Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For my husband

Last week I made some comments in a Windflower Book Tour post here on my blog that were inappropriate, hurtful to my husband and not representative of my true feelings. The post has since been deleted and modified, but in it I wrote inappropriate comments about a construction worker within the post and in the comments. At the time, I suppose I thought it would be fun for my fellow blogging friends to have some "women's locker room" talk and giggles about the romance cliched construction worker, but am now  quite ashamed that I would ever suggest having a thing for anyone other than my husband, whom I love, respect, and cherish more than words can ever express.  

I realize that for a lot of couples, it is perfectly acceptable to 'check out' other men and women while in each other's company and to even comment freely on their sex appeal, but my husband and I are not like that. We've always strived to keep our thoughts to ourselves and our eyes on each other, not because of insecurity or untrustworthiness, but out of respect, love, caring, and exclusiveness for one another. Not only did I cross those lines with last week's blog post, but I did it publicly--both actions I deeply regret. I want to apologize to my husband in the same forum in which I violated his trust carelessly and without respect to him and our marriage. Some may think what I wrote is trivial and its ramifications insignificant, yet it is never trivial when the trust between husband and wife is jeopardized and the bond between them weakened.  

This post is dedicated to my husband . . .

The man whose thoughts of love, companionship, and affection are always for me.

The man whose eyes could take their fill elsewhere, yet only fall on me.

The man who never hesitates to do what it takes to make me happy.

The man who stops at nothing to keep me physically safe and emotionally secure.

The man who does whatever necessary to help heal my body and soul.

The man who satisfies my needs, both physically and spiritually.

The one and only man who is the hero to my very own happily ever after.

I love you.

I'm so sorry. Please forgive me.


  1. Lovely, Christine! Sounds like you have the Hero, the Real-life Romance, and the HEA. :-)

  2. Oh Christine:

    That is just so well worded and wonderful. Your husband sounds like a treasure and you that you indeed have a very special relationship.

    All the best to you for the festive season.


  3. Wonderful, wonderful post, Christine! We should never lose sight of the ones that mean the most to us. My husband may throw a comment or two about some hot chick but he never, ever fails to compliment me in some fashion. I love and respect him for his respect for me.


  4. Christine - What a heartfelt and sweet message! I hope your family has a wonderful and happy holiday season.

    But...I just have to lower the level for one moment, what GORGEOUS arms on Mr. Christine! You're a lucky woman!

  5. That is absoluetly far more sweet and romantic than any love story we could read. Your husband is just as blessed as you are to have each other.

  6. Nicely done, Christine. I heart G that way. Just completely totally absolutely. We goof around, often,and I do like the smexy, but at the end of the day, he's the one. Always. Forever.

    People say love is never having to say I'm sorry. It's not true. I think the most meaningful, loving words are those two.

    I heart you.

  7. What a wonderful post. You two are very lucky to have each other.

  8. You are both blessed in each other--and it's no wonder your girls are so gorgeous; between your beauty and your husband's good looks, your children could be nothing but beautiful as well.

  9. Oh Chrissy, you two are just too cute. It is never trivial when two people respect and love each other enough to try and work to strength said love and bond. :)
    The fact you are even willing to write such shows how much love and understanding that exists between the two of you.
    Best wishes to the two of you.

  10. Christine, lovely, heartfelt post :) And I love the pictures to boot. I sincerely hope that everything is ok with you. Hugs!

  11. What a wonderful post Christine. You and your hubby have a great relationship and that's something to be treasured.

    My hubby and I kid around and of course I love my eye candy but it's him I think of, love and cherish.

  12. Awww those are great pictures of your husband and the love between you two is cute to see.


  13. *hugs* Sometimes hindsight sucks, doesn't it?

    Your post about your man was beautiful and heartfelt and hopefully accepted as it was meant to be. :) Sometimes you say or write something that comes back to haunt you. Whoever said nothing was mightier than the written word wasn't lying. :~S

  14. Aaaww, C! What a wonderful post!

    Sorry if I made it worse by egging you on...honestly, I do not remember, but I would never want to disrespect your male of worth, your marriage, or your family! Please give him my apologies!

    Hope all is well, and that you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

  15. Very moving post, Christine. I, too, send hugs and I agree with Thea. Love the pics!

  16. What an incredible tribute to your husband. He looks and sounds like a real life hero, and you're a total sweetheart, so it's not surprising that you two are meant to be.

    Happy holidays to you and your family. {{{hugs}}}

  17. Oh, how did I miss this? How wonderful!!

    I am so impressed by this post, and your obvious love for each other! You guys are both really lucky. Your daughters are lucky too, for you two to model such a vibrant, living growing relationship where you can screw up, apologize, and come out stronger!

    I hope your family has the best holiday!

  18. What a lovely post, Christine!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday. :)

  19. Thanks for all of your sweet comments. And I have to agree with all of you who made comments about the nice pictures. He's a great looking guy, and very sexy, too. Not only that, but he's both smart AND intelligent, he's got a great sense of humor, he's fun to be with, and he's takes great care of his family. And he's all mine. To think about, to talk to, to touch, to share my life with and to love.

    Anyway, I'll just repeat myself one more time. I know what I said in that blog post (and in an email to two of you) is often acceptable behavior with a lot of couples, but it's not with us and in essence I betrayed him. My husband means the world to me and I'm not only remorseful, but also very heartbroken over the way I hurt him and our relationship with my comments. Of course, I have no feelings for anyone other than my husband, but I was still careless with what I wrote. I love my husband so much and he deserves more love and respect than I gave him with those comments.

    Thanks again for all your comments and for the holiday wishes. I wish you and yours a great season as well! :)

  20. You are both very lucky and very blessed to have each other and two wonderful daughters. I wish you best and many more years together! Have a fantastic holiday

  21. (((((Christine)))))

    I didn't see the original post you referred too (I've been offline for a bit) but I think what you wrote was very honest and heartfelt.

    I hope everything is OK and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

  22. I heart you, Christine. You are a blessed and lovely woman.


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