Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Library Loot IX

It's December! Can you believe it?

December is typically my slowest reading month of the year. And when I say slow, I mean s l o w. As in some years nonexistent. Last December, I read all of two books and in December 2007 I read zero books! Zero! This year, I'm determined to beat my record and make time to read at least four books this month. But it will have to get done somewhere between all my regular goings on plus all of those fun seasonal goings on like decorating the house for the holidays, baking holiday treats, making homemade gifts, shopping, entertaining friends, etc. So I may need a little luck to get those four books in. And maybe a little less sleep! ;)

Now for this week's Library Loot!

Library Loot is a weekly blog event that encourages bloggers to share what books they borrowed from the library that week. To participate, simply make your Library Loot post on your blog and link it using the Mr. Linky link at Marg's blog Reading Adventures or Eva's blog A Striped Armchair. FYI, this week's Mr.Linky is at Marg's.

Vision in White by Nora Roberts

Vision in White is the first novel in the new contemporary romance quartet titled The Bride Quartet by author Nora Roberts. Each book in the series features the love story of each of four friends who co-own a wedding service business as they find their own happily ever after. For months I've been pausing to admire the beautiful cover art for Vision in White every time I saw it featured on a book blog, probably starting with Hilcia's review on Musings of a Bibliophile where she guest blogs for Brie. Once the second novel was released earlier this fall, I began to pause to admire the cover art of Bed of Roses as well. Then once I read Lisa's review of Vision in White and in more or less the same week read (skimmed) the buddy review of Bed of Roses by nath, Ames, Monroe, and Chantal on Breezing Through, I realized I would probably really love these stories. So I put the two books on hold and finally got called by my library for Vision in White a few days ago. I'm really looking forward to reading it and will probably pick it up as soon as I finish the book I'm reading now. Especially since it's only a 14 day book and I've had it since the weekend already! Bed of Roses I will have to wait a bit longer for as I'm 8th on the hold list! Yikes!

Three to Get Deadly by Janet Evanovich.

I'm making my way through the first few books in the Stephanie Plum series. Strangely, my library doesn't have the third book. At all. It looks like they have books 1 and 2, then 4 through 15 or 16 or whatever the latest is, plus all the filler books in between. But no book 3. How did that happen? Anyway, I found the third book at a neighboring library and picked it up yesterday. I enjoyed the first two books in the series well enough, but I'm hoping that Stephanie develops some kind of "real" relationship with someone soon. Maybe with Joe or Ranger or even a woman for crying out loud. A best friend, a lover, something. All of her relationships seem to, I don't know, lack depth or something. She doesn't seem close with anyone. Except for maybe Grandma Mazur. Or her hamster. She needs some depth in her life. She also needs to eat better. Have you noticed that all she eats is junk food! That's no way to stay on top of her game. :)

Do you have any library loot this week?

What are you reading right now?


  1. Christine, aren't those covers yummy? I couldn't stop petting the cover when I read Bed of Roses, lol!

    Hope you enjoy Vision in White, I did!

  2. Hilcia, the covers are very beautiful. More beautiful than the covers to bridal magazines!

    I really need to keep better track of where I get my book recommendations from. I panicked when I saw your comment, thinking I forgot that I read a review from you, too! But I did a quick search on your blog and didn't find one. Did I miss it? I see you'll be posting a review of Bed of Roses soon...

  3. I loved the covers and paper edges on the Bridal Quartet books out so far. I enjoyed Vision in White, and actually enjoyed it more than Bed of Roses. *G* Three to Get Deadly was one of my favorite Plum books!
    No books from the library for me this week. Though I did just have hubs pick up a CD for me that had come in, Noel by Josh Groban. It's time for some Holiday music! *G*

    I hope you've had a wonderful day!

  4. thanks for reminding me that i need to hie myself to the library. it has been too long. :)

  5. LOL, Christine, no need to panic. I reviewed ViW for Musings when it released, but BoR is not up yet. *g*

  6. Hi Christine:

    It is such a busy time of year. I hear that Nora Roberts book is very good. :) The cover is certainly beautiful.


