

  3. WOW! I'm so impressed! Congrats to your daughter by the way! She doesn't seem to fall from her tree. Today it's the strawberry tree. :O)

  4. this looks so yummy! I had to go get berries & rhubarb today too. My kids will only eat homemade strawberry jelly & my F-in-L needs his rhubarb pie fix. I probably should be in the kitchen instead of at the pc... oh, well. I'm just tired!!
    I'm so happy for your youngest! Those are quite a lot of work - what a terrific accomplishment!

  5. Looks very yummy! I'll have to try it myself soon.

  6. Congratulations to your daughter on both the bridging and her award!

    And...YUM! And I'm not even sure if I like rhubarb :) (My mother did.)

    My garden is a mess ATM. I so need a break in the weather (it's been raining on and off for over a month) so I can weed. Oh, and I haven't forgotten about the relish recipe. I'll hopefully send it tonight.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everyone! You all brightened my day every time I read one of your comments in my email and I appreciate all the congratulations for my daughter's bridging and bronze award ceremonies. You should have seen me Friday.. I was so pressed for time that I actually used my hot glue gun to put all of her badges and patches on her sash for the ceremony. This is the mom who one year ago was scout leader for both my daughters... one year later I'm a delinquent mom GLUING badges on a sash. I'm half laughing at myself and half ashamed of myself. LOL!

    Anyway, I made homemade strawberry daiquiris Friday night and they were SO easy and SO yummy! I'll post a recipe for that this week. I still have some rhubarb left so I may make an Apple Rhubarb Crisp this week and post that if I do.

    Thanks again for checking out my food posts and taking the time to comment! :)

    Bon Apetit! :)

  8. I adore strawberry rhubarb! I'm definitely going to try this sometime soon. I'd probably just eat it right out of the jar with a

    Congrats to your daughter, too! Little Man is in Boy Scouts and his bridging over was a very big deal.

  9. Congratulations to your little one!

    Another recipe for my growing pile... I love strawberry everything. :D

  10. Lots of red and yummy!

    C, Congrats to your lovely daughter.

  11. Yum, this looks amazing! Love the addition of crystallized ginger. Ginger + rhubarb = love. :-)

  12. Thanks for the congrats to my daughter for her girl scout accomplishments. I'm pretty proud of her for following through.. especially since I wasn't the leader 'making' her do it all this year. LOL.

    Holly, I hope you try the recipe. It's so easy to make and yeah... so easy to eat right out of the jar with a spoon. ;)

    Hilcia, you're so sweet "collecting" my recipes. ;)

    Natalie, it was A LOT of strawberries. Blueberries are next... only 2-3 weeks away here.

    Tracy, YES!!! Ginger + rhubarb = love!
    I contemplated making a chutney with the rhubarb and some onions, raisins, ginger and spices but my sweet tooth won out and I made this dessert sauce instead. :)

  13. Christine, thanks for linking in. I have now also pinned this to the special Pinboard I have created for Food on Friday: Rhubarb. You can see the other links at a glance there and pick the ones you want to check out. Cheers

  14. Thanks, Carole. I had actually bookmarked your blog with the links because I love rhubarb recipes, but your pinboard is even better. I want to make ALL of those recipes!


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