Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Hello friends and Happy New Year!

I'm so happy to see all the comments yesterday after being away from blogging for two whole months. I will reply to comments tomorrow, but I just wanted to share my #onelittleword for 2014 with you. I''ve decided on the word refresh. It will be my guiding word for the year, motivating and inspiring me to bring some much needed energy back into my diet, exercise regime, my home and even in a few personal relationships. Oh yeah.. and into my blogging too. ;)

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Have you thought about your word for 2014? 

Wishing you all a super happy and healthy New Year to you and your loved ones.


  1. My word is BE - after all of the goals and plans last year, I decided I need to learn to live in the moment (the thought of no schedules or time-tables is a little scary for this mega-compulsive person ;)

    Love your word, Christine.

  2. That's a great word for you, Janet! I always think I'm going to start out the year with simple goals and then I seem to accumulate them rather quickly anyway. BUT most of my goals are related to health and hobbies, so I find it enjoyable to get motivated to conquer them anyway. I really ought to make some housekeeping goals... hm.... ;) Well, I'm including a bit of that in my intentions with REFRESH. I want to tackle some small home improvement or decor projects. Nothing major just little bits of things that I think will liven the place up.

    All the best to you in 2014, Janet! Xxx

  3. Hi there Christine! Every so often I'd go into my dashboard and not see anything new from ya and wondered how all was with you. Glad you're well. I really haven't book blogged, my reading mojo has taken a back seat to my creative mojo :)

    A word for the year? FREE - free from stress, free from expectations, free to just be me and live, love, and enjoy life :D

    May 2014 be filled with great things


  4. Happy New a year. I have no word for 2014. I wonder if Onward would work? Wishing you the best for this year.

  5. Happy New Year Christine! That's a fantastic word. Best of luck in the new year!

  6. I was sure I commented on this post! Oups.

    Love your word Christine. I think it's one that many, me included, could use. 2013 felt meh ^_^;


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