  7. Can you believe I've never read a Nora Roberts book, in my whole bookselling career? She has like a million books! Oh well.
    I read the first Evanovich and I just didn't find her very interesting really, just my opinion. So many people told me "They're so funny. Stephanie Plum is hilarious, blah blah" I guess I just didn't feel it.
    I like Lisa Lutz and Sue Grafton a whole lot better!
    I have a funny story about Evanovich. I'll email you.

  8. Uh... yeah, I got some loot this week. Three guesses. No? Ok. Glory In Death and Immortal In Death. Guess who I blame? LOLOL!!!!

    I also got a book called Miss Jacobson's Journey by Carola Dunn. A road trip regency about... wow... Jewish people, where being Jewish is an integral part of the romance and story. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. I forget whose blog I saw the rec on, but I'm forever grateful.

  9. Brandy, I think the art department with Roberts' publisher did a fabulous job with the Bride Quartet books. The cover art is gorgeous and the quality of the cover paper and the book pages and edges is wonderful, too. Even the text font is beautiful! LOL

    I almost considered buying them just so I could have them on my shelf. But I am trying very hard to save money by borrowing library books when I can.

    I love holiday music, too! :)

    sula, hie yourself to the library and get some loot! Then tell us what you got!

    Hilcia! Ahhh! I bet that's where I saw it, but forgot. Will edit my post to link there, too. I know I read your review and even commented!

    Lea, I'll be sure to let you know what I think of the Roberts book when I read it! :)

    Michelle, You've been in the bookselling business how long and you've never read a Nora Roberts book?!? I thought that would have been a prerequisite or something. ;)

    Between you and me, I like Lisa Lutz's Spellman Files books better than Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, too. I've never read Sue Grafton but think I may actually have one of her books! Maybe for the letter T. LOL Are her books lighthearted or serious?

    LOL, Lori!!! It's all my fault, I know! I'm glad you're digging the In Death books!!! :)

    I'm even more glad that you got wind of Carola Dunn's novel featuring a Jewish heroine and secondary characters, too! Wow! That is some find! I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on it. Score!! :)

    Thanks for checking out my loot and sharing yours, too! Happy Reading!

  10. Oh, I hope you enjoy the NR :) I liked it and yes, the cover is just sooo pretty!! :D I think they did a good job at marketing the book, it fits so well with its theme :)

    I hope you enjoy the Janet Evanovich :D My favorite is actually the next one, Four to Score :D

  11. Currently trying to read Knight of Darkness by Kinley McGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    I have a horrible time with libraries...I forget to return the books. I may have even gotten my last card revoked! O.O

    So I haven't tried in years. It would take an act of God to get me to mental enough to believe I return things on time.

  12. Oh I hope you love the NR! Carter is so yummy!

  13. I'm currently reading Shadow Magic (Jaida Jones & Daneille Bennett) [fantasy]. On the way home today I'll be picking up three books from the library, including Sarah Monette's Corambis, Juliet Mariller's Daughter of the Forest and CS Harris' What Remains of Heaven. Unfortunately, my hold on Melissa Marr's Fragile Eternity jumped, and so I had to place it again, and now I'm 20/20. However, I think I own's rather worrying I don't know, isn't it..

    Happy reading Christine!

  14. December is always a slow reading month for me, too. There's just so much holiday stuff going on! Your library books look great... love the cover of Nora Roberts book! Why have I never read anything by her?

  15. Yes those covers are lovely!

    LOL and yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking with the Stephanie Plum books, In fact that's one of the reasons some of my friends tapered out with the series haha they kept on saying, "She needs to make up her mind and choose someone"

  16. Hmm, not sure what to say about the Plum books. As much as I love enjoy them, the very things you mention are issues!

    I really enjoyed Vision in White, and I am hoping to pick up the next book in the series next time I visit my library, hopefully tomorrow.

