Thursday, October 31, 2013

Boo !

Well the cobwebs building up around here on this blog are certainly apropos for Halloween, don't you think? This has been a pretty pathetic year of blogging for me.. so sorry about that.

October has been another whirlwind of a month for me.. lots of things going on. Mostly good or at least productive things going on.. a few not so good things, but everyone is healthy, hanging in there and doing their best so that's a plus.

So here I am on Halloween night and have no trick-or-treating costumes or stories to share with you because Anna didn't dress up this year and Maria is away at school. I do know she dressed up as a flapper for a Halloween party tonight and she did text me a photo that she also posted on instagram, but it's not the same as seeing her in her costume in person and taking my own photo. Then to top it off, we got ZERO trick-or-treaters at our door today! So sad...

Despite the lack of child involvement, though, I do have a few fun and festive Halloween photos to share.

This is a sunset photo that I took from the Home Depot parking lot a few weeks ago.

This is that same photo all dressed up for Halloween! I edited it right on my iphone using a really fabulous photo editing app called Rhonna Designs. I was lucky and bought it while it was offered for free but I think it's 99 cents now. Still a bargain if you're into this sort of thing.

Home Depot Sunset

Home Depot Haunted Sunset

I may have eaten a piece or two of Halloween candy before Halloween..

From where I stand at the welcome mat to our home..

Always a favorite time of year for black cats.

A house in my neighborhood with spook-tacular Halloween decorations. Even better up close in person and even spookier at night with creepy-scary music and sound effects. Yikes.

Trick-or-treat! I'm ready for the monsters to come!

There's something in the attic!!! (From the spooky house in town after dark.. )

I hope you had a safe and happy Halloween!

Do you have kids who dress up? If so, what were they? 

... still can't believe October is over already and 2014 is only two months away! Now THAT'S frightening!


  1. Love your pics ~ especially that house! My oldest had baseball practice last night ~ no candy for him! They are prepping for their last tournament of the season this weekend. My youngest went as a Navy Seal ~ something he hopes to be when he grows up. My middle guy didn't dress ~ but walked with us ~ if he got candy, he told them he was a grumpy preteen who didn't want to dress up!

  2. Great pics, Christine - am impressed with the photo-shop program and your spooky sunset - very cool! We had a big 6 kidlets come to the door last night - 4 down from last year. We don't buy a lot of candy, so no worries on eating it ourselves (we certainly don't need it). And no kids to 'decorate'.

    I'm with you - can not believe it's November and there are only 2 months left. The year has flown by!

  3. Great sunset pic. I can't believe 2013 is almost over! This year flew by. I was super excited to have tons of kids come by last night. Living in the apartments, we never had trick or treaters. But now that we're in the house, we got lots of cute little kids. It was so much fun.

  4. That is frightening...2014 snapping at our heels!
    We don't get tick or treaters as we are in a rural area. I miss taking my son to a friend's neighborhood when he was little.

  5. i didn't know you had a blog .. its nice to find this ...

  6. That last pic of the tv in the window... we have a house that does a Santa video every year and the kids are TERRIFIED of it because Santa is way too big in the video! They make it look like Santa is looking through his window at you but his head is huge!! The kids always go screaming through the street. Not the effect the guy was going for, I'm sure. LOL.

  7. We had trick or treaters until a little after nine o'clock. But, still not as many as years past. Son dressed up as a Werewolf and while Daughter didn't trick or treat, she still dressed up a bit as a Shadow Hunter from The Mortal Instruments series. :) hubs was sick so she and her boyfriend took Son around for me,

  8. Hi there! Just wanted to see if you were thinking about doing My Life According to Books I Read this year? I didn't read near as many books as normal this year, but I still wanted to join in if you were having it :-)

    1. Hi Lisa! Yes, believe it or not after almost two FULL months of not posting here, I just sat down to do My Life According to Books I Read Post! I need an hour or so.. anticipating interruptions from my family, of course. ;) Thanks so much for your interest. xx


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