Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Contest by Viral Kung Fu*: WHAT A SCOUNDREL WANTS by Carrie Lofty

*I stole this creative contest descriptor from Ann Aguirre without permission.

Climbing out beneath the construction rubble to announce yet another generous contest hosted by the fantabulous Ann Aguirre. I love Ann's work, but I also love the way she gets so enthusiastic and passionate about spreading the word about books she herself enjoys reading. Not only does she express her love of a novel, but she goes the extra mile to literally put her money where her mouth is and gives away a copy of the very book she loved. Often times her prizes are even more generous, such as giving away multiple copies of the book and or gift certificates to favorite booksellers and often surprise bonus giveaways throughout the contest period.

Ann's latest promotional contest is for the upcoming release of Carrie Lofty's historical romance, What A Scoundrel Wants. You can visit Carrie's website HERE. Here is the gorgeous viral widget promoting the contest:

So what are you waiting for? Click on over to Ann Aguirre's blog for more information on Carrie Lofty's upcoming novel and on how to enter this fantastic contest. It's so easy and you can even do different things to get more than one entry.

And while you're visiting Ann Aguirre's blog, poke around on her website and check out what Ann's been writing lately. Aside from her popular Sirantha Jax sci fi romance series that you can read about HERE (click on the book covers for more info). Ann is also writing an urban fantasy series called the Corine Solomon series that you can read about HERE, and a paranormal series that she will be writing under the name Ava Gray that you can read HERE. And if that isn't enough? Ann is also working on a Sekrit Project that you can find absolutely nothing about (because it's secret, of course) by reading HERE.


  1. Hi Christine! Oh, dear, it's almost thanksgiving and I'm sure it will be SO HARD to deal with in that construction zone of yours. Are you going to read this book? It looks interesting.

  2. Hey Carolyn Jean! :)
    A friend of mine who just finished her addition on her house invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner, an offer I quickly said yes to since I haven't had a kitchen for two weeks now. I'm going over to help her cook in her new, huge gourmet kitchen. It should be fun and hopefully I'll earn some leftovers! LOL

    I think I'll buy the book even if I don't win a copy in the contest. It looks like a fun, sexy read in the world of Sherwood Forest. I'm game for that!

  3. "What A Scoundrel Wants", sounds like a great book Christine!

    I do hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving despite being in the midst of total construction!!

    It is nice to see your post.

    Best Regard!

  4. Yay, a Christine post! :)

    Just wanted to say, Happy Thanksgiving! And don't let the construction get you down :) *hugs*

  5. Thank you, Lea! I saw you entered the contest, too. I hope one of us wins--it does look like a great read. Thank you for the Thanksgiving wishes--I can't wait to have a hot cooked feast! :)

    Aw, Thea. Thanks for the comment. It felt good to post something. I can't believe it was 10 days since my last post... it felt like just yesterday, time is flying by! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Cheers! :)

  6. Sounds like fun.
    Hope the construction is coming along well (and quickly).

  7. Happy Thanksgiving, Christine! *hug*

  8. Thanks, Kris! Hope all is well with you, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, azteclady! *hug* right back atcha! ;)


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