    Enjoy your loot.

  17. I tried reading janet evanovich and i just couldnt get into her books..
    But i love nora roberts..although even she cant beat her earlier novels.. I wish she'd write the way she used to.. She came close to it with Black Hills but still not quite there..

    Nice blog btw..

  18. nath, I started Vision in White last night. I'm really enjoying it so far. I love the premise behind the series and actually love all the things each of the friends do--photography, flowers, cooking, etc. I'm not sure how much I'm going to relate to Parker, though. She's a tad type 'A' for me, but I'm hoping some man will come along and knock her off balance. LOL!

    dd03, say it isn't so!? I don't think you can have your library card revoked. LOL

    Lisa, I'm enjoying the NR book so far. I half expect the book to smell like roses every time I open it!

    orannia, I still need to read a Juliet Mariller novel. Which do you think I should start with?

    JoAnn, thanks for stopping by. As popular and successful as Nora Roberts is, it's always nice to learn I'm not the only one who hasn't read a lot--or any--of her work. This one is very sweet so far.

    KIKA, I'll read the third Stephanie Plum book, and probably the fourth because nath says it's her favorite (see above), but I'm not sure if I'll be captivated enough to read the remaining 15 books in the series. We'll see...

    Marg, it sounds like a lot of readers are saying the same thing about the Plum books. I'll read at least the next two and evaluate whether I want to continue. It's good to know they're at the library for me if I want them. :)

  19. Aleena, Thanks for stopping by to check out my library loot. It sounds like you've read a lot of Nora Roberts books. What would you recommend I try from her earlier works? I saw Black Hills at my library, too. I'll have to put that on my list, too.

    Have you read NR's In Death books yet? If you're thinking about trying them, I don't know if you saw in my sidebar that I've organized an In Death Reading Challenge for 2010. We'd love to have you join us. It's very laid back and I'm going to give some prizes along the way, too. No pressure, of course. ;)

    Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you visit often.

  20. I havent read the in death series although my friend is after me to try them.. i dont know if i want to be as hooked as she is.. lol.. she is always going on about roarke! Ill check out the challenge. I might just give it a try =)

    As for the early books.. all her books with contradictory names..
    hot ice
    sweet revenge
    public secrets
    genuine lies
    divine evil
    honest illusions
    private scandals

    I love sweet revenge, public secrets and honest illusions.. Ive read these books so many times!
    If you havent read them then you definitly should =)

  21. i beg to differ re: revocation of library card!

  22. Oh Evanovich :D
    Great loot this week

  23. I am waiting until all four books are out before I start reading the quartet. Love, love the Stephanie Plum series.

  24. I think I got the second Roberts novel in that series at the UBS when I went recently. Which is huge for me since I haven't read NR in YEARS (except 1 re-read this year). Let me know what you think of this one.

  25. Christine - I would definitely start with the Sevenwaters series. Hmmm... If you feel the need to start at the absolute beginning, start with Daughter of the Forest. Actually, Renee and I are buddying up to read it together - you're more than welcome to join us :) I actually read Heir to Sevenwaters first, which is the first book in the what will be second Sevenwaters trilogy (if that makese sense) and I LOVED it.

  26. Aleena, Thanks so much for Nora Roberts' recommendations. I made a note of these titles and will keep my eye out for them at the library.

    dd03, you're crazy! LOL

    Blodeuedd, thanks for checking out my loot! I haven't started the Evanovich book yet. Before the end of the year, though!

    Nise', thanks for visiting! It will be nice to read all four books in a row. But if you couldn't wait, you might like to know that the first book didn't end with a cliffhanger. ;)

    Tracy, Vision In White was very sweet. I really enjoyed it. I'm currently 7th on the hold list for the next one at my library. So hopefully sometime in the next 14 weeks, I'll get a call that it's my turn! LOLOL!

    orannia, thanks! I'll start with the Sevenwaters series, then. And yes... you made sense. Of course, I understood you 100%! We're book people. We speak the same language.


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