Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Congrats, IRON KISSED by Patricia Briggs!

In case you haven't already heard, Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs won the DA BWAHA Tournament last night!!! By a very narrow margin, I might add! Wow, that was close. Both novels are phenomenally written by two tremendously talented authors. If you haven't read one or both of these books yet, I strongly suggest you do. They are both really awesome reads.

So thanks to all of you who voted for Iron Kissed whether you voted because you read and loved the book or because you were thinking of me and Carolyn Jean. Wow... your votes could have been the ones to push Iron Kissed over the edge for the win. Thank you!

Carolyn Jean is so excited about her win that she is hosting an 'OMG I'm so excited I won' contest on her blog, The Thrillionth Page! She's giving away four books from the bracket, how cool is that? All you need to do is comment on which book from the entire bracket you're interested in reading and you're entered!

I have actually read a lot of the 64 books in the tournament (a few more are on my TBR pile) and of those I've read, 9 made it to the last 16 spots that made up the second tournament. Now I'm very interested in reading Be With Me by Maya Banks. It nearly beat The SpyMaster's Lady in the final four, so I've got to read it now, for sure.

Have you read Be With Me by Maya Banks already? Did you love it?


  1. Super congrats, Christine!!! *hug*

    I have. I reviewed it here. I think you'll like it.

  2. Thank you! :)

    Just read your review. Very interesting. I thought I caught wind that Be With Me was a menage. Didn't realize it was a menage a quatre! (sorry... lazy with the accents). Ooooeeee that's heavy stuff! I feel more compelled to read it simply to find out how Maya Banks is able to write a four way romantic relationship so convincingly.

  3. I just stopped at CJ's to offer her my congratulations and of course I had to come here and offer them to you too!!! A hearty High Five!!! How cool that I 'know' two of the big winners :)

  4. Yeay!!! I am so very excited that Iron Kissed won. I have not read that book yet, but I did have the pleasure of meeting Patricia Briggs this year and she is simply amazing, very kind and gracious. She will always have my support :)
    and you also xoxoxo

  5. I was in the top 50! :D
    So cool to know 2 people who won the big prize.

  6. Congratulations Cristine!

    I am delighted for you. :)

    Warm Regards

  7. Congrats Christine! Fantastic news!

    I've read Be With Me and I really liked it. I thought Maya Banks realistically delved into the thought processes behind each character's decision to commit to the relationship.

    *heading off to read azteclady's review*

  8. Congrats, Christine! :D

  9. OMG CONGRATS Christine how exciting!!!!!! Yay!

  10. I also read Be With Me by Maya Banks, and talked about my impressions here.

    I really enjoyed it.

    Congrats on winning, Christine! I hope you LOVE the iTouch.

  11. Fun stuff, Christine :) I really enjoyed Be With Me, it is one of my favorites by her. I do not know how to do a link in html tags so I will just paste the link if you are interested.
    Here are my thoughts on it http://the-reading-spot.blogspot.com/2008/11/be-with-me-and-tequila-truth.html

  12. I haven't read either of these books but have SPYMASTER in the TBR. I threw in my vote hoping that you and CJ would win ... and YOU DID!!! I'm so happy for both of you right now. :D So when will you be getting the iTouch?

  13. Thanks for the votes for Iron Kissed everyone! ... and for the congrats on my second chance tournament win. Carolyn Jean and Jennifer Y did awesome in the grand tournament, both winning a Sony eReader. Sweet!

    Thanks also for the links to your reviews of Be With Me. I am impressed with its high grades... it is truly a well loved novel and I intend to read it!

    I actually already have an iPhone, so was thinking of having DA award it to someone else, but my husband thought I was nuts, so I'll probably gift it to someone special. One candidate is my daughter who is graduating 8th grade with high honors in June. :)

  14. Congrats to your daughter!